In the decade since my near-death experience (NDE) during a week-long coma in November 2008, I have been through many ups and downs in sharing my experience with the world. The low point involved a published account of false and misleading statements. The details of my medical condition were called into question as perhaps not as severe as I’d maintained in my first book, Proof of Heaven. I was challenged personally with implications that I lied about such specifics for financial gain.

Counteracting such claims, this month represents a resounding “up” in that journey: Dr. Bruce Greyson, one of the top globally-acknowledged scientific researchers in the field of consciousness studies, has teamed up with physician colleagues Surbhi Khanna and Lauren E. Moore to provide a detailed and comprehensive review of my medical records. This independent physician case report has been published this month in the widely respected peer-reviewed Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease:

The publication of this case report marks tremendous progress in elucidating the unprecedented effect of my NDE (and numerous similar journeys) on our human understanding of the nature of reality. Many in the medical community were astounded I recovered at all due to the severity of my illness – “an extremely severe bacterial meningitis with little likelihood of a complete medical recovery,” as summarized in the case report (S. Khanna et alia, p. 744). They shared my disbelief that the events I described in Proof of Heaven could have happened at all, since there was overwhelming evidence of destruction to my brain, and yet they DID happen:

“Based on details of events that he accurately described having observed during his coma, his near-death experience can be placed between hospital days 1 and 5. On those 5 days, his GCS [Glasgow Coma Scale] scores, charted twice a day, ranged between 6 and 7, indicating severe brain impairment.” (S. Khanna et alia, p. 744)

A GCS score of 9 or less indicates deep coma, with 3 being the lowest possible score (a corpse), and 15 the GCS in a normal awake patient.

Based on these scores, I should have had no experience at all, other than the most rudimentary forms of conscious awareness. My neurologic examinations, the CT and MRI scans showing all eight lobes of my brain to have been involved, and lab values all indicated a very severe infection.

Both neurologists involved in my case were similarly surprised by the outcome, given the severity of my illness. One of my main infectious disease specialists, Dr. Scott Wade, in a private communication with my family written six weeks after I awakened, stated that my “recovery from a serious meningitis [was] the most incredible and gratifying experience” of his medical career, which had spanned more than two decades after fellowship training.

“Most reported cases [of Gram-negative bacterial meningitis] have residual neurological deficits; however, this patient attained full neurological recovery within 2 months, which is remarkable and rare.” (S. Khanna et alia, p. 745)

The current case report goes much deeper than the details provided in Proof of Heaven in exploring the extraordinary nature of my illness, and the equally surprising facets of my complete recovery over two months. The fact that I could have experienced anything while my brain was so besieged with infection, particularly targeting the neocortex, remains a profound challenge to our conventional materialistic worldview, and especially the assumption that the physical brain creates consciousness.

“It is noteworthy that the patient’s near-death experience can be placed between hospital days 1 and 5, when his GCS scores were lowest. This association of a mystical state of consciousness with diminished brain function is consistent with recent neuroimaging studies of psychedelic drug-induced states showing that brain connectivity in the default mode network is inhibited rather than excited by psilocybin (Carhart-Harris et al., 2012), ayahuasca (Palhano-Fontes et al., 2015), and LSD (Carhart-Harris et al., 2016).” (S. Khanna et alia, p. 746)

The implication, that consciousness can exist independently of the brain, so absolutely defies the principles of conventional (pre-quantum) science and its assumption that only the physical world exists, that some seem to be thrown into an existential crisis by my case and the profound implications it engenders. The discussion of the reality or meaning of NDEs in our society is one that greatly stirs people’s feelings about their most fundamental beliefs, and thus ignites extreme passions in their responses.

The case report actually goes beyond simply remarking on the astonishing nature of my course since coma, to suggest that the spiritual content of my NDE might have contributed to my inexplicable recovery.

“Of interest, other near-death experiences occurring under well-documented medical supervision have been associated with unexpected recovery from conditions thought to be irreversible (Alexander, 2017; Dossey, 2011), suggesting possible benefits from research into possible mechanisms by which near-death experiences might facilitate healing.” (S. Khanna et alia, pp. 745-746)

Dr. Larry Dossey and I have both written about miraculous healing associated with NDEs in the medical literature. All of us might gain useful lessons about the role of mind-over-matter in healing. This is the ultimate treasure trove resulting from the deeper understanding of NDEs and other spiritually-transformative experiences.

