May is Mental Health Month, and a timely topic it is. For the first time in a century, our life expectancy in the US is now declining over the last three years, as opposed to continuing what many saw as an inexorable rise. The culprit is not the usual suspects of heart disease, cancer, and stroke, but instead this alarming dip in longevity is due to the opioid crisis (which killed 72,000 Americans in 2017) and a sharp rise in suicides across broad categories of age and gender (increasing overall 26% in the US between 1999 and 2015).

This tsunami of misery is related to the relative spiritual vacuum in our culture – a secular society that maintains only the material world exists and any other phenomena are illusions to be ignored. Our predominantly physical approach to mental health (in the form of pharmaceuticals) has failed to reverse this alarming trend, but striking alternatives exist. I will be co-presenting a course in Fall 2019 to health practitioners on one such modality. The solutions lie in developing a facile relationship with our more capable “higher souls” through a practice of going within. Only then can we address the emptiness inside that leads people towards depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide. Quieting the mind is challenging for most in our modern world, especially for those struggling with mental health issues.

As many of my fellow physicians are discovering, any true physical, mental and emotional health depends fundamentally on spiritual health. Spiritual, in this sense, is not necessarily religious, but simply an admission of the connectedness we all share (with other sentient life as well as with the universe at large), as well as a sense of meaning and purpose of our existence. Personally, I have maintained an ongoing sense of connection since my coma journey from listening to Sacred Acoustics audio recordings on a regular basis. Such a process helps me to connect with the neutral observer within in order to gain a broader perspective over life’s challenges and to find inner peace.

The sense of hearing represents one of our most primordial connections with the world around us. Various manipulations of sound have been used for tens of thousands of years to help engender transcendental states of conscious awareness, in the form of chants, anthems and hymns. The very resonant acoustical properties of ancient burial chambers, as well as of soaring cathedrals, all indicate how experiences and memories of sound, or especially of “music,” play an integral role in our  connecting with the various phases of human existence, especially those beyond the material world.

Most of these sound modalities involve neural processing in the recently-evolved acoustic neocortex of the temporal lobes. I believe that one of the primary reasons that the binaural beat brainwave entrainment of Sacred Acoustics is so powerful in allowing transcendental levels of consciousness is that its presumptive effect in a far more primitive region of the brain, the superior olivary nucleus (SON) complex in the lower brainstem, greatly amplifies its impact on levels of consciousness.

In evolutionary biology, one can examine the origins of a function such as consciousness by assessing the role of more primitive anatomic structures descending through the tree of evolution. Thus most sounds humans process mainly in the recently evolved neocortex (evolved ~ few millions of years ago) are not as intimately involved with the origins of consciousness-allowing structures in the lower brainstem (the SON and related reticular activating system evolved over 300 million years ago, before mammals, at a time when reptiles and amphibians were just crawling out of the muck).

To date, most of our observations about the utility of Sacred Acoustics tones have been anecdotal, but recent clinical pilot studies are leading towards a more objective scientific assessment of the relevant tools and techniques. The pilot study for this work, in which 26% of study patients had a significant reduction in anxiety as measured by the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, vs only 7% of controls, certainly suggests a major role for Sacred Acoustics tones in treating anxiety. The study has been accepted by the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, for publication soon. (Anna Yusim, MD, Justinas Grigaitis. Efficacy of binaural beat meditation technology for treating anxiety symptoms: a pilot study. J Nervous Mental Dis, 2019)

Based on this clinical study (and the myriad associated clinical observations), my life partner and co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, Karen Newell, and psychiatrist Anna Yusim, will join me in teaching a series of healing practitioner workshops this fall aimed at educating health care workers of all stripes (physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, addiction specialists, reiki workers, massage therapists, etc.) in the potential for applying such Sacred Acoustics tones towards healing in cases of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and lack of focus.

During this course, we will discuss various theories and non-conventional relationships of brain and consciousness and demonstrate the scientific evidence for filter theory and mind over matter as it relates to health. We will review the various causes of mental health disorders and gain a broader perspective on mental health treatment modalities. You will participate in direct practice using audio brainwave entrainment technology, breath techniques, heart awareness and additional practices. Ultimately, you will realize the importance of personal experience in meditation for daily life and how to apply the use of sound meditation in the process of becoming more whole.

Other pilot projects in the works include the use of Sacred Acoustics tones in a hospice and palliative care setting, especially assessing their use in alleviating agitation, engendering terminal lucidity and potentially even shared-crossing experiences (similar in quality to near-death experiences, shared crossings generally occur in health workers or family at the bedside of a dying patient).

As the focus for the treatment of such conditions falls away from pharmaceuticals and more towards powerful modalities like Sacred Acoustics tones, we are uncovering more of our innate abilities to heal ourselves through expanding power of “placebo effect,” a decades-long admission from the medical community that our beliefs do indeed provide much of our true ability to heal — we truly live in a universe where mind has tremendous power over matter, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the use of sound to heal our mental selves.

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  1. Sarmad Malik
    Sarmad Malik says:

    Dear Dr Eben
    I have had wonderful time reading your book recommended to me by a friend , here in Pakistan .
    She is very spiritual, and the reason she told me to read your book was in response to my comment during one of our conversations . I had said I am feeling remote and away from God & nature ( there are moments when I feel very connected ) but due to lots of things , work , some stresses I felt I was becoming mechanical which was not me . I was feeling to have lost connection with my Creator during our five daily prayers – myself being of Muslim faith .
    I am so glad to have read your beautiful faith reviving book
    I came across few sentences which so related to my faith – words which I have always known and read in our Holy Quran – but as humans in our human existence we tend to forget .
    I wished to share and co relate your insights with what I know and believe of my faith – in fact all faiths as all have their true origin from God. I will comment on three of your observations
    1- You are loved ( pg 168 of your book)
    Also you have mentioned in various other paragraphs that we have Gods Unconditional love

    Posting a verse of the Quran
    My mercy encompasses everything… (7:156)
    The primary attribute of Allah in the Holy Quran is Mercy (Rahma). Synonyms of mercy include: love compassion, forgiveness, kindliness,
    2- Pg-162- “ God is present in us all times “
    It so relates your feelings with this verse
    “ And indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein.” (Quran 50:1”
    3- Pg 164- a secret part of ourselves that is recording every last aspect …

    And indeed, [appointed] over you are keepers, noble and recording; they know whatever you do” (Chapter 82 (Al-Infitar), verses 10-12).
    4- Pg160 “ God’s reality is in truth so completely beyond ….

    Holy Quran 6:103
    No vision can grasp Him, but He takes in over all vision; He is the Subtle and Aware One.

    Dr Sarmad Malik

  2. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Friends, I have had cause to put a message on Suicide pages, perhaps you will all be kind enough to take a look, many thanks. Blessings, Margaret.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Good Morning David, I have looked on Amazon re the gentleman you recommended. Which book would the best one to start with, as I see there are quite a number? On what angle are referring to, re his work and our comments on this blog? Good to see a fresh face on the blog. Blessings, Margaret.

