“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

—    Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

Today, November 16, 2018, marks the tenth anniversary of my return from a deep week-long coma due to an aggressive and should-have-killed-me case of E.coli gram-negative bacterial meningo-encephalitis. And what a decade of discovery it has been! As Tesla noted above, ten years with a freshly opened mind of my own has truly led to boundless new understandings. One fascinating aspect of my personal journey, as a neurosurgeon who experienced a profound near-death experience, are the tremendous parallels in my personal revelations with those of the scientific community at large – all related to fascinating developments in the science of consciousness.

Karen and I recently returned from the Beyond the Brain conference in London, where the Galileo Commission Report was publicly revealed. The report summarizes the opinions of over a hundred scientists who study consciousness and demolishes the long-ago disproven notions of deterministic Newtonian thinking. Similar to previous such consensus statements from the scientific community (such as those from Mario Beauregard and Etzel Cardeña), this newest elaboration announces to the world-at-large that consciousness includes remarkable properties that, studied from a scientific perspective, support the reality of a spiritual universe.

The commission’s name comes from similarities between Galileo’s time, and ours. Galileo simply asked a church bishop to look through the telescope and see with his own eyes the moons of Jupiter, but the bishop refused to even look. Even today, so many conventional materialist scientists refuse to even look at the evidence concerning the broader implications of consciousness research. The report, like our book Living in a Mindful Universe, is a powerful rebuttal of the simplistic and false assumptions of materialist scientists, who attempt to debunk and deny the evidence not only for the afterlife, but for reincarnation. Those wanting to learn more about the study of reincarnation should also visit the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies.

For most of humanity’s last few thousand years, questions concerning the continuity of consciousness after death of the physical body, or of the afterlife, hinged on the personal experiences of very few people. Usually this involved the occasional saint, prophet, or mystic who reported personal experience in realms beyond the material world. I believe that all of our modern religious systems emerged from such courageous reports of the realm of the unseen, often engendered during physiological stress or “near-death” situations. For the vast majority of us, it boiled down to a question of faith – whether or not we chose to believe those experiences of the relatively rare “others.”

All of that changed half a century ago, when physicians developed techniques to resuscitate, or return to life, tens of millions of people whose hearts had stopped, who had been “clinically dead.” This has populated our world with many souls who have been to “the other side,” and returned to tell the tale that death of the physical body is not the end of conscious awareness, but merely a transition to a different realm, very similar to physical birth.

My most recent blog addressed the remarkable conclusions of a recent medical record review of my coma, most notably the supposition that my miraculous recovery might have been related to my profound near-death experience, itself a refutation of the physicalist/materialist assumption that the brain produces consciousness. Of course, many skeptics claim that, given the fact that near-death experiencers don’t actually die, that none of those stories are truly telling us what happens when we do actually die. Yet the very existence of so many similar stories, irrespective of one’s prior beliefs in an afterlife or religious predispositions in general, is quite shocking and unexpected, that is, if the materialist model of brain-creates-consciousness, were actually true. Why these elaborate journeys, even in those who have been declared dead for days, which often occur when the physical brain is very demonstrably shut down?

The paltry and inadequate explanations from materialist scientists trying to attribute such journeys to pathophysiological challenges such as diminished oxygen levels or increased carbon dioxide fail completely in explaining shared-death experiences. These are identical in content to NDEs and yet occur in physiologically normal bystanders. Loved ones at the bedside of a dying patient (although they could also be hundreds of miles away) witness the soul of the departing loved one, sometimes even to the point of joining them for a full-blown life review, before returning to this realm completely mystified by their inexplicable journey.

Recent books supporting the scientific verification of the reality of such experiences (such as John C. Hagan III’s peer-reviewed book The Science of Near-Death Experiences, or Titus Rivas’s The Self Does Not Die) endorse the world-changing vision shared in our newest book, Living in a Mindful Universe. Thus, the question of an afterlife no longer need be answered merely by faith in other people’s accounts. The preponderance of scientific understanding about the nature of the mind-brain relationship, indeed of the fundamental nature of consciousness itself and the survival of awareness beyond death, already exists!

The Galileo Commission Report refers to many facets of non-local consciousness such as the reality of telepathy, precognition, out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, near-death and shared-death experiences, after-death communications, some psychic medium communications with the deceased, past-life memories in children indicative of reincarnation, etc. This opens the door widely to a scientifically-based statement about how best to see our consciousness and our very existence as human beings that extends far beyond physical bodily existence limited to the birth-to-death interval. Important to note is that one of the most important revelations from the NDE community is that we are responsible for our choices, and will reap what we sow in the life review. The fact that the golden rule is thus written into the fabric of the universe should help us all treat others with more kindness and compassion.

