In this age of the COVID-19 pandemic, all our systems of daily life are being violently uprooted, leaving many with an existential dread about where the future might lie. We would like to help dispel this malaise through the sharing of knowledge and techniques to help everyone gain a greater sense of control over their own fate, as well as the broader fate of the world-at-large. Such major challenges to our health and well-being offer unique opportunities to truly grow into the more mature and capable souls we came to this world to be.

Specifically, Karen Newell and I will host a series of completely free live webinars, United in Hope and Healing, beginning on March 26th (or March 27th depending on your time zone) and all 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month thereafter through the duration of this crisis. These webinars will build a community united in collaboration and mutual support. Social distancing may trigger loneliness, when in truth, we’re all in this together and we are blessed to engage technology to gather.

At a pivotal time of disruption in daily life around the world, a revolution in healing therapies for emotional health challenges has emerged. The Spirituality & Mental Health practitioner training course is designed to enable health and wellness practitioners, and those invested in the science of healing, to integrate familiar conventional therapies with new methods. Accessing a deeper, transformational consciousness can result in a dramatic reduction in anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, insomnia, suicidal ideation and other mental health problems while elevating creativity, focus, mood stabilization, sound sleep, general emotional and mental wellness and overall fulfillment.

It is crucial to recognize that one of the grandest lessons of the emerging neuroscience of consciousness is that consciousness, or mind, is a primordial force in the universe, not something generated by the physical matter of the brain. From a practical viewpoint, this acknowledgement of the reality of “mind-over-matter” in the universe has been broadly supported by medical science for over seven decades through the placebo effect, the gold standard for comparison in the assessment of any new proposed medicine or treatment. The common use of the placebo-controlled trial is an admission by medical scientists that a patient’s beliefs are crucial in achieving any true health or healing. The more one reviews a deep analysis of the placebo effect, the more one wonders if there is any major component of healing that does NOT involve the free will and conscious mind of the subject.

To that end, for the duration of this crisis period, Sacred Acoustics is offering their Whole Mind Bundle (in MP3 format) at a discounted price of $19 (a $66 value) or, for those with economic uncertainty, at no cost whatsoever, no questions asked. This set of recordings and listening protocols reduced anxiety by 26% in a Manhattan psychiatric practice after two weeks of listening, as published in a pilot study in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in February 2020. These recordings can also assist with sleep, relaxation and focus.

For those who wish to go deeper in their personal practice, Inner Sanctum Center offers a membership platform with further opportunities for guidance and interconnection.

As we move forward, perfect your mode of social distancing, wash and disinfect hands frequently, and remember to support those around you, especially those less fortunate, in any way possible. We are all in this together, and the most powerful way to energize your soul journey is to serve as a conduit for the loving, healing energy at the very core of our awareness. We can gain the information and energy in meditation and centering prayer, but, ultimately, we progress along our projected pathway through action – reaching out to take care of the least, the last, and the lost. The challenge of COVID-19 will ultimately make us much stronger – together!

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  1. JC
    JC says:

    The “Near-Death” experience is mis-labeled – It should be called “Near-Life” – See the book, ‘The Disappearance of the Universe,” by Gary Renard to understand why-

  2. Krivenko Sydney
    Krivenko Sydney says:

    Hi, everyone, acvoice from Germany. I love Dr. Alexander‘s site and books and I enjoy his lectures. I would love to discuss these subjects with anyone interested and add my own few experiences, although hardly as extensive as all those NDS. Sadly those have been denied to me, perhaps because I have relearned most of the spiritual truths already in 1983-1986 in London at the SAGB. Sadly, I have seen that when I talk about such things with people here, there is little or no response. Yesterday a longterm friend told me, these subjects were „not her thing“…
    I am really disillusioned as in my own family nobody is even a Christian, they are all Atheists and deny a higher power. We and the universe are all a thing that happened out of the blue, without a thought or a design from anyone. And anyway we are totally alone in the cosmos..,
    Please, guys, I beg you!!! How can anyone be intelligent and think that way!?
    Love from Sydney K.

      • Joyce Radelich
        Joyce Radelich says:

        Bobbie, Has no one responded to you about your desire to learn of and about God? Please write to me to my email. I am a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ…God’s son He sent to be a sacrifice for ALL that will confess their sin, believe and accept Him. John 3:16 -17
        16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave[a]his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. Eternal life is for all, but not all go to Heaven. Not all will have nor want their sins forgiven. It’s a choice that we make as God created us all in His image, (Spirit) giving us a body and a soul (our personality/temperament/disposition that makes me me) AND a free will. God does not make us do or choose anything, But he does seek us gently, knocks on our hearts door. GOD IS LOVE. That’s hard to grasp just how much He loves you.
        This is NO accident. This is Devine intervention.
        I will be looking forward to your email
        Joyce Radelich
        Eureka, California

    • Paulette
      Paulette says:

      If you are still interested in discussing your thoughts about consciousness I am happy to be a digital pen pal. From Hawaii. Paulette

