Today, I celebrate the 13th anniversary of the day I emerged from a weeklong coma due to bacterial meningitis November 16, 2008, my re-birthday. On this anniversary of that life-changing event, I want to thank again the family and friends who were instrumental in my return to this world, not to mention the myriad souls I have since encountered who have helped me to reach a deeper understanding of the nuances of my experience. I am grateful to the many readers of my books, Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven, and Living in a Mindful Universe, for the feedback they have offered, including hundreds who have shared their own spiritual epiphanies. In this challenging era of the covid pandemic, with so much death, loss, and bereavement, it is comforting that so many have reported their burdens eased by the empowering messages offered by those three books.

My recent progress in understanding is encouraged by essays that have emerged from the Bigelow Institute of Consciousness Studies (BICS), who sponsored a contest asking for the best evidence for the survival of human consciousness beyond permanent bodily death. The contest organizers have promised to publish all 29 winning essays on their website in the coming days, which will detail outstanding examples from the empirical data and rational conclusions supporting the reality that we are much more than physical bodies alone. Most near-death experiencers, and myriad others who have studied the broader literature on survival studies, already accept that the evidence for consciousness surviving physical death (and reincarnation) is sufficient to be certain beyond any reasonable doubt. The value of the contest, and of this information being made freely available, is in helping others to realize this liberating and refreshing view of who we truly are. This collection of essays will provide evidence for a world view that is much needed right now, bring meaning and purpose to being human, and foster a more general expression of love, compassion, mercy and acceptance of others.

The winning BICS essay by professional academic parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove PhD is well worth reading for anyone interested in this field of study. This version of the document includes numerous embedded videos which come from Dr Mishlove’s long career of interviewing people about their experiences and viewpoints. He has used my NDE to make many specific points, most importantly quoting Dr Bruce Greyson from his interview about my medical records stating, “This guy was as dead as you can be without having his heart stop,” validating the scientific position that my brain was far too damaged to support any dream or hallucination. This is a crucial line of evidence supporting the primacy of consciousness in the universe, independent of the physical brain. Other points emphasized include the extraordinary healing power often enabled by NDEs, the value of exploring consciousness, and the life-transformative effects of NDEs.

Dr. Mishlove’s manuscript is deliberate, thorough and well-structured, as he pursues numerous lines of evidence far beyond just near-death experiences in making his case for conscious awareness surviving bodily death. Other winning essay authors include Pim van Lommel, Bernardo Kastrup, Bruce Leininger, Robert Mays and many other researchers in the field. This collection of papers will serve the world in helping to bring more souls into readily knowing our fundamental spiritual nature, and the spiritual nature of the universe.

This potential turning-point is a worthy celebration of my 13th Re-Birthday of awakening from coma!

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  1. Jaime Allison Rambo
    Jaime Allison Rambo says:

    I appreciate your courage to be and your willingness to do. Although I’ve not had a near death experience I have had glimpses of past lives without seeking information from psychics or taking drugs or challenged with illness. Dannion Brinkley, quite the famous NDE recipient is one of my all-time favorite stories besides yours. Both of you make a point and a strong point of reminding all of us how much we are loved by God or the universe or heaven… Thank you for reminding us and thank you for being a conduit for that message.

  2. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    When I was a toddler, from maybe 2 yrs on,, I had a recurring dream I did not–and  still do not– have the vocabulary to fully describe. It was more concept than picture: something simultaneously infinitely large, and  infinitesimally small, dark and light.  Kind of like a tunnel. No orb, though, no memory of any being. I later wondered if it was a birth-related thing, but I see parallels with your experience.

    Recently, when in a pre-dream state, I felt as if my body was weightless, no gravity. I was sort of floating/flying. And I could see people and all their stengths, flaws, weaknesses and feel unconditional live….not at all how I feel these days with the anti-vaxxers, racisists, etc.

  3. Robert Light
    Robert Light says:

    Thank you so much for your continued efforts to foster the development and advancement of our species at this critical turning point in time. May we continue to understand on ever deepening levels the role that consciousness plays in the unfolding and creation of our reality – and better understand the various dimensions of our universe.

  4. Robert Burton
    Robert Burton says:

    Dr. Alexander’s name sounded familiar when I first learned of his experience and work. When I ordered his first book and read it, I discovered why. I am a career hospital chaplain, now retired. I trained to be a chaplain at N.C. Baptist Hospital, where his father, also Eben Alexander, was on staff. I remember hearing the name being paged. As a chaplain, I would hear patients sharing life changing spiritual experiences, many of which were out of body NDEs. I also worked with recovering addicts, whose experience in turning their lives over to a higher power was also instrumental in their recovery. I appreciate the work that Dr. Alexander and others are doing to enable us to learn more of the role of healthy spirituality as it contributes to our health and well being.

  5. Kathleen Lambert
    Kathleen Lambert says:

    Thank you Dr. Alexander for sharing your experience and knowledge. I am immensely grateful to and for you.
    With love,
    Kathleen Lambert

  6. A Jew from Israel
    A Jew from Israel says:

    According to the Jewish religion, the ultimate goal of the Creator is to bring about a situation in which the whole world will believe only in it and in being one unique and special without flaws and eternal, but all this must come from human choice.

  7. Steven D Eggen,MD
    Steven D Eggen,MD says:

    To establish proof requires a prospective study, which is almost impossible with NDE. Consciousness does not lend itself to quantitation. The massive amount of retrospective testimony, however, and the lack of other reasonable explanations right now are as close to proof as we can get.

  8. A Jew from Israel
    A Jew from Israel says:

    I believe that the Creator reveals these things to us, because he prepares the world for a more spiritual world, a world where everyone loves the other and respects the other.

  9. Johann
    Johann says:

    Dear Mary (Neal), Eben, Karen, Gary (Zukav), Anita Moorjani & now Jeffrey Mishlove! Congratulations Eben on this day! You (together) with the above provided crutches with which to deal with our (one of two) daughter’s premature death some years ago. Mary initiated the remedial process and along came you Eben, you Karen and the rest! You all comprise a forminable team. I consistently engage your Wisdom and stories in my attack on our dear country’s serious societal challenges. Your stories add credibility (and) Solutions. Thank GOD Almighty for you all! Johann South Africa

  10. Charles Close
    Charles Close says:

    Are you planning on doing research into Past Lives as sere revealed by Michael Newton and often referenced in the University of Virgina’s Department of Perceptual Studies Conferences?
    Happy Holidays
    Charles R. Close

  11. Norma Wexler
    Norma Wexler says:

    One thing is never only answered by any experts or those who’ve had this experience. Why is there no study or actual proof of people returning to their higher consciousness when we know it’s possible ? Anyone has the power & we know it from the Old Testament records . This befuddles me.

    • N Joe
      N Joe says:

      Only three people’s experience in the Old Testament come close to what you mentioned, Norma—Abraham & Sarah, when they unknowingly three heavenly souls to eat with them—Genesis 18:1-15–and Moses, when God came to him several times—and Moses’ face was beaming.
      Exodus 24:15-17


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