The most valuable lesson of the last decade has concerned the growing realization that every soul is crucial in this process, and we are bound together in this mission through the infinitely healing force of unconditional love. This is not a truth that requires unanimous endorsement by the scientific community at large – this is the deep and empowering truth available to all souls open enough to manifest it. The evidence supporting this much grander world view, where placebo effect and extraordinary examples of healing are just the beginning of our capabilities as manifesters of the world of our loftiest dreams, is available to all who care to look. We must simply choose to make it so.

This, combined with personal exploration of consciousness through centering prayer, or meditation, provides a pathway towards gnosis. Personally, I listen daily to the differential-sound enhanced brainwave entrainment produced by Sacred Acoustics to enter expanded states of awareness, but the important step is to have some means of going within, and of developing a richer relationship with that “higher soul” and primordial mind. As Tesla said in the quote opening this article, energy, frequency and vibration are the keys to understanding the universe, and exploration of consciousness using sound is an excellent starting point for a much broader understanding of our true free will in manifesting the world of our dreams.

We are currently planning a 5-day course in fall of 2019 for therapeutic practitioners who wish to incorporate Sacred Acoustics recordings into their practice. We’d love your help by filling out this survey for practitioners.



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  1. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Good Morning, dear friends, I have had cause to include a message on the Suicide pages, perhaps you would be good enough to have a look. Many thanks, Blessings, Margaret.

  2. sam
    sam says:

    We are, we always have been and always will be. If we are, as we believe, a part of God, the Ultimate Consciousness, and my first statement is relevant, then perhaps, there was no beginning, it just was and is and will be. Simple! Yes? The physical existence is temporary, we only know it as now, what about before, what about after? Much love. Margaret.
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    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Sam, have we connected before within the blogs? To read your words, about no beginning etc. To think about that is “Whew, something to sit and ponder on, whilst watching my flowers grow!” Just sitting here for now, and believing my personality returns to Heaven to link again consciously with the Dear Energy who formed us, then we link with those we love and have known in this last life. When do we reach the knowing state of understanding that we are beyond personalities? This will dominate my attention, I think whilst I attend to the chores of the day. Every Wednesday evening we have a silent hour in our local church, which is most beneficial, I will ponder on this angle in the very noticeable energy during that time. Much love to you too. Margaret.

  3. Palerider
    Palerider says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander,

    2 years ago my then 10 year old daughter, Born with Achondroplasie but nevrtheless the brightest child in her class and a pure condensation of live-loving-energy in a material Body who never ever complained a single second About her gruesome “fate”, fell into a coma.

    It happened after an Operation she had on her legs. The OP went perfect and in the ICU she woke up and talked to my wife already 30min after the full anesthesia she had received was moving out of her blood stream.

    2 Hours later, she suffocated to death in the Hospital. Why? No one knows but the doctors back then did simply not surveil her pulse or breath – they left her lying inher Patient-room alonme and she died because.

    She was dead for at least 3-5 min when my wife stumbled into the room, saw her and started Reanimation immediately. The emergency Crew sucked her spirit back to this Wonderful life that she now has: a vegetative state of coma.
    Can not eat, can not talk, can not shit, can not move but hears and understands everything we say. My daughter even laughs About jokes. I just dont understand what this is anymore.

    Anyway, what happened directly after the “Reanimation” was to become the Horror of our Lifetime. My daughter was Screaming in agony for 4-8 Hours each day over a period of 8 months! and nobody could tell us why. And all the White coats could do was sedate her again and agaian and agian and drug her down with Opiates and stuff that you would not even ever consider to give to a child.

    Having said that, you can imagine how fond I am of doctors and Hospitals today. But thats OK – nobodys fault. It was gods will. Probably. Maybe.

    And so I ask you Dr. Alexander because you seem to have traversed to a place that truly exists and overlays our Living hell on earth – Why would god crush a small, lovingly energetic,optimistic child and set her into agony mode for 8 months?

    Why would he bind her to a Wheel Chair for the rest of this “life” – which in fact there is Nothing left agony?
    Why would he make her unable to even defecate?
    What is all the reasoning behind this cruelty?