This case report destroys the false conclusion perpetrated by those who tried to discredit my story, my integrity and trustworthiness with false statements about my career as a neurosurgeon. My recent FAQ entitled “Have you been found guilty of malpractice?” summarizes how twisted facts completely obscured my true actions in that case.

I am proud of a neurosurgical career in which I operated on over 4,000 patients, and contributed to advancement of the field, especially in specific technologies such as stereotactic radiosurgery, intraoperative MRI, and focused ultrasound surgery (publications). I have nothing to hide about my medical career, which is one of the reasons I proceeded to share my story in Proof of Heaven. Malpractice data is freely available to the public. I never suspected that anyone would take the original allegations from a malpractice case, which can be wildly inaccurate, and present them as final facts in the matter. The offending article totally ignored the full investigations by state medical boards and the American Board of Neurological Surgeons and their conclusions that allowed me to return to medical practice with my licenses and board certification fully intact.

Living in a Mindful Universe, the book I co-authored with Karen Newell, argues further that the reductive materialism of conventional science is a dead end. The stunning reality of ontological idealism (the mental universe now coming into focus for quantum physicists), is presented most forcefully. Ultimately, we are all part of the greater consciousness, the primordial mind, that determines the emerging events of our lives.

In coming months, Karen and I will be appearing at several conferences and presentation venues in North America and Europe, including meditation playshops to help true seekers get deeply involved in exploring consciousness and manifesting the free will of their higher souls. We hope to see you at one of these events!

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  1. Janice W
    Janice W says:

    Hello Dr. Alexander,

    Is there proof on the medical records that you were infected with E. Coli? One of the doctors who helped you during your recovery/comatose state said that your coma was chemically induced, instead of caused by E. Coli; does this disprove the Proof of Heaven as it suggests that the comatose experience was chemically induced and not due to the consciousness being separate from the body? I’m very sorry if this is phrased curtly, but I’m very curious (as many people are) as to if there is solid, concrete proof of consciousness being separate, because the chemically induced coma would suggest that the NDE experience could be chemically induced.

    • Eben Alexander MD
      Eben Alexander MD says:

      The medical case report (which I encourage you to read, even if you lack an education in medicine – it makes many interesting points of value to laypeople) makes it clear I was infected with E. coli, and that my coma was induced by that illness (Important from a scientific perspective, due to the documented damage to my neocortex, making it most unlikely that my brain was able to produce any dream or hallucination). From case report: “His medical records suggest that his coma was not drug-induced, as his brain function and level of consciousness were clearly impaired and on a downward trajectory before sedation and started to improve before sedation was discontinued.” The sedation was necessary due to my need for a ventilator. The confusion you mention is due to a 2013 article that intentionally distorted the testimony of my ER doctor, Laura Potter, who later said: “I am saddened by and gravely disappointed by the article recently published in Esquire. The content attributed to me is both out of context and does not accurately portray the events around Dr. Eben Alexander’s hospitalization. I felt my side of the story was misrepresented by the reporter [Luke Dittrich]. I believe Dr. Alexander has made every attempt to be factual in his accounting of events.”*

      *Source: (PDF) Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience: How an Esquire Article Distorted the Facts. Available from:'s_Near-Death_Experience_How_an_Esquire_Article_Distorted_the_Facts [accessed Nov 22 2021].

  2. David Geffeney
    David Geffeney says:

    The title of this blog is very misleading. This doesn’t even count as evidence. Case reports—which are detailed descriptions of the symptoms, diagnoses, disease courses, and treatments of one or a few patients—are a prominent form of medical communication that can be traced back to ancient Egypt [1]. Starting in the late 1970s, however, case reports became viewed as less scientific than research articles, and the movement toward evidence-based medicine in the late 1980s pushed case reports down to the bottom of the hierarchy of evidence [2]. Also, case reports do not receive nearly as many citations as meta-analyses or randomized controlled trials [3]. In part for these reasons, many journals have ceased to publish case reports or have severely limited the number of case reports published per issue, thereby suppressing this type of publication.