  3. Br Peter Anthony, JSC
    Br Peter Anthony, JSC says:

    It seems that a human person is a body/mind/personality/soul/spirit composite – each part affects the others – but a short-cut to treating any of them is to begin in solitude, in stillness and in silence at the “spirit” level – which is entirely composed of essence, being, is-ness, it is where the “I” resides and functions in the “bright light of total darkness.” From the depths of this eternal perspective we can see to and process whatever applications and modifications that need to be made in the health of the body / the mind / the personality and the soul – where intellect and will reside. In fact the longer we can spend suspended in a state of connection with our “core” our center – our Essential Being – everything else just seems to fall into place – and without a lot of fanfare, drama, theorizing, analyzing and manipulation. It’s rather miraculous – in fact it is miraculous and it happens basically each and every moment of our lives – if we only wake up to the fact. Mental ill-health has to do with priority of focus and presence to those things which matter most – which begins with the most interior of them all: the SPIRIT. Shall I continue?……

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Good Morning Brother Peter and all, here on this site. I have read and re-read through these blogs on the various subjects and what you give us today Peter, covers every one of them. Whatever we think, say or do, not only affects us on every level, but is sent out in waves of energy to others. There is a sardonic saying, “It’s being so cheerful what keeps you going!” So one can say that in truth, sarcasm and humour. There is a discussion going here on BBC News this morning, about being more friendly to each other. An example, which the company are looking at, is talking to people when you are on the bus to work, shop , visiting etc. One can alight a bus, some may observe you have joined them, then look back out of the window, or gaze at their mobile screens. I made up my mind one day, make yourself noticed Margaret! So I smile, ask how they are, comment on the weather, as the British do! Eventually, the penny drops, either that or they think, well I might as well respond to this irritating woman! But over weeks and months, a bond begins to form and genuine conversation takes place. A dear Quaker friend of mine told another friend, she has never met someone so lovingly insistent as me in coaxing people into conversation. Now me and my fellow bus travellers, are good mates and sneaking in between the mundane or light hearted chat, I find that I am given the right words to say to boost a difficult or sad mood. It is all a cunning plan, you see, the Universe, uses those who, with insight are willing to play the role they were destined for to spread love and encouragement to others. To the ones on all the sites here who are strongly miserable and defeated, as our Brother shares with us, focus in silence, ask for help, trust in the response you need, shut your ears to the negative and false; look at others and see how you can make their lives more wholesome and loving. We do get what we ask for, what are we asking for? “Make me an instrument of your Peace” has just wandered through my thinking. Much love to all today, which is stair rod showers, as it has been for some days and floods in certain areas of the UK. Another thought, today is the second anniversary of the burning of Grenfell Tower in London. There is much mental affliction experienced by those who suffered this. Blessings and love to you all. Margaret.

  4. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello All, I thought I would tell you that I found, “Life in the World Unseen” it is on line PDF. Just type it in and it will come up. I first read it nearly sixty years ago and am enjoying it again in a new light as it were! I must add to this message, which will make you smile a little perhaps. I attended a funeral recently at our local Anglican church, the church was packed to standing. As the coffin was carried in, the Vicar said the words, “We come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing” Well, I must have heard those words before, but obviously never registered with me. I was horrified, and after some lengthy thought, I felt I had to e. mail him and express my point of view. I told him we come in with a volume of experiences, information, elaborated on that and when we leave we take with us whatever our lives contributed to our soul. I went to explain what I meant. I have not had a reply though, bless him, I don’t expect he wanted to respond to a challenge like that. I told him that I had given a talk to one group of members who belonged to The Churches Fellowship of Psychical Research, many years ago, on Psychic Protection. That Fellowship is still functioning. Well, I am going to read some more of the PDF book, before I retire for the night. God Bless to all, Margaret.

  5. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello Eben, Karen Dears and all who are now connecting again. Have been waiting for a new “slant” to appear and such a strong, inspiring and much needed subject to explore too. I can so resonate with the conversations that have been held between lost souls and “rescuers”. I will continue to read over again and what ever other contributors offer, but I wanted to share with you something. I ordered recently the book by BONNIE McENEANEY – – – Messages, Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11. Via Amazon it arrived within two days. I began reading it in bed last night, but a full day caused me to fall asleep very quickly. Today is a day for household chores, but I keep stopping in between the different chores to read a bit more, it is hypnotic reading, because of the so very real connections that the writer has with her husband from his death in one of the Towers. Not only that, the experiences of others appearing to their bereaved and giving solid items, such as jewellery, coins. Signs of birds and butterflies. I have been in tears and could so have sobbed my heart out. But my emotion is one of joy really, with a fervent prayer, “Please, may we wake up” The authors husband knew he was facing a traumatic death, some time before the event. This is a book I will offer to contribute at our Quaker book evenings, which we hold from October to March every year. So excited to be physically linked within another vital angle of our Spiritual experiences and journey. Much love to all. Margaret Coles.

  6. Olympia
    Olympia says:

    Thank you Eben for being willing to take other people together with you, in this wonderful spiritual journey!!…
    Your book Proof of Heaven has been a way through which GOD has shed light in my heart, as I was always seeking Him.
    Please continue to experience the beauty you have witnessed, and keep on sharing it with the world…

    With appreciation,

    Olympia from Athens, HELLAS

  7. Michael Guglielmo
    Michael Guglielmo says:

    Hello Eben & Karen

    Your 33 Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness course opened up opportunities in my life for significant life changes… (attending weekly meditation classes, carrying the Heart consciousness into the world and sharing loving kindness with all, etc…). As a national board certified music therapist, I’m eager to take your upcoming Fall 2019 course, and apply what I learn into my music therapy practice. I want to help the many people with disabilities who sleep little during the night which causes stress when dealing with full days. After taking the course, I will utilize and integrate Sacred Acoustics sound recordings to reduce their anxiety and pent up emotions, and then document the results. Thank you for trying to improve the mental health of others in a dynamic way.

  8. Roy
    Roy says:

    Dear Eben it’s been a uplifting experience to have read of your NDE experience via videos online of which I’ve watched several times over as your story and my beliefs mirrors each other.

    Karen and Eben thank you two for being instrumental with all your work to bring new understanding and light.

  9. Peter Boyce
    Peter Boyce says:

    Thank you Eben, not only for sending me this e-mail, but for all the experiences you have shared with us in your books. My sister was schizophrenic. She certainly was not immune to Depression. She would spend the whole day at home not speaking to anyone. Out she would go in the evening without a word of farewell. I persuaded a board of Doctors that I could look after my sister at home in order to remove her from the unhelpful environment of a mental hospital. In trying to help her I followed the thoughts of Jung, encouraging her to grow in new directions such as lace making, needlepoint and other creative hobbies. Through this she joined an branch of the Embroiderers League. We also went on holiday abroad to several countries. Did she meditate. I rather think that she sat there with the internal chatterbox giving her repetitive thoughts about the things in the past which she blamed for her condition. Had they been around then, your tapes would have been useful. I found some of them took over, occupying the mind, cutting out the chatterbox. Just what was wanted.