    • Didier Couronne
      Didier Couronne says:

      Hello Sydney your description of what it’s like to live among atheist and ironical sceptics is very familiar to my experience of daily life; as you may know, french flatter themselves in believing nothing. Most don’t even want to talk about it, saying it’s all “bullshit” for feeble minds…BUT THEY REFUSE THE EVIDENCE….and the evidence is not only getting stronger, it’s even accelerating! I wrote a book on the topic and most of the people I proudly gave my book to DIDN’T EVEN READ PAST THE TITLE…even most of my friends! those are my conclusions after years of studies…Nevertheless, we may even be in a paradigm shift altogether…there are tons of great works…it takes time and effort but those works are easely available… most materialist don’t judge usefull to look into it (“why bother since I know the truth” they seem to think, even if they don’t know why they think as they do is the truth). But when they face death personnaly it’s another matter altogether! I have numerous experiences of people changing perspective all of a sudden…and not always motivated by fright; if interested in deepening this little communication, here is my personnal mail: I live in France, very close to germany (40 kms to the Luxemburg/Germany border lines….city of Metz )….your solution is to get to know people who have lived such experiences or who study NDEs/shared death experiences, etc. If you wish to communicate on all those topics (which are life changing at the very least) send me a little mail! I’ll be happy to respond and develop and learn from you too!

  3. James Beck
    James Beck says:

    Hello Dr. Alexander and everyone, I distinguish between mental awareness and what I have experienced as consciousness (conscious awareness or consciousness expansion). Everyone I have come across who has any interest in understanding the mind/consciousness, including those in the ‘spiritual’ community (eg. Yoga, Tai Chi, and etc,), assumes there is no distinction between mind (mental awareness) and consciousness (conscious awareness).

    I am sure that some practitioners of yoga and other ‘spiritual’ disciplines have experienced an awakening of consciousness (consciousness expansion), and realized it was clearly distinct from mental awareness but failed to communicate that distinction because of the limitations of language. How does one communicate a phenomenon that has no linguistic depiction?

    Based on my experience I have defined consciousness as direct awareness of existence unfiltered through mind (mind/brain/body) and the content of mind. Through my experience of consciousness along with this new linguistic way of describing/defining it I assert that consciousness is NOT the mind, of the mind or any aspect of mind. Consciousness does not think, cannot think, is not the space between thoughts and is not ‘no mind’. Consciousness SEES and KNOWS but does not think/analyze. Even though the process that most often leads to consciousness awakening involves physical and mental effort (mental focusing) as practiced by dedicated yogis when consciousness is experienced/realized there is no need to focus, quell or refine the thinking process because consciousness doesn’t even have the capacity to think.

    Please share if you have experienced consciousness as described above or would like to discuss the subject more? After hearing from you I will share much more about what I have experienced in my meditations leading to consciousness expansion and the methods used to achieve consciousness expansion.

    • Sandra
      Sandra says:

      Dear James,
      I think its correct to distinguish between conciousness and awareness.
      One can lose conciousness, but awareness is eternal and pure being. Its beyong thinking and identifying with names, professions, certificates or biographical facts.
      Unfortunately I have no own experience regarding this issue, but I have read a lot about that in books from Nisargatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Theresa von Avila, Rumi, etc.
      I have also read more than hundreds of reports of NDE´s and I have the feeling.
      In Austria is a guy who has experienced a Kundalini awakening and after that the death of his own “I-ness”. I know that sounds strange. But he can describe wonderfully these stages and states of mind, consiousness and awareness.
      But his books and videos are not translated in your language.

      Best regards from Germany,

  4. maxine M poulton
    maxine M poulton says:

    Just wanted to know if you are hearing from people who notice a change in themselves in the sense that they have a greater sense of awareness during this time. Appreciate hearing from you.

  5. Antonietta
    Antonietta says:

    Hello dr. I just have to say I think your book is incredible and I can feel that in this time we as humans are starting to question our very existence we are all becoming aware that their must be more to this life than we think I watched you on a podcast a month ago and before I saw that I had a vision God showed me during meditation of reincarnation taking place and the way you described is literally how I saw it in my vision makes me truly believe God have me that message 💜

  6. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I believe, we all are connected at a level far deeper than we might believe. My father died four months ago from a pancreatic cancer, only 5 months after the diagnosis. It was heartbreaking for me to see him grow thinner and thinner as the days went by. Unfortunately, I was not with him, when he passed away. Just 10 minutes before, I had gone to the pharmacy to get some medication for him and left him with my mother. When I returned home, he was already dead, lying in his bed. Within all my grief and regret to not have been there to give him a kiss goodbye, I saw a big green meadow, full of light and beautiful flowers. After having read Dr. Alexanders books, I believe, in this “vision”, my father took me along with him on his way to the big gateway. I am deeply sad and miss my father at every moment. I wish, I knew if he is well and would like to see him again. In the meantime, I believe that we both are connected with each other. Or, as he himself told me when he still was alive: “Wherever you may be, there I am too.”