    • Eben Alexander
      Eben Alexander says:

      Contrary to your position, those who are actually trained and experienced in medicine know the great value of a case report about an exceptional case. Most of the great revolutions in medicine have started from an unusual case report, if the medical facts are well-documented, especially when it addresses a major unresolved issue in medicine. These anecdotes are crucial, because they reveal an error in our general medical thinking that will lead to improved diagnosis and therapeutics. Those who are not medically ignorant will rapidly discern the facts in my case that demand a more thorough explanation, such as my claiming any conscious experience at all when the medical facts deny such a possibility (GCS 6-7 with absent oculocardiac reflex during reported NDE when CT/MRI scans revealed all 8 lobes of my brain involved, CSF glucose of 1 mg/dl, 7 days in coma from E. coli bacterial meningo-encephalitis associated with complete recovery over 2 months, etc.). In fact, the medical details of my case are so dismal that the peer-reviewers asked for some explanation from the authors. Given their knowledge of additional cases of miraculous healing in the setting of near-death experiences, those authors suggested the spiritual experience of my NDE contributed to my shocking recovery. I have found no cases remotely similar to mine in the medical literature, and the authors of this report encourage similar cases to be reported. So your comments are applicable to the many mundane case reports out there, but have no relevance to the occasional astonishing case report, like this one, that guides all of medicine towards a more realistic way of thinking.

  3. Candace Pfau
    Candace Pfau says:

    I was saddened after sharing my my entire near death experience but just that I had one, and that I had to come back for a reason that people wanted to rip it apart and your books. Those are Christians who have not experienced a near death experience and just explain it away. I gave away my copy of “Proof of Heaven” to a loved one in hospice. So, I am now ordering the original plus your other two books. I only had that one out of body near death experience but since that day I have had many experiences connected to those who have passed on. Once you start noticing these signs which come after someone dies, you then began to recognize them more quickly. My husband of 50 years passed away a year ago suddenly of a stage 4 stomach cancer. I feel him all around me still. Thank you for your book and work.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Candace Dear, it is good to see a recent message after such a long gap throughout the Summer season here in UK. Do not fret over these negative reactions, they know no better. They think they do, but that sort of attitude is gradually, but noticeably lessening, as we begin to wake up. Like you, after my NDE after delivering my third baby, my awareness in spurts, you might say increased like crazy. These episodes, sure do wake you up, and when it happens, you think, “Oh yes, that’s right” Exciting stuff, joyful, challenging, but bounds and leaps into the etheric and bringing some of it back with you. Blessings Sister. Margaret.

  4. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello, all dear friends, I have had cause to leave a message yesterday on the Suicide pages. Perhaps you would like to take a look please. Thank you, Blessings, Margaret.

  5. MargaretColes
    MargaretColes says:

    Hello John, John George. Your few words on the passing of your Mum, tells me reams of what she went through, but as I write this, I am told that even though her physical and what seemed to be her emotional reaction went through the mill as the saying goes; she tells me that she was most unconcerned within herself, her true nature. “If I felt any concern” she tells me” it was for the distress and bewildered anger that John was going through” But this was going to be inevitable, and the main reason for that, was so it could be shared, as you are doing now. So you have come to realize this quite quickly within the scheme of life, now your experiences can be shared to release the distress of others. More than wonderful, I think. God Bless to all here. Love Margaret.

    • Maria Anna Esparza
      Maria Anna Esparza says:

      Thank you very much for posting this information. In February of 2008, I almost lost my mother to a heart attack. I developed a lump in my throat, so afraid to lose mom. Our family nursed her back to health, living with us until January of 2009. In March of 2009, my youngest son was murdered and I down spiraled into a dark place. My third child, a son, lost his mind and developed mental illness. Life felt empty for me at that time. Having always been an avid reader and a customer of the library, I found myself roaming the aisles of the library books out of habit, but no interest. I ended up finding books that helped me believe that life goes on after death in a different way. Ten years later, I continue to seek evidence of life after death. My mother finally passed two years ago at age 99. My closest sister cried last week, thinking that there is no evidence that mom is still alive and well. I plan to share this site with her to bring her comfort.