  10. Nele
    Nele says:

    Thans you for shaming the informatieontsluiting. Any chance you Will be organising thuis course in Europe? I’m very interested

  11. Carl Miller
    Carl Miller says:

    My name is Carl Miller and I have a project called “Sound of Light”. It is the study of music and its association with our D.N.A. . In short,all the examples you give in your article are generic forms of stimulus. That is to say, that only SOME of the notes touch base with our code. This is why all of those methods are only antidotal. Hit and miss,indirect attempts at fooling the neutral observer into coming into a positive ailinment. Expansion is the point of it. We all have a personal song Dr.Alexander, within our D.N.A.. The key I am working on will touch base with EVERY note, in sinc and in parallel with our code/song. Facilitating that positive ailinment and expansion. A dialogue on this subject, 5 minutes of your time, would be enlightening. You will be amazed at how I have came to this understanding,and the role you have played and are unaware of. I understand the need to screen your mail.So to the assistant performing this task I would ask you not to disregard this communication. Please pass it on to Dr Alexander. Peace to you

  12. Robert Evans
    Robert Evans says:

    I completely agree that a lack of spirituality is the cause of most of the worlds problems.
    Even the devout religious people are not always as kind and loving in their everyday living as they should be based on all the sermons they listen too. And as we all know, some religious fanatics believe it is God’s will that non-believers (infidels) should die.
    Mental heath is indeed another big problem. Some psychiatrists with a spiritual bent have gone beyond traditional psychiatry and and delved into the soul’s existence and experiences prior to birth (previous lives). But a large area that needs to be explored is possession ans obsession by earthbound and low level spirit entities of evil bent who cause all kinds of havoc on the earth plane by latching onto the vulnerable — those in very negative states of mind, and alcoholics/drug addicts and those already criminally minded. A sensitive can walk into a bar late at night and sense them all over the place. These are un-evolved entities who because of their dark deeds and obsessions during their lives were unable to escape the sensual/materialistic pull of the earth plane when they died. Some discussion of this is in the book Frontiers of the Afterlife as follows: CHAPTER XIII
    THERE were few nights during the years of scientific investigation that I did not talk with earthbound spirit people, usually with several, and I have learned much of their condition.
    “What creates the earthbound condition?” is the first question properly asked. I answer, as I have been answered thousands of times:
    “The lives they led, and the conditions they created for themselves, for as a man sows so shall he reap.”
    The laws of nature, the laws under which we live, are not only fixed and definite, but eternally just.
    Thoughts are things, and every moment as they emanate from each individual something is added to his character. It is enriched or impoverished, and if no light emanates from it one is held at his dissolution within the lower planes that circle this globe. The selfish character, like the miser in the “Chimes of Normandy,”

    the cruel, the immoral and wanton, the thief, the murderer,—is it not just that they be herded together until they have lived over each wrong act, lived it aright and made compensation, thus qualifying themselves for association with a finer group? The justice that meets human souls at the frontier is complete. They enter into a condition which is of their own creation. They find such light as they radiate, and no more. There is no escape in ‘the after life from the consequences of things done and performed in this. In this plane, so close about the earth that in reality it is a part of it, the wicked, the malicious and base, and all those who have acquired no spiritual development, are held. This plane has various stages. Some are in total darkness, some in half light; all in all, it is at most a twilight zone between the spiritual and physical worlds. Here old appetites, thoughts and desires hold sway as before. In this zone a great mass of undeveloped people of the same general character, with a desire for spirituality no greater than when living in the physical body, remain. Their condition is much worse than in this world, for there is not the opportunity for reformation that there

    was before. There the great law of attraction holds together those of a similar character, so that these live in mental poverty until they have a desire for better things. Then the way is shown and they work slowly out by their own efforts, but the labor is long and the path dim that leads to the zones of happiness and peace. Bruno said:
    “Whatever good a man has to his credit, whether it be much or little, is the seed from which he grows eternally.”
    In my talks with earthbound spirit people I never found two exactly alike, any more than they can be found alike here. That change did not alter or improve them. This is evidently Hell, so much talked of and feared.
    I recall so many earthbound that have told of the horror of their condition, that it is with difficulty I choose specific individuals, for I had speech with: such a great number. It is like seeing the paintings in the principal galleries of Europe. There are many, but some stand out prominently. This is the story told by one:

    “I was not a good man among men. I was selfish, cruel, took human life, and was, as I now know, killed while committing a crime. When I awoke it was very dark, and, not knowing what had happened, I called in anger, but my companions did not come. My voice echoed back to me again and again, and I began to think I was in a cave. I arose and groped about in the darkness, but I could not find the walls, though I walked for hours. I did not feel hunger or thirst, and days and months passed, while I was ever searching for the walls that threw back the echo of my call. Can you imagine the sensation that you would have, to be lost in an open forest with the sun in the sky, to say nothing of being lost in darkness? My sensations and suffering beggar description.
    “After a very long time I saw a light, and as it approached I saw that it shone or radiated from the form of a man. ‘My brother,’ the man said, ‘you are in spiritual darkness; how can I help you?’ He came and, putting forth his hands, would have touched me, but I was speechless and rushed away in fear. Thereafter when I saw a light I would hide, fearing I would be arrested, for at that time I did not know I had left my physical body. I became desperate, and the next time a light approached I waited. Coming to me, a man from whose body light radiated, as before, said, ‘What do you wish?’ I replied, ‘I want to get out of this prison.’ ‘You are not in prison; you are dead.’ I cursed him for making such fool statements, and he was gone.

    “Again I was alone in darkness. How long this continued I know not, for, there being no day, I could not count time. Again there came one to me and again I demanded that I be released from my prison. He calmly and kindly replied, ‘You are not in prison; you are a spirit.’ That seemed to me the height of absurdity, for I was very much alive; but I listened and he told me ‘that I had made the change’ and brought another, an artist, who drew pictures of my youth and the faces of my boyhood friends, and, one by one sketched those acts and deeds and wrongs that I had done. Then the light faded and they were gone and I was left alone to think.
    “When I had fully come to appreciate my condition and to regret the wrong done and the suffering caused by me, there came a desire to do what I could to make reparation. Then came other spirit people to encourage me and suggest what I must do to obtain spiritual growth and with it, the light. Not one offered to take my burden, or to undo the wrong that I had done; that was for me; they only pointed out the way. I was told there were none to forgive me, except the injured; no savior but himself.