    • Angelina
      Angelina says:

      Dear Sandra, I read your words about losing your father and your regret at not being there to kiss him before he left. My father left suddenly with no illness or warning. I can empathize with your feelings of loss and not being there at his moment of departure. Suffering my loss haunted me as I yearned to talk to him and desired some assurance that he was happy. About a year after he left I was cooking pasta on the stove. As I watched the pasta swirl around in the boiling water, thoughts of all the years I had watched my father hover over the spaghetti boiling flooded my mind. I said aloud “Jesus, please, relieve my suffering as I want to know my daddy is happy”. In seconds, this euphoria of sublime joy came over me. I felt as if I were a balloon being blown up with air. It wasn’t happiness it was just pure joy that I had never experienced in my life. I knew and could feel My father was with me in those moments. Daddy conveyed to me he was very happy and would always be close to me as I made my passage in this earthly life. I will never forget those moments of joy as I was able to discern the presence of his spirit. My suffering over him ceased and was replaced with the comfort of feeling his love and the love of Jesus at the same time. Those moments were transcendent and are still to this day. My hope for you is comfort and joy. Your father knows you are thinking of him and loving him. Sincerely, Angelina

  7. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Morning Eben and Karen, my dears. I am a bit disappointed that messages, comments have not been offered. Is it I wonder because of the attention of the world is on the current subject of the Corona Virus. There are so many angles being published, sent out, mostly negative and fearful. Agreed, here in Britain, mostly positive service from National Health and voluntary bodies. But I would be interested in your observations and those of ones who look at and take an interest in your words. Thank you, God Bless, Margaret Coles.

    • Karen Newell
      Karen Newell says:

      Thank you for your ongoing interest. We have just begun a new webinar series focused on the coronavirus and many comments are being left there. Please feel free to join the conversation by signing up to access replays of previous webinars and notification for new webinars here:

      • Margaret Coles
        Margaret Coles says:

        Hello, you two friends, how delighted I am to see a response from you, particularly in regard to the Virus. I will await further notification with joy, to be involved positively in this World Change. Much Love, Margaret.

  8. Sandy Fairthorne
    Sandy Fairthorne says:

    Hi…I hope you don’t find this annoying but I just had to say the footage of Eben and Karen talking is not quite as affective as it could be, because neither of you is looking at the camera! It’s such a small thing but really makes it hard to connect when your eyes are elsewhere!
    Just thought I’d mention.
    (And I love your work and LOVED your book “Proof of Heaven” Eben).

  9. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Good Morning, Eben, Karen and all. Your new site is most welcome, especially in these wobbly times. What can one say, I expect a good many of us resonate with the concerns and prayers, intent and honour this present dilemma we find ourselves in as a species. Here in the British Isles, it is a conglomeration of action and reaction. Some foolish, greedy, denial, but most, generous donations of time and effort. I want to recommend a loving prayer, which, I should think most of you must be aware of at some time or another. The Ho’ oponopono prayer of forgiveness. An Ancient Hawaiian prayer. I have been aware of it for some years and used it late last year, within twenty minutes of uttering the words; there was a healing. “I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.” The first to receive these words is our Mother Earth. She, with the permission, I should think of our Creator has decided to bring to our notice the damage we are causing her. I hear that the skies over China are clearing, so that the firmament can be seen. So, with all the restrictions, let us pray the most positive action witnessed now will continue after we are allowed to mix and move again. I, especially the age I am, have to be “locked down”. I am trying to make the most of it, by doing a bit of Spring cleaning, every day, as the sun is shining, once the grass has dried out I may well go out and tidy up my pots.. Borage is beginning to flower and Lavender amongst all the others. I am allowed to go to an area nearby and on a seat observe the country side, with the River Severn winding around the country side. I have just thought, I am most privileged to be here on a physical recce, I make a joke on occasion, when things seem to go wrong, and in conversation. “Whose bright idea was this”?! “Er, Yours”! My son, would say, I should have my mouth shut. But then, he is a Gemini and they, at times, argue with their twin selves anyway. Did we really think that overnight on December 31st, all would be love and light? We are here to work through all the facets of human/physical existence and work is the operative word. I will close now and get on with some physical action. God Bless and love to you all, Margaret.

    • Krivenko Sydney
      Krivenko Sydney says:

      Hi Margaret, if I may say so, I am at an age of reflection, too. Sitting at home as a pensioner with my husband who does not pray but likes to help people anyway. I love to listen and talk about all aspects of spirituality.
      I visualise the earth surrounded by love or singing children and I use a lot of “the “ I am that I am “ and things like I am strong and healthy. For years now I heave not had a cold or worse. I believe in telling my body that it is strong and healthy and that seems to work, at least for the minor health issues.
      Love to hear your thoughts and more of your thoughts and dealings.
      Love Sydney.
      P S. I am Sagittarian. My Mom was a Gemini and so is my sister.

  10. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I came across your interview with George Noory today on Gaia..what perfect timing. Continue sending the good vibes out there Doc 🙂


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