      • Clare Ross
        Clare Ross says:


        You sound like a lovely and close family. I’m finding the closer we are to others the harder it is to lose them and accept it. However I also know that I am lucky to have such love from my family and to have known such love from my dad who passed a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think it will get easier – so far it is getting harder now the shock has gone. I cling to hope and reading here is helping. I feel for you and your poor sister, the world changes and becomes so much less than it was.

  6. John George
    John George says:

    Dear Eben,
    Thank you for all your sharing.
    I lost my mom in a very excruciatingly cruel way when I witnessed horrible things happening at the hospital where she was admitted for ‘water in the lungs’. I will not elaborate on that but both losing her and the cruelty she was subjected to has made me feel so depressed and lost though immediately my consciousness was boosted by stumbling on your accounts on you tube ! Thank and bless God !


  7. Mihaela Coge
    Mihaela Coge says:

    Dragă domnule doctor îți mulțumesc că existi si că te-ai întors din moarte ca să ne oferi și nouă minunata ta carte.Am citit totul pe nerăsuflate și am simțit că am fost acolo.La 17 ani am înghițit 20 de pilule de romergan și am fost în comă 16 ore fără să fiu spitalizată.În cele 16 ore am călătărit in lumi paralele si descrierea din cartea ta se apropie mult de experienta mea.Dacă toți oamenii ar citi cartea , întreaga lume ar deveni mai bună,eu citind această carte am înteles abia acum pe depin ce mi s-a întîmplat.Am 61 de ani și de cînd mă stiu m-am întrebat de unde vine constiința și unde se duce după ce corpul moare,simțeam,stiam că nu dispare odată cu creierul uman.Am numai gînduri frumoase si urări de bine și mult succes pentru tine!Tu meriti premiul Nobel.

  8. Frances Dacey
    Frances Dacey says:

    Dr. Alexander –

    After you performed my back surgery and did a bone graph in my neck, when you were no longer a practicing neurosurgeon at U Mass Medical, I knew that the most competent, caring surgeon was not going to be a part of my growing older and possibly needing additional surgeries. I believed in you then and I believe in you now. I also believe that one day I will rise to that higher conciousness

  9. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello Vicki Dear, I have been waiting to respond to your inclusion on November 16th, but have been laid up with stomach flu. Beginning to feel a bit better now, so am starting to respond to your message. As I write this, I am not quite sure what I will express. It doesn’t always type out to plan, but as the spirit moves me, as they say. Of course, as humans, we tend to think that the elders leave first, that is the cycle of things, isn’t it? But order is a hidden mistress, she can see the dots and crosses long before we do. The order is not that the eldest and more frail exit the body first in our tribe. Rather, we come and go in the order of whatever particular incarnation we have worked out, with our Light family. It all seems chaotic, unfair, – why? we may shout. Just over two years ago our family lost a young man of about thirty years old, a drug overdose. There are some unanswered elements still rattling around, not all the truth has been revealed. That adds to the grief. Of course, we all mourn on different levels, depending on the relationship and what we expect out of life, but somewhere within the circle one does sustain and support the others. So we can either drag each other down and no wonder, or one or two can stand strong and support the rest. Eventually, it does even out and mostly, everyone begins to sing from the same music sheet. Being a nurse and involved/witness NDE’s must be such a treasure to run your mind through from time to time. We all have beliefs, dis -beliefs, ideas, suppositions, faith. But there is nothing that can get past proof. Real events that you will recollect until after your dying day, intimately connected to you. I look at the news, greed deprivation, cruelty, idleness, me – me, don’t care attitude, ” lets have a good time” “kick a few heads in” “Here, try this” nasty stuff that kills brain cells, cutting you of from your Self. We are having, here in the UK a continued spate of street violence. But despondency does not stop it. Ask, search, be open to messages that can enter our lives by such amazing roads. The ways of God are myriad , revelations, synchronicity being thrust in your path all the time. Like you, though I have found research does aid us. Your story is inspiring, more so because you have shared it with us here, from all parts of the globe. Gates will open via you, via me and all who cast their eye over these blogs and so on. We pass the candle on, do we not? I send you love and kindness, Margaret.