    “Step by step I went forward; hour by hour I made reparation and lived again each wrong and lived it right; and day by day, as you count time, I undid my wrong and added to the right. The way was long, the labor intense, but in it I found a happiness I had never known before. For I was building my character; the atom of good was striving for its spirituality. Now that is all behind me, and I live in the glorious and effulgent light of the spirit world, laboring among congenial souls. I was seared by the fire of selfishness and wrong. I paid, and paid to the last farthing, the penalty. Now I am at peace with all. the spirit world, as it is with me.
    “I send this message back to the world of men: ‘There is not in the universe a method by which ‘any one can escape the penalty of wrong.’ Had I known this fact, I would have lived among you honestly and been fair with my fellow men. I did not know it, and I have paid in full, as all will pay in full, for ignorance will not excuse.
    “It has been a privilege to tell through you of my experience in the earthbound zone of the spirit world. If one man will hesitate when contemplating a single selfish or wrong act, and turn from it because of better understanding, it will reflect upon me and better my condition.”

    The following statement as to earthbound conditions is from another spirit:
    “The belts or zones that lie close around your earth are designed for the habitation of undeveloped spirits when out of the body; as they outgrow the passions of earth and become more refined, they pass to another or higher zone. Many remain in the first or earth zone for years.
    “We of the higher zones try to teach them that they must forgive and forget the wrongs of earth and in that work advance out of the earthbound condition, but many turn a deaf ear to our suggestions and try to revenge the wrong done to them when on earth; all this is intensely human, and this zone, so. like the physical, is very real.
    “Those who have progressed, those who in the beginning passed directly through this belt, because of their spirituality, would never come back into that atmosphere, were it not for their love for and desire to help humanity:’
    In explanation of this condition another spirit said:
    “Many on leaving the mortal body are still in earthly conditions, found on the grosser spiritual side you

    call the lower sphere, where the spiritual senses are not yet awakened to susceptibility of spiritual discernment.”
    Again, one said:
    “I find a great many come from earth life in a very darkened condition; and, of course, they gravitate or are drawn to localities of corresponding conditions. They don’t know just where they ought to go or what to do. In fact, many are ignorant of any other than the condition in which they find themselves. Many, too many, are in a condition of slumbering, some in a “deep sleep which lasts a long time, and great effort is put forth to awake such spirit people.”
    This is the experience of another spirit:
    “I had been in the after life a number of years when I was taken into the lowest sphere, and what I saw has lingered in my memory ever since. I was taken by a guide accustomed to work in the earthbound plane. We move, as you know, with the rapidity of thought. My first impression was of a descent in the dark, all about me gloom, and to add to the horror I could hear voices though I could not see any one. After a time, when as it seemed, I grew accustomed to the darkness, I could

    see people about me, poor men and women who did not realize they had left the physical body—some shrieking because they could not escape their victims; those they had wronged were not there, it was their awakening consciousness that brought such vision. The guide spoke gently to them. Some answered with coarse jests, others with mirthless laughter; but a few came close and listened while he told them of their condition and what must be done to work out of this darkness, which was of their own creation. We have as much trouble in making these poor spirit people understand conditions beyond their sight and touch, as you have with earth people.”
    In the beginning when I talked with spirits who did not know they were dead, as that word is commonly used, it staggered my thought. I could not then conceive that one could be in that condition and not know it. I did not then know that the next life was so material, so tangible, and, in the lower spheres, so like our own; neither did I know that here and now we possess an inner body, which, when separated from the outer flesh garment, is identically the same as before, with the same feature, expression and thoughts. With the first or lower sphere actually blending with our world

    as it does, how can those who have just gone understand their condition, if they possess no knowledge concerning this change?
    In the presence of such known facts, the question of the continuity of life no longer remains, and we advance to the more important proposition of what are the conditions the so-called dead meet when they cross the border. Where is the border? Where is the after life and what is the new environment? These questions are vital and are being answered from day to day, though few ask the question, and of those who do ask, a less number understand. The world is too busy getting money to give this subject serious thought.
    Let it not be understood that all the living dead are earthbound and held in such zone of darkness; of all that go, only a few of the many are there held. But let it be remembered that conditions in spirit planes vary as the varying characters of men, and that each reaches that environment for which his earth life has fitted him. ‘There he will live until by growth be has earned a more advanced zone.
    The experiences of these spirits were unusual, terrible in severity, and possibly extreme, but they

    are necessary to illustrate what the degenerate and wicked must expect. Others have told of the wonders and delights of the next conditions, as they were enabled to feel and visualize them in the beginning. Where spirit people are, what they see and enjoy, depends on just what their earth. life earned. How many know this fact?
    The fortunate should help the unfortunate; the strong should defend the weak; the intellectual should lead with gentle hands the mental poor.. This is the highest conception of religion in both worlds, and a necessary process if we would enrich ourselves in either.
    A spirit has said:
    “You can have no idea of the nature and extent of punishment which some spirits have to undergo. There is no hell, nor is torture inflicted in the spirit world. Every one that comes brings the punishment with him in his own nature. When a spirit passes from the earth to this world, every trait of his natural habits, principles and passions is delineated on his spirit features. There can be no deceptions with us.
    You will be placed with those of similar character, whose natures correspond with yours.

    “There is no night here, and consequently no day, at least not as I once measured, and as you still measure time. Time here is measured only by emotions, events and deeds. There are dark places and darker souls, as there are on earth.”

    IN my early work I was told much that baffled understanding. Things which now appear simple, then seemed impossible. The statement that there were many in the after life who did not know that they had made the great change and were out of their physical bodies, was beyond my comprehension, though many whom I identified so stated.
    At this period of my work I had the usual indefinite, hazy notion that Heaven, so-called, was far away, that something survived dissolution, but what it was I had never been able even to define, any more than the average Christian can define it today. I did not then know that this inner body at dissolution advanced to material spirit zones that encircle this earth, and that those whose spirituality did not carry them into the the higher spheres did not for a long time get beyond the earthbound plane, and that many were able to go

    in and out of our homes and offices as before, though they could not make us answer them or realize their presence.
    Some are in such a state that the helpers in the higher life cannot reach them, and it is only by uniting our forces and working together that these poor, souls are brought to consciousness and shown how they can develop and progress. Those earthbound ones are the spirit people who need our help.
    When I state that one-half of each of the evenings —during all the years of my work was devoted, with the help of the spirit group working with me, to helping this class of spirits, one may get an idea of the great necessity for it.
    Bear in mind that Mrs. French, the psychist in whose presence this work was done, did not do the talking. She was not in a trance, but contributed psychic force necessary in our work. Bear in mind, again, that, when out of the physical housing, spirit people have vocal and respiratory organs as in earth life, and can speak as before, being heard by mortal ear when conditions are as I learned to make them.