    I tried to kill myself in the Events after her OP, but I am too big of a Coward.
    I even considered to suffocate her again with a pillow and then open my venes and die laying next to her.
    But I love her sooo much I could not do it.

    Why would god do that?
    What is the reason for him destroying the life of a pure and good child and making her scream for months in agony?

    • John C Dowell
      John C Dowell says:

      God did not do what you describe. What you and your daughter and much of mankind are experiencing is the result of the false belief that existence is in imperfect matter. The mortal, material illusion produced by imperfect human consciousness will be overcome by suffering, letting go, and then by accepting the reality of God’s spiritual existence which is our ultimate Source. Our true existence is in the perfect, spiritual expression of Life and when we learn and accept this, it will be our experience. As long as you believe the false evidence of your daughter’s condition (separate from her Source, God) you will suffer the consequences of that false belief. You and your daughter are perfect, spiritual creations of God. That is the Truth and it will heal any false belief.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Dear Palerider, I send you such a loving hug, with a lump in my throat at the agony you are experiencing. Your child is not destroyed, what a gift she has shared with you, your family and all who know you and those of us who read this now. I have had such enlightenment over the years that tell me time and time again, such experiences and witness to the same is an honour, a service from one to another. If we believe then, as abhorrent to us, as to you these waves of horror are, and can take ourselves to the other side of the event and the plan which engages many, in number and purpose. It blows one’s mind, as the saying goes, that souls offer to play these roles in order to serve. This service is a big word, covers a multitude of angles and reasons. Think about all who are involved in this particular incarnation, from immediate family and staffing on different levels in the hospital. In a simplistic way, it is like the games that children play, “You be so and so, I will be another so and so, we will pretend to do such and such, then the princess will be saved by the good knight, but before that she will be in prison.” I have said before, we are the actors on the stage as well as the audience. Your daughter is performing a deep and very real service to all who are involved with her and witness her trauma. Please, ask for your anger to cease, ask for a clearer reason for all you are going through, I cannot give you the answer, but I swallow the lump in my throat and ask God, for you to have your heart and agony soften. All who read your story will be, I am certain, holding you and your dear ones in their prayers. Closing for the present, I have to get ready to attend a funeral of a much loved citizen in our village. God Bless, love, Margaret.

  4. Bill Dunn Jr.
    Bill Dunn Jr. says:

    Eben, have you read the book I sent you over a yr ago: “Love and the Infinite, My Memoirs”, a book about child abuse and ways to heal? I will try to communicate with you via Elizabeth (which I did before) but I dont know if she is still your secretary-assistant. I would like to communicate with you about my work. Please write to me.

  5. MargaretColes
    MargaretColes says:

    Good Morning everyone, particularly Shankar. I would like to refer you to a book by Nancy Clark. “Beyond the Mystical Near Death Experience and into The Unitive Experience” This will enhance any reading you may have taken on recently or even further back along the line. Nancy was taken around the Cosmos, you might say and it has changed every aspect of her awareness. If only more of us could realize “who” and what we are, we would then understand the raising of consciousness taking us into the 4th and 5th dimensions. That forward experience still can be taken on, we who understand even a smattering of this, please be constant in your attention of the evolution we are involved in. For it is not a belief in a single context, it is really happening now within multiple levels. Much love to all, Margaret.

  6. Shankar
    Shankar says:

    The articles reviews are interesting and gives insight of life beyond oxygen and materialistic world. The truth is well established in many religions. My knowledge also expanded when I read the vedas and other hindu granth as. A similar instance is found in Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s SAI SATCHARITRA, where baba takes a tour of the galaxy or cosmos and leaves his physical body to be taken care by his devotees and he comes back in seven days. At times when we go into deep meditations we feel we are away from this world. The theory of life beyond this world is proven and only a few holy souls have this touch of cosmic energy. That’s why karma place a role in past and present life the past impact on present or gift in present as per deeds of karma and the present karma gives results in present and future rebirths.
    I would like to read your books and writings and will surely search in amazon or other place thanks Doctor Eben.
    Good luck.