    • Clare Ross
      Clare Ross says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I was drawn to your messages here. I lost my Dad two weeks ago. It was a shock, I had no idea or clue that I was even close to losing him. He was only 67. I went to the hospital and got there before he died. Did he hear me? Did he hear us all? We are all so lost without him. We keep getting static interference on our phone calls to each other and I know in my heart he is still around. He didn’t believe in an afterlife does he now see I was right? I live in Scotland and would travel to meet you if it’s easier to do a reading face to face that I could recompense.


      • Margaret Coles
        Margaret Coles says:

        Hello Clare, looking through all the blogs, as I do regularly, I re-read your comment. I want to apologize for not responding to you. it has been a very involved few weeks. This morning is a fairly easy one so I have been browsing through the blogs. I couldn’t help smiling, because in all the blogs, my name pops up regularly, got plenty to say, that’s me! Now then, girl, I am not a professional medium, by any means. I do have an ability, which can appear quite suddenly, without any warning and like with my message to John George, I can start typing and it is almost “automatic” without any intent coming from me; at least not from my conscious mind. I do have a sense of a fatherly influence as I type this, and a feeling, he may be saying to you, “You were never very good at listening to what I had to say!” But it is said in quizzical humour. He admits that he did not know it all, when he was in the physical. He adds, “You never thought you would hear me say that, did you”? The thought struck me, that we are eternal beings and return to Earth again and again, also we do have journey’s to other dimensions and planets. But he says that this is known in the echelons of space and time as The Planet of Forgetfulness. We arrive here, and unless we are pretty evolved souls, we have forgotten “who” we are. The purpose of that is life here is a journey of discovery and the reason we have multiple lives, is to gradually wake us up to the many facets of “God” and all the glories of the multi – universes that are there for us to explore. I live in the UK, in the county of Gloucestershire. I do have a friend in Scotland, who is an exceptional medium. I will link with her and see if she can make herself available for you. We will have to see about exchanging e. mail addresses privately so that we do not get any interference from anyone outside the blogs. I will send a message to Eben’s site to his assistant Liz to see how we can connect privately; if you would like to go along with that? Let me know over the blog and if you agree, I will go ahead. God Bless you, dear. Margaret.

  10. Vicki Short
    Vicki Short says:

    Our 19 year old son was killed in a car accident in 2012. It has been the most traumatic event we have ever had to experience. Our family is a very spiritual and religious family (we have 7 children, 6 in-law kids we call our own and 18 grandchildren) but when you lose a child sometimes even our spirituality and religion didn’t help me. I have always had great faith in life after death, as our religion teaches that and I have never doubted it. But when our son died I received no solice from anything. So I began reading every book I could get my hands on about NDE’s, life after death,etc. some from my religion and most not. Dr Alexander’s book came out at that time. His book and Mary Neal’s book on her NDE are two of the books that I have read and reread over the last 6 years. I am a nurse and could relate to their scientific beliefs and what happened to them in their NDE’s. They are the gold standard for me. I have read over 100 books on the subject and I still go back to them. Their stories and those of others, including some from my religion, saved me during a time when I could barely breathe. Losing a child tested all my beliefs and tested me in a way I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. But thanks to Dr Alexander and many others who have been willing to share their experiences and my beliefs in a life after death, I somehow have survived the death of our son. We know he is near and he has proved that to us many times. Thank you so very much Dr Eben for helping me when I was sure nothing could.

    • Tina Clark
      Tina Clark says:

      Dear Vicki Short, I, as well lost a child and frantically search for some kind of peace. In 3 1/2 years the 2 NDEs I gravitate to over & over are Dr Mary Neal and Dr Eben Alexander, just as you do. Ive listened/watched so many NDEs searching for peace and hope. I will continue to hold those 2 Drs above all others in providing contentment, until I am reunited with my daughter. I truly feel that we begin to live once we leave our weary bodies behind. All my gratitude goes to Dr Neal and Dr Alexander.

  11. Grada Robertson
    Grada Robertson says:

    Dear Dr Alexander,

    I got hit by a truck in 2006 and left for dead. I experienced a NDE on impact. It was the most transformative, defining moment of my life. When I returned, I recovered in no time. I always felt that the NDE re-booted my computer and gave my cells a kind of spiritual superpower to fast track the healing process. I have just released my memoir called: “you are the Miracle!” Which is available on amazon This is my story, how being hit by a truck saved my life. I hope to inspire others that there is so much more to life than meets the eye! I share your story with my clients and students at my clinic If you ever come to Australia, I would love to host one of your workshops in Tasmania.