    Usually some learned spirit spoke on some phase or condition of the next life, which discourse, at such times as I was able to procure the services of a stenographer who could write in the dark, was taken in shorthand. Then came what we called our “Mission Work.”
    Thousands upon thousands of spirit people spoke in this work and never any two in the same condition or with similar ideas or experiences, for they were different as in this life. Many were awakened apparently after long periods of time; others were in darkness, and could not find the light; others did not realize that they had left the old earth body; others knew they had, but found nothing as they expected. Some had a craving for liquor and a desire to satisfy old appetites; while others came for suggestions and advancement. The procession was endless and the need beyond description.
    Those who are advanced in the after life are ever ready and anxious to help any below them, and they do a wonderful work. But there are many whom they can not reach, and it is only by blending their forces with ours that a condition was created where these poor souls could be brought to a realization of their condition and started toward

    a higher development. Spirit people are not infinite; they are limited in their sphere, as we are in ours, and so, for twenty-two years, we worked together to help earthbound spirits. It was the most important work I ever did, beside which all my professional achievements sink into obscurity and are as nothing. This was a real pleasure and a great privilege. Let me illustrate the character of this work.
    I was in my own home one evening, alone with Mrs. French. A storm had passed and there could be heard the low moaning wind in the great trees outside. It was absolutely dark in the room where we sat facing each other with only a small table between us. The discourse on the scientific aspect of the next state was finished; then came silence and expectancy.
    “I have wandered, for years, searching, searching, searching,” a voice distressed and low, came out of the darkness; “and traveled, traveled, traveled; and I have found nothing but vegetation, and I am so weary.” Then this benighted spirit apparently realized that I was visible, and he seemed to turn toward me, and said: “I don’t understand. I am seeking my Savior;

    I was told He would meet me, but I can’t find Him, and I am lost.”
    I replied: “No man is ever lost.” He replied: “I will be lost, if I don’t find my Savior. I have searched so long!”
    “Did it ever occur to you that you have no Savior but yourself?” I asked. “That cannot be,” he said. “All my earth life I relied on Him to save me, and I must find Him.”
    “Would it not be better to try to save yourself,” I said.
    “No man can be saved except he believe in Christ,” he answered.
    “We have no Savior but ourselves, and until we understand that fact and help ourselves and others, we don’t find a very desirable after life. How do you account for the fact that you have traveled so far, met no people, and seen nothing but vegetation?” I asked.
    “I don’t know; I don’t understand,” he answered.
    “I know and I understand,” another spirit voice answered. “This man lived a narrow, selfish Christian life, simply relying on the Bible teachings, believing that the Savior would carry his burden and lead him to the great white throne,

    and when he realized he had passed the portal of death his first thought was to find that Savior that he had been taught to depend upon. This idea became an obsession and he started traveling with only one thought in mind. So intent was he, so centered was his thought, he saw nothing of the people or the wonders of the sphere in which he had advanced. He could not find what he sought, and he could not see or sense what he was not seeking. His journey will not end until he realizes that he is his own savior.”
    “That is a new idea. Who is that man?” he asked.
    “A spirit like yourself,” I answered.
    “Is what he said true?” he asked.
    “Has it not occurred to you in all this time, that, if your teaching were true, your Savior would have met you, and has not the fact that you were not so met, caused you to question your belief?” I said in reply.
    “It has not before, but let me think. Have I been wrong in my belief? When I came over and failed to find Him, I should have questioned; but I did not. I thought I must search and I have searched so long,” be said.

    I had learned that when a spirit was really awakened in the condition we had created where the earth and spirit spheres blend together, friends could come and help. I asked: “Don’t you want to stop traveling, and see some of your family or friends?”
    “I certainly do.—If I am wrong and have been wasting my life, I should like to know it,” he replied.
    “Look,” I said: “It is growing light. How beautiful! See great throngs of people.”
    He said, “They are coming toward me, men and women, dead men and women, but they don’t look dead. They appear just as they did before, and so do I. There comes a friend who beckons me. May I go?”
    “Yes,” I answered. “The thought that dominated you is broken and now you are free. Go with those who have come to help you, and they will show you how to help yourself.”
    He was gone, then silence again, the night wind and the darkness; while in the room tiny non-luminous points of light appeared, and substance like faint clouds in a summer sky floated and visibly formed into indefinite shapes, * as the spirit chemist
    * Ectoplasm.

    restored conditions to the psychic normal. Again the stress and the expectant speech. We could always feel the effort that was apparently necessary to clothe with ectoplasm a spirit’s vocal organs, so that its voice would sound in our atmosphere.
    “What are you trying to do?” another voice spoke. “I have been watching these manipulations with great interest; a gentleman told me to ask and I am curious.”
    “This lady and myself,” I replied, “come together each week and with spirit aid create a condition where we can talk, voice to voice, with dead people:,
    “That is positively a most absurd statement. The dead can’t talk,” he said.
    “Do you know that to be a fact?” I asked. “No,” he answered, “I don’t know it to be a fact, but if it were possible, I should have heard of it.”
    “Have you ever heard of obtaining messages from departed spirit people?” I asked. “Yes,” be said, “I have heard such claims, but never for a moment did I consider it worthy of the slightest consideration.”
    “Did you ever really consider what would happen to you in the death change?” I asked. “No,

    that was a subject I did not care to think about. I have the cares of my business, which are enough,” he replied.
    “Stop and think for a moment; where are you now?” I said.
    “I don’t know; this is not my office and the surroundings are strange. I don’t quite comprehend this most unusual situation. Nor do I recognize you or this lady,” he answered.
    “Do you recall your name and recent events?” I asked.
    “Certainly,” he replied, “my name is … , my office . . . , and, as I recall, I had just concluded an important conference; but this is neither my office nor my home. Where am I and how did I get here, and who are you? I have no recollection of meeting you or leaving my place of business.”
    “I am Mr. Randall, and you are in my home in Buffalo, and this lady and myself, with the aid of a spirit group, talk at times with those who have left the physical body, just as we are now talking to you,” I replied.
    “I don’t understand why you speak to me in that manner. I am not dead,” he said.
    “Look at your body,” I said.
    “I am looking at it. I see no change,” he answered.
    “Look again. Hold up your hand to the light,”

    I said. “My God! What has happened? My whole body is natural but it is transparent. I can see through it. What does this mean?” he asked.
    “Does it not dawn on you what we are trying to convey? Recall your last sensation,” I said.
    “I am,” he replied. “I was in my office—a feeling of great weakness came over me. I had a sensation of falling, and I don’t recall anything more, until I found myself here. Do you intend to convey the suggestion that I am dead?. Is that what this talk leads to?”
    “There is no death, there are no dead,” I answered. “There is only change. In dissolution the inner body, released from the flesh housing, passes to the next or spirit plane,. which is as material and natural as the earth life, and so similar that in the beginning many don’t realize it any more than you do, and I am inclined to believe from this talk that you never developed your better self to any degree, for which reason you don’t understand what is actually being done now, nor the condition in which you find yourself.”
    “Can it be,” he replied, “that death comes without our knowing it, and that we continue to live in a world similar to that of the earth? It is a most astounding proposition. Have I really ceased to live the earth life?”