  7. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Well, here I am again, I was last to be shown on this site on December 13th. Have enjoyed some lovely social family occasions leading up to and including Christmas. This included an invitation to a pre Christmas lunch at a venue here in The Forest of Dean, UK. The venue is interesting, namely Speech House, set on an A road in this area. The history, was a hunting lodge first built for King Charles the Second, in 1669. Within the lodge was a Verderer’s Court, originally for the purpose of storing venison. Before the days of magistrates courts the Verderer’s were given powers to deal with law breakers of all kinds. They could even sentence hanging on the gibbet located outside the building. Transportation and floggings were renowned, with a whipping beam still to be seen in one of the bedrooms. In 1888 the property was let by the Crown as an inn but the court room was still made available to the Verderer’s if need be. One can imagine the turmoil and noise within such an environment. Returning to the present, at my lunch, there was a quiet moment, when I was aware of, what seemed, thousands of orbs, glistening and twinkling above head level of everyone at the lunch. I “was told” it demonstrated layers of events and souls that were stashed, you might say from hundreds or more years ago. Recorded energy and intent of the people there, and outcomes. Of course, this applies, does it not, to everywhere across the Planet? Going further onto the evening of the 27th December, I thought, “As I sit here watching the television, not quite a case of “you in your small corner and me in mine” but all over the World, events are happening to everyone of us, involving thoughts, words and deeds that can be in direct opposition, one to the other. ” assault, admiration. friendship, foe. need, non-sense. openness, obstinate. quietness, quibble. wisdom, wayward. All kinds of attitudes, beliefs, causes.There is so much distraction today that we, as a species forget to identify what we are thinking, it flows out of our psyche, at times like a flood. Will it be a flood to consume and destroy or will it be a flood of purity, loving intent to wash away the dross and deception that we are immersed in? I aim to visualize the latter, and I am sure you will appreciate that too. Universal love, compassion and joy to you all. Margaret.

  8. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Sending Christmas Wishes of love, good health, positive companionship and easement of mind and heart to Eben, Karen, all who support them, with the contributors on these sites. In the midst of turmoil which some of us witness, then others are involved to a greater or lesser level, remember, there is the still, evenly balanced, non judgmental self observing and contributing to our journey. God, the Divine Law, really is on our side. Always love and blessing, Margaret.

  9. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello to you, Helmut, I was thrilled about you studying Sia Baba. I very much followed the news of him decades ago, know some friends who visited his Ashram and witnessed some incredible healing. When giving a certain lady in this area, healing, I have been aware of his presence every time and she has had his ash appear into an empty box before now. Re the ET’s, can you share that with us at some point. I have seen UFO’S, particularly when I lived in Glastonbury. Everything and everyone is connected, there is no separation. The more I read in these discussions, the more encouraged I am, that in spite of and probably because of the trauma’s we witness and are involved in, we are waking up. Sincere Blessings, Margaret.

  10. Norma Wexler
    Norma Wexler says:

    Don’t confuse constant consciousness [extrinsic] with your soul [intrinsic] which is separate yet individual & everchanging.

  11. Norma Wexler
    Norma Wexler says:

    If you think of yourself from the moment of first awareness [toddler +] until the present , your consciousness of self is the same even though there may be decades in between. That is definite proof- there is no gender, age , intellectual difference etc.

  12. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    We are, we always have been and always will be. If we are, as we believe, a part of God, the Ultimate Consciousness, and my first statement is relevant, then perhaps, there was no beginning, it just was and is and will be. Simple! Yes? The physical existence is temporary, we only know it as now, what about before, what about after? Much love. Margaret.

    • Helmut
      Helmut says:

      Hi Margaret,
      It’s grand to weave science into one’s soul. The eternity of self can be documented from many perspectives. I’ve had that pleasure studying Sai Baba, the God of this universe as an avatar from India. And my contact with three ET’s in 1986 is no longer perplexing.
      Eben’s journey
      adds the science we Westerners require to document our reality.
      All is fine and good to know that love is the answer, no matter what the question is.
      Evolution has become revolution as we participate in God’s intention to enter the Golden Age.

  13. Jorge Estevao
    Jorge Estevao says:

    “Not a thing made of physical matter in the Universe lives or exists for ever as it is under continuous change. Physical transformation is temporal by nature – only the spiritual realm is universally eternal”.
    (My personal insight from a revealing deep NDE, not from any accepted human belief)

    • Norma Wexler
      Norma Wexler says:

      Isn’t it amazing how we all see beauty in the same natural things without being taught or persuaded ? We all are moved by a full moon, glorious sunset, glistening water, snow capped mountains, fall foliage etc. Our conscious connection just ‘is’ .

  14. Norma Wexler
    Norma Wexler says:

    It is obvious our consciousness is separate because it never ages . Our brain & body have evolved but our consciousness always ‘ was ‘.


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