    • Ted
      Ted says:

      Hi Grada, I am ENT doc and am also very much interested in Eben’s story and studying other NDE’s stories.
      I just looked at your website and you found any spiritual meanings in the maze?

  12. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Good Morning, everyone, on this colourful and sunny Autumn day. I did try and send in some thoughts to support Maria, but it did not register, for reasons best known to the technical fairies! So, I will try again. Dear Maria, my heart goes out to you
    I feel it is not meant for all of us to experience life after death and bring that proof back with us. We are all on a different journey. We are born under different Zodiac signs in order to understand the many facets of character and challenges that come at different times of the year. We enter this heavier element of life to offer experiment to all we encounter, all of which, really, to my way of interpretation is an act of service. We are now, in a “time” of knowing, not just believing. Belief is a many side jewel, a gem that will, present itself to you as it really is. Take heart – those you love do not want you to be perturbed – certainly not over a lengthy time during your incarnation. Proof, too, is a many sided jewel, think about synchronistic conversations, memories that come in at occasions which give you enough thought, pops in at the most suitable and unexpected times. Perfumes, dreams, statements made in conversations that make you think again. Do not fret or feel left out. Ask, trust, wait. It will manifest for you, I am sure. Sincerely and with Love, Margaret.

  13. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Maria, I just had to respond to your contribution to this blog, as my heart goes out to you. I feel. it is not meant for all of us to experience life after death and bring that proof back with us. We are all on a different journey, as it were. Born under different Zodiac signs in order to understand the many facets of character that comes with appearing on Earth at different times of any one year. We enter this heavier element of life to offer experiment to all we encounter. all of which-really, to my way of interpretation, is an act of service. We are now in a “time” of knowing, not just believing. Belief is a many sided jewel, a gem that one day will present itself to you as it really is. Take heart,those you love, do not want you to be perturbed, certainly not over a lengthy time during your incarnation. Proof is also a many sided jewel, think about synchronistic conversations, memories that come in on occasions which could be most suitable and unexpected. Perfumes, dreams, insights, unexpected meetings, the list is endless. Ask, then trust, your heart will be healed and all will be revealed. With Love and Blessings. Margaret.

  14. Hans Elvesjö
    Hans Elvesjö says:

    Dr Eben Alexander
    I think there is something more beyond the materialistic science!
    We have a long way to go to find out the real truth about our lives.
    Sincerely yours
    Hans Elvesjö

  15. Jeanette Hall
    Jeanette Hall says:

    Eben… There are the ones that follow you and understand what you are talking about. I do not need a degree to understand what you are talking about, but taking that same journey and coming back to such a solid world that you miss that feeling like a bird in flight without walls that you can not pass through…back in the old body once again and missing the love ones that came to greet you, but knowing you had to come back to complete why you came to this world. Not everyone can understand your journey until they experienced it themselves and each can experience it differently. Most of us humans just die and don’t get the chance to come back and know what you are talking about. I do. This world can be a cruel teacher, but never forget the scripture… But as it is written, EYE HAS NOT SEEN, NOR EAR HEARD, NEITHER HAVE ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MAN, THEE THINGS WHICH GOD HATH PREPARED FOR THEM THAT LOVE HIM. (I Cor. 2:9). God let me travel back through that translucent street of gold that flows forth, as I felt it surge through my body and went back to my same old body that could no longer walk through walls. Never forget, Eben, that you have a beautiful sister, who still waits to see you again, as the others. Welcome back to this world, Eben, with all it’s ups and downs to testify what you saw. Not everyone gets the chance to come back and tell about it. And, not everyone can understand it, if they haven’t traveled that same road yet. Jeanette

  16. Maria
    Maria says:

    I wish i could know for a fact that consciousness after death does exist…in the meantime i follow all your teachings and have purchased your book:proof of heaven…i grieve so much when i lose a loved one and even pets…knowing i will never have them in my life again….thank you for sharing your experience.

  17. Herman I Neuman
    Herman I Neuman says:

    An addition of what I posted before.