    “I should infer from your statements,” I answered, “that you passed out of the body suddenly, possibly with a stroke of apoplexy. What is the date?”
    “This is January 20th,” he replied.
    “No,” I answered. “It is April, and for three months you have been unconscious.”
    “The suggestion stirs me beyond expression,” he said. “Let me think. I was in good bodily health, as I thought, engrossed in business affairs, and the idea that death would come to me never was seriously considered, and now you tell me it has overtaken me, and that I am no more of earth, and that as a spirit I can actually talk to you still in the old life. I want to think it over—I am not fully satisfied. It would seem to me if I was a spirit I would meet other spirit people. Why don’t I?”
    “Look about you again,” I said. “While we have been talking, possibly you have not noticed what has taken place.”
    “Why it is growing more light, and I can see about me many I thought dead and gone,” he said;

    “and they tell me they have come to help me out of darkness, teach me the laws that control in this sphere of life, and point out the method by which I can develop my spirit, which I have so long neglected. This thought and their presence overwhelms me, and I must have time to realize it all.”
    “You have been awakened,” I said, “and put in touch with those who will help you. Go with them and all will be well with you.”
    “Good night,” he said. “I thank you.
    These cases illustrate the condition in which some spirit people find themselves, the method employed in bringing them to a realization of the change that has taken place, and something of the results obtained in this mission work. Volumes could be written from the records obtained, which would further show the urgent need of work of this character.

    AMONG the many thousand cases that I In came into our mission work, some teaching great lessons stand out prominently. There lived in my home city a few years ago a man of great wealth. He had reached the age of four-score and ten, was of unimpeachable character and at the head of some of our largest financial institutions, but he was close in money matters, very close, and saved the pennies as well as the dollars. I knew him intimately, for I had an office for some years in the same building and saw him frequently. He was counted a good citizen, but not much given to relieving distress,—such was the public estimation of his character.
    The day came when he passed from the world of men, and was soon forgotten. Five years elapsed, during which period I went on with my work, helping those whom my co-workers brought, regardless of who or what they were, for in the

    democracy of death wealth and worldly distinction are lost, and only character survives.
    I recall vividly the evening I shall describe, for it taught one of the greatest lessons I have ever had from this source. This night I was not alone with Mrs. French; I had as a guest Louis P. Kirchmeyer, who had psychic sight and could actually see spirit people before they spoke, as could Mrs. French. If a spirit was personally known, either could call him by name, and if I knew him well, I could usually recognize his voice. This condition made identity in such cases beyond question.
    Again, this . chapel in my home where my work was carried on, with the non-luminous ribbon of light above our heads, indicated that conditions were favorable. There was never a night when we knew who would come or what we should be called upon to do, as much depended on our mental and physical condition, and then atmospheric conditions had to be considered. I seldom asked for any particular individual,—ours was a scientific work, and those who needed help were brought in after the lecture, usually.
    “It is so cold and dark,” a voice came out of the darkness. Mr. Kirchmeyer and Mrs. French

    both psychically saw and recognized the gentleman mentioned above, and told me his name. After he spoke, I recognized his voice, which was somewhat peculiar. I had a high regard for this man, and, considering the lapse of five years since his passing on, was startled by what he said.
    “Mr. W ,” I said, “I am surprised after this lapse of years to hear you make such a statement. Tell me more of your condition.”
    “There is around and about me a wall of money, nothing but money; it shuts out the light. It is so dark, and wherever I go I cannot get away from it, around it or over it,” he replied.
    “This man,” said one of the spirit group who was helping in the work, “spent his whole life in accumulating money. It dominated his whole thought, it was all he builded, and in coming into this life he found only the condition he had created, and, never having developed his spirit, he sheds no light on his pathway.”
    Having from experience learned how to help in such cases by suggestion, I said, “Mr. W, I think you can see light if you will look. What do you see?”

    “It is coming,” he said, “just a ray, but wait, I see a highway leading away in the distance.”
    “And what do you see on that highway?” I asked.
    “Nothing,” he answered, “not a living thing.”
    “Look again,” I replied.
    “Yes,” he said, “I now see sign boards along the sides as far as the eye will reach.”
    “And what, if anything, is printed on those sign boards?” I asked.
    “I can only read on the first one the word ‘charity.’ What does it mean?” he said.
    “I will tell him what it means,” the same spirit who had spoken before answered. “This man never thought of charity, which is the helping of others, either by kindly words or by material aid, so with all his millions of money he came into this world a spiritual pauper. He has now found the light, will realize his mis-spent life, and must learn what charity is. When he has practiced it, he can read the second, sign. That highway is his to travel; it is long, but it will ultimately lead him to happiness and to a wealth he has never known.”

    This experience teaches us that we owe something to our fellow men, and that the more we have the more we owe to those less fortunate.
    The following incident occurred on another night, and illustrates that all who pass out are not earthbound, in fact, the great majority pass at once to a higher spiritual plane and more comprehensive life. All find just what they make for themselves, be it good or bad, and enter into the particular condition for which they are fitted. The power of money is no more; the only wealth carried beyond is that given away here.
    ”My years have gone swiftly,” another said, “since my earth friends said farewell, and I journeyed on. I was glad to make the change for myself, but regretted I could not make those left behind understand that I was not dead and that it was for my good that I stepped out of the tenement of clay and put on the garb of the immortals. I realized at once that I was out of the body, but I stayed about the home for some days before I was taken away, when I took up the work of helping those in the lower spheres. I have been familiar with your work for a long time, and am permitted to bring a soul that you can help. When his vocal organs are clothed, he will speak:

    “I understand fully,” another spirit said, “that I have left my physical body. I was fully conscious when the change was taking place. My first thought was that I did not want a post-mortem of my earth body, and I was relieved when I knew it was not to be done. This is a beautiful world, in which I live, with opportunities beyond your conception. When earth conditions do not bind me, I can attend great lectures, and in temples of music hear celestial song. But I am bound to earth by the sorrow of my father and mother. They brood and weep, and sorrow—for me as one dead, and that holds me like bands of steel, so that I can only at times do what other boys do. They don’t understand that I am more alive than ever before, but until they give me happier thoughts my progression is stayed and I am as unhappy as they are. And I could be so happy and accomplish so much, if they would let me go. Won’t you go and tell them what I have said, and change their thoughts? Tell them that death is life boundless and endless, and our sphere is filled with happiness. Please promise.”

