These organizations represent the groups most capable of addressing the deep challenges of understanding consciousness. Their web sites offer many resources and research findings.

The funding of scientific research in support of the shifting Western paradigm has been woefully underfunded over recent decades. If you would like to support the furthering of this endeavor, please consider these scientific organizations.

Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS)

The Division of Perceptual Studies is the oldest and most productive university-based research group in the world devoted exclusively to the investigation of phenomena that challenge current physicalist brain/mind orthodoxy – including investigation of phenomena directly suggestive of post-mortem survival of consciousness. Through its research, DOPS strives to challenge this entrenched mainstream view by rigorously evaluating empirical evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death and that mind and brain are distinct and separable. Recognition of consciousness as something greater than a physically produced phenomenon is both more optimistic and more accurate than the prevailing materialist worldview.

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, transformative learning, and engaging a global community in the realization of our human potential. Their goal is to create a shift in consciousness worldwide—where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole and are inspired to take action to help humanity and the planet thrive.

Rhine Research Center

The Rhine Research Center explores the frontiers of consciousness and exceptional human experiences in the context of unusual and unexplained phenomena.  The Rhine’s mission is to advance the science of parapsychology, to provide education and resources for the public, and to foster a community for individuals with personal and professional interest in PSI.

International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS)

A non-profit organization, IANDS’ purpose is to promote responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and similar experiences, their effects on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose. They focus most of their resources into providing the highest quality information available about NDE-related subjects. IANDS publishes a peer-reviewed scholarly journal and a member newsletter, and sponsors conferences and other programs.

Windbridge Research Center

The mission of the Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other customized content for free with practitioners, clinicians, scientists, and the general public. The research currently focuses on people who report experiencing regular communication with the deceased (mediums) and those who receive mediumship readings (sitters).


Eternea seeks to provide convincing scientific evidence that the continuity of consciousness beyond the body is real and that an enduring aspect of it is eternal, just as our mystical, wisdom, spiritual and religious traditions have been claiming for millennia. Eternea sponsors research and education about Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) and non-local consciousness. Eternea undertakes practical projects in social action and community outreach as well as convergence initiatives to foster cooperation between science and spirituality.

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