    My friend and professional colleague, Gyorgy Doczi, wrote a book, “The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art, and Architecture,” over a period of many, many, years. Most of its content consist of dozens of analytical diagrams that seem to prove that everything in the universe is connected, designed to be in harmony, including all living creatures on earth.

    Here is my review of that book which also includes my recovery from serious illnesses by generally being in loving harmony with all:

    “The nearest each of us can come to God is by loving the truth.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

  18. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    Congratulations from Brazil! I teach your story for my med students and they accept extremely well. Imagine now with this article. But we should not rest…as Dr. Semmelweis was rejected in medical community (1860) for suggesting that doctors should wash hands, as churches don’t read Saul (Paulo) in letters to Corinto II chapter 12 (“14 years ago I was taken to third heaven…..still in the body? Outside the body????
    Many times I had this experience, what I can not describe in words”…./ Brazilian Bible).

    It is clear for us but I had hard consequences last few months. Anyway, slowly we will bring out. Last week Nature published about WHO and Chinese medicine.
    . Palliative medical doctors and same experiences independently of culture, age, background (my nurses can predict when the patient go, 2 days after they saw a deceased family member and /or 1 hour after the family go home for a shower….mine/our experiences) Everybody knows but we can not talk about this..

    I guess, our problem in Brazil, is THE LOVE we will get independently of what we did. We were educated using hell as controller.
    Lots of love from
    Silvia Heringer-Walther M.D. Ph.D

  19. Herman I Neuman
    Herman I Neuman says:

    Wow! This account “blows me way,” because I believe that Eben is telling the truth. How do I know that? What I have read so far has too many similarities with the blessings that I have received from my own death and NDE’s and subsequent years of unbelievable extreme emotional and physical suffering.

    Because of my gentle nature and comforting demeanor I was an invited to be a volunteer spiritual care volunteer in regional hospital and psychiatric care facilities. Some of the confidential conversations with hundreds of their patients were about this very subject.

    I can barely wait to read Eben’s books.

  20. Kory Shay
    Kory Shay says:

    Eben, It is good to hear from you again and the positive strides that are being made on your behalf.
    Reading your book excited me to know there was scientific documentation of NDE from a medical perspective, which many of us, including myself have experienced. Meeting you in Lilydale, NY, was additionally promising.. If you recall, I have stated in our previous communication, as a practising traditional Mohawkl healer, we have known of this existence for thousand of years and continue to work with the ancient ones in the spirit world. I admire your fortitude and will continue to pray that your work will make the progress needed for the betterment of our Mother Earth. Whilst you have maintained the integrity of your intent with a Good Heart and a Good Mind your guides will continue to lead you on a righteous path. Remember you work is supported by many. Be well my friend. Keep the spirit!

  21. Martin Taal
    Martin Taal says:

    We live in exciting times where science, supercomputers and the internet bring knowledge some steps forward, but the real steps forward for mankind are in the realm of the answers to why we are here. It appears that it has been decided that now we are allowed to lift a little part of the cover that separates us from the source of life. We will know only if it is decided that we are allowed to know. Apparently you, Dr. Alexander, were chosen as one of the coordinators to collect this knowledge and point it in the right direction. There is a lot of confusion going on, perhaps now finally the time has come to understand a little better why we are here…

  22. Roy
    Roy says:

    Dear Eben, I’ve been concerned by the powerful influence of organized skeptics and their ability to sow doubt as to your story and character. The debate forum in which you and Dr. Moody engaged two skeptics was equality ineffective in light of your unfamiliarity with debating tactics. Undoubtedly, there are those like me who recognize near death experience as internally congruent with they’ve researched and/or experienced. I hope that with this independent validation you will be better able to present a more clinical and effective presentation for the sake of those innocent bystanders who have been misinformed by the powerful organized skepticism.

  23. William Stone
    William Stone says:

    Dr. Alexander, I am so happy to see this update on your life and experience. I believe St. Paul said, “What you think of me is none of my business”. In your case though, I’m very sure that this means a great deal to you. Ill be seeing you in November in Illinois.

    William stone

  24. Nancy van Alphen
    Nancy van Alphen says:

    Those who spread falsehoods are the haters looking to tear down the move toward love that your work promotes. What can we do but pray for them and love them too in the hopes that their hearts will be changed. God is working miracles today, and all of us who have had NDEs and STEs are part of the grand plan toward change. Thank you to you and Karen for all the positive energy you put into the world. Keep up the good work!