    I did promise, and I did go and do what I could, but human nature loves to sorrow for the so-called dead.
    How miraculous, how marvelous, you say, is this work. Not at all, it is no more marvelous than what you observe from day to day, and to which you give little thought. You plant a tiny seed in the dark ground, and in a little time you see a plant full of beautiful blossoms. You plant a kernel of corn and see. grain reproduced. You note the reproduction of man himself. Do you suppose that the laws which do all these most mysterious things are not able to clothe temporarily a spirit body so that he can speak and be heard by mortal man?
    I remember how stubborn I was in the beginning of my psychic investigation. For a long time I would not admit to myself, much less to the public, the conviction that was growing within me. I had not the capacity to comprehend these simple truths. Every one who walks in the woodland, stands by the sea, reads a book, looks at a picture, or hears a lecture, gets all the intellectual wealth he is capable of receiving, and no more.

    HAVE spirit people any influence or control over our thought or action? If so, to what extent and by what process?
    To bring ourselves intelligently to the question, we must appreciate, as we have never done before, that those out of the physical body are people,—as they were before dissolution; that they live and inhabit material belts or zones about the earth; that they walk upon the city’s streets; go into and out of homes, as freely as before; and are silent witnesses of our daily thought and action. They travel at will along the old highways, stay about the homes they built, see us and know our daily rants, desires and ambitions, and are familiar with the discords, as well as the harmonies, of our lives. Many become co-workers with us. I know the limitations of the human mind and its inability to grasp this simple proposition, more important than the accumulation of wealth, and I wish for

    many tongues that I might speak in all of nature’s dialects and languages. If this fact could be brought home to all the men and women who inhabit this globe, it would revolutionize the conduct of mankind and enrich the world.
    There are some truths that cannot be told too often; there are truths that, no matter how often told, seem to make no impression; there are some soils which, regardless of how perfect the seed or how thickly sown, give little return; and so, in many ways, we tell over and over again what follows dissolution, finding now and then a fertile brain.
    All knowledge is the result of suggestion, which may be divided into three classes—physical, mental and spiritual. (a) Physical suggestion is objective. Everything we see or hear in nature makes its impression on our minds. Something is by that process suggested to our senses, and, to the extent that we grasp and understand, we make it our own and thereby increase the sum-total of our knowledge. One in spirit life, who has given many lectures, said on this subject:

    ‘Come with me through the walks of life, and see the manner of men we can help. It is not the arrogant fool who says in his heart, ‘My way is the only way,’ nor yet the man who weakly fears to trust his own instinct and vacillates falteringly between the opinions of man; but it is the sane, quiet thinker, who is willing to listen to all arguments and to choose wisely those that appeal alike to his heart and brain. Such we can assist by spirit-suggestion. Without his being conscious of it, we can often guide his thought along the right lines, because he is fair-minded.
    “Suggestion is one of the strong factors in the lifeforce. As you said this morning, all things have their power of suggestion. Does not a low saloon throw out its vile suggestion to all men? Whether this emanation entices or repels, depends upon the man, but its surrounding influence is felt strongly, and the suggestion is evil. A beautiful rural scene is . helpful, with its suggestion of peace and harmonious coloring. And so it is through all phases of life. Hence all should seek the best, and unconsciously all do aspire to it.”
    (b) Mental suggestion is the deduction or reasoning from one known cause to its effect, by which something more is suggested. By this method we prove to ourselves facts previously unknown. An illustration of deductive reasoning occurs when

    we accept the contention that “nothing in nature can be destroyed.” From this accepted hypothesis, positing that the mind is a part of nature, just as much as the earth itself, though more important, we reason that the Master Mind which created all things has not planned the annihilation of its higher forms and preserved the lower. To do so would be both unreasonable and unjust, and in nature there is no injustice nor unreason. Man has proved that it is impossible to destroy an atom. We assert, therefore, by the process of deductive reasoning, which is really the most purely mental form of demonstration, that a human soul can not be annihilated. It follows, by laws as certain as those pertaining to the physical, that no spirit of man has ever been destroyed. This we know, also inductively, because in company with many others who understand the elementary laws of vibration, we have talked with those who have survived the supposed destruction of death. The inductive method, then, will help to confirm the conclusions of the deductive on the subject. We know by experiment that it is possible for earth dwellers

    to communicate with those who have left the earth. Franklin was able to demonstrate the two methods; inductively he showed that lightning and electricity are identical, and, deductively, that houses may be protected by lightning rods. Vice versa, then, if spirit can be seen by induction to be identical with mind, deduction will enable us to conclude that spirits, still in the flesh, can have direct relations with spirits out of the flesh.
    (a) Spiritual suggestion is the method of the after life. With spirit people, thought is such a positive force, and takes such definite form and shape, that it is visible. Their language is a thought language and is as well understood among them as words are among us. They soon lose all desire for physical touch or expression, finding the purely mental so much more intense; and, as they move in and out among the people of earth and see when and where they can do good, they, by a purely mental process, suggest to us often what to do and what not to do. Thus the suggestion of those who have passed out of earth life comes to us as a moral guide, whose true origin many ignore because they have absolutely no knowledge of what happens after dissolution. This form of suggestion we call intuition, impulse, inspiration.

    Spirit suggestion comes through our sub-conscious brain. Mind, whether in or beyond the physical, is a positive force in. nature. Spirit people,—desiring to influence our conduct to some desired end, retard their mental vibrations, and, at the same time, ours increase until our vibrations and theirs pulsate more or less in harmony; then it is possible for them to make their thought our thought, and when we, guided by their suggestion, do some good deed with their co-operation, we increase in some, degrees the sum of Universal Good. . But, because those beyond the physical are not always spiritual, some being, on the contrary, of a low order of mentality and often depraved, with low instincts and base appetites, as when in the body, they, if our thoughts and desires are of a similar character, can reach our sub-conscious brains, and suggest that which will satisfy their desires. The results are base actions produced by both them and us. Man is not a mere automaton, but a personality, deriving his progression from suggestions of people both in and

    out of the body; and it is difficult, so subtle is spirit suggestion, —to tell with any certainty whether the thought that preceded the act was one’s own conception or that of some spirit working through one’s brain to do good or to satisfy his own selfish desires. For this reason, one should weigh well what he has an impulse or desire to do. Good always precedes evil. First impressions are better than those which follow, because they are more spiritual.
    The whole process of thought is the result of suggestion, without which ideas could be neither formulated nor expressed. Knowledge would be suppressed and evolution impossible, were it not for suggestion. The influence of the spirit world is far greater than any mortal can comprehend, because we are unable, so faint is the line of demarcation, to tell the origin, or source, of any thought.
    In formulating this philosophy, I am unable to say to what extent intelligences beyond the physical have influenced my mind. My brain may have been, so to speak, a conduit of thought, and my hand an instrument to give physical expression to natural laws not at present generally

    understood by man. I can not tell; I have not been conscious of any suggestions; but, knowing, from my conversation. with spirit-people, the subtle power of suggestion,. I would not say that they have not had a very great influence in shaping this
    work. I have the greatest respect and love for many who have, voice to voice, proved their identity, and given me their knowledge. What they have taught I know; to just what extent they can influence our daily conduct and thought depends on their mental conditions and ours. It is, therefore, largely an unknown influence, but an important one, which all should understand.
    The life of spirits is intensely active and real; they have their work along those lines for which their experience in earth life has best fitted them; they labor where there is the greatest need, where most good can be done. The ignorance of those in the physical world on this subject is very great and, as a result, their condition is so inferior to what it might be, that spirit people, realizing the deplorable situation, spend much time on the earth plane, striving to enlighten mankind and to make them live better individual lives, a task which impedes their own progress.

    I recall listening, not many years ago, to a boy not more than fourteen years old, playing a great masterpiece on. a violin, with marvelous technical skill. His intellect was not above the average, nor had he received any special artistic training, yet he could execute the most difficult music. One of our standard law books, recognized as an authority, was written by a boy while at college. Fiske wrote philosophy in his teens. We have always had prodigies who were able without much education, to accomplish great things. But there is nothing remarkable in this, after all; it means only that a master in spirit is able either to suggest or to work through their subconscious brains.
    In some instances, like the boy violinist and Blind Tom, spirits take actual possession of the body and brain, which, for the time being, are used by them as an instrument to give physical expression to their attainments.
    What is true of the boy, is true likewise of the man. It is difficult, so great is the power of spirit minds, so fine is the line of demarcation between self and their suggestion, to tell, at all times, what is self and what is suggestion. This mind of ours

    is like a stream having its source among the hills and flowing toward the sea. A thought from the right finds its way to the channel; another one comes from the left and joins the current, adding volume and character; and when the stream reaches the sea of expression, it is hard to say how much of it came from the original source, how much is our own, or how much flowed in from surrounding conditions.
    We hear a voice calling our name; we turn and listen; it suggests that some one would speak to us. We hesitate while the thought finds lodgment in the brain; and it, too, sets in action a line of reasoning. That thought may have been generated by a process of reasoning, and, again, it may have been the suggestion of some spirit interested in our welfare. Spirits can call as well as those in the physical body. Both can be heard, the first by the mind itself, and the latter by the physical sense of hearing. And it is difficult for any one to say, such is the feasibility and possibility of spirit suggestion, whether one originates or obeys. Inspiration is spirit aid and suggestion, nothing more.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Robert, thank you for this long sharing of the work re rescue. My very earliest experience of physical phenomena, ectoplasm and trumpets flying around the séance room, was at a Spiritualist church closed meeting. I may have shared in earlier communications of my journey, within Anglican Church upbringing, then into Baptist, Pentecostal, and Spiritualism, that last investigation took me two years to accept that it was not evil. As the years went on, I witnessed various phenomena, either as a single person or with a group. I have conversed with spirits at such gatherings, had questions answered, clearly and with love. Also, been threatened, warned not to challenge, seen items either thrown or float across the room. Never, though, have I been afraid, even in early days of learning and research, when, you might say I was still rather “innocent” and unaware of the possibility of aggression from “earthbound” spirits. As the years have gone on and venturing on to my eighty year birthday in 2020, as innocent as I may have seemed, life has demonstrated that I am more than one may consider at first glance. This is not a boast, just a fact that applies to all of us. This was brought home to me, more strongly as recently as this week, when I read, within three days. “Messages” by BONNIE McENEANEY. It brought home to me, more than ever, we are more than we think initially. You see, the aim I think, in coming to this heavier environment just doesn’t cover exploration, but eventually to get to a point of conscious awareness of why we are here on earth in the first place. That awareness covers so many angles, but when we start remembering who/what we truly are. Perhaps, one day, in the future, we can work it out with our loving Creator, that we no longer need to go through these scenario’s of physical/ material matter. We can be totally free to involve our “selves” with higher spectrum adventures, tasks and creations. It is only when we as a species can understand that will we be free. Meanwhile, we are still grappling with the selfish and ignorant facet of being human. I had only read a third of Bonnie’s book, when I just burst into tears and pled with God and the unseen energies of humanity, to ” please wake us up”. I still feel a lump in my throat when telling you this. It is so good to communicate with my “family” across the world. Blessings and Love to all, Margaret.

  13. Tobin
    Tobin says:

    Hi Dr. Alexander,

    I was wondering if there is any data on sound recordings helping those with more severe mental illnesses, such as those that cause psychotic disturbances? I’ve suffered from one of thsoe illnesses and the disturbance has been so profound that nothing has been able to get through it aside from medication.

    Medication settles my mind enough that I can benefit from spiritual practices. I meditate daily and have used Sacred Acoustics recordings with good results. The Sacred Acoustics recrodings have conditioned my mind to be able to sit for long periods of time in meditation with or without the recordings now. That has been very beneficial.

    I don ‘t know what my mind would be like now without the meds, but I think not good. I went for a period of 15 years of relative peace with medication, and then decided to ween myself off of it over a period of a few months. The result was a relapse into a profound psychotic disturbance. This was before I started listening to Sacred Acoustics. For that reason, even though I would very much like to know what effect these meditations have had on my illness, I’m not going to take a chance again on going unmedicated. The consequences are possibly disastrous.

    But I would like to know if psychotic patients have shown improvement from listening to binaural recordings.

  14. Don A. Stauffer
    Don A. Stauffer says:

    I think that this field of inquiry will allow me to understand the physiological mechanism whereby I am moved to tears by certain beautiful musical passages. There are choral pieces which I have found so moving that I can’t sing my part for awhile. I know it’s not just my extreme emotional sensitivity, and have suspected that it’s a universal experience even though I might not observe many others actually weeping.
    Thank you for your efforts to bring this help to the world. This certainly appears to be a time when harmony needs to be restored throughout the hearts and minds of all of us in this dimension. Any physical help in this effort is most welcome. I do believe that all individual and group efforts will radiate out and have positive effects upon the collective consciousness.
    Don Stauffer

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Don, my eye caught your comments about certain music that stirs the soul. I love to listen to Ralph Vaughn Williams work, “The Lark Ascending” and his renditions of Thomas Tallis, such sacred notes. That will bring me to tears. Also male Russian worshipful choirs. “The Lark Ascending” will be the music played at my “Goodbye for now” celebration. Certain notes have a resonance, 528? that wake a certain energy in us, stirs a memory I think, of waves of love, appreciation, elevation to where we come from. Goose bump phenomena. Good to link with you on this most recent site. God Bless, Margaret.

  15. Evangeline
    Evangeline says:

    This was so timely! I was just discussing how mental health treatment needs to encorporate spirituality. Yesterday I recorded a mantra which I channeled from the 5th dimension (I felt much more connected after listening to the hem sync meditation).

    I hope to use this music to heal deep emotional pain in people. Thankyou for all your work. Reading proof of heaven confirmed all my childhood experiences with angels, my intuition and other things I could never explain.


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