  25. Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones says:

    G’day Eben,
    It’s just after 6 and there’s a clear blue sky down here across from byron Bay
    Humpback calves and their parents are begining to head south to the Great Ocean and the Antarctic Krill.
    All is well – apart from what human impacts are and it is so good to read of the vindication of where your body was at while greater consciousness was liberating and opening you to all that is and is not.
    Keep up the good work the great work that you and Karen do.
    Edgar and all “out there” are applauding I’ll bet.

    Come back and see us here again sometime.
    With much Love and Appreciation.

    Friday Sept 28th ’18.

  26. Ana Marshall
    Ana Marshall says:

    Thank you, Dr. Alexander, for your efforts and for the risks you have taken in this area of spiritual awareness. I fear that those, like me, who believe you and are in awe of your experience, do not need convincing, and those whose mind is adamantly made up against it will not be moved at all. I admire and I’m grateful for your persistence.

  27. Kornelius Burghardt
    Kornelius Burghardt says:

    Lovely to hear from you again, another success story on the way to deeper knowledge of the mindful universe, Thanks K.B.

  28. Laljee Verma
    Laljee Verma says:

    Dr Alexander, I am convinced that what you have described in your book ‘Proof of Heaven’ is real description of what you felt, and what you saw in abstraction. As I have said somewhere else there is another universe beyond material universe, and that universe is of universal consciousness. A part of this universal consciousness reside in each living species, that is life energy, and source of mind. Mind is not brain; whereas our science deals with brain we have little knowledge of mind. Science has not discovered source of life yet, and that is the reason of ‘The God Delusion’ – quoting from one of the book titles of Richard Dawkins. Moreover, we all preserve archetypes in our collective unconscious, and thoughts, either in woken state or in sleep does not usually transgress boundaries of collected images and ideas. A dreamer cannot dream of an object to which he or she has had no exposure, either gross or abstract. If you were not exposed to the knowledge of ‘Aum’ and its sound description it may not have been in your subconscious or collective unconscious, and therefore, its appearance at the time you were in deep coma only indicates that your deeper mind was in action. That may be one of the reasons for your recovery from this grave disease, and of course the proof of heaven.

    Much work is required to unravel mysteries of mind, and your writings may be just an humble effort in that direction. Science and spirituality may belong to different spheres but one day, I am sure, the fusion is bound to take place. Man has to research into common moorings, the fountainhead of life, like ongoing research on ‘M theory’.


    BASEM GARADA says:

    Dear Dr. Eben, I am happy to read this update. Thank you for sharing it. Being part of your team for over seven years and knowing all the hard work and how meticulous you were in reviewing all fine details of the data preoperatively to ensure minimum side effects, had made me very sure of your story and all the details, including the very microscopic descriptions. This is another important perspective view that add more truth and validation of what you’ve went through. God bless you and wishing you and your family all the very best always.


    Basem Garada

  30. bruce holsted
    bruce holsted says:

    Listen pal, you don’t have to justify your condition or experience to anyone. Those of us that have followed you from the beginning, attending conferences and listening to you know the score. Keep it up. You are changing lives every day.

  31. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello, Dear Eben, I am so glad to read this. I have seen various titles and suggestions of false hood and deception which you have had to suffer. I refused to read them and when I met you with Karen last year in the UK, I immediately knew that what I had felt, that you are genuine, is correct. So, I am delighted that, now you have stated the true findings of your condition during that amazing, yet, obviously worrying time for your family. You offer such a service to the World really, it all falls into place at the right time, does it not? Thank you for your dedication to us all, I send my love to you, Karen and your family. By linking with you, I have found a dear Catholic Brother in the States, as a new friend too. God Bless, Margaret.

  32. Jozef Wiewel
    Jozef Wiewel says:

    For what it means to you Dr Eben Alexander, from the very first moment I heard your story on Youtube, reading your books and then meeting you in London I knew you were genuine and your story has made my life unimaginable more easy. Thanks to your courage to come forward with your story I have no longer any doubt that life continues after this earthly existence and that I am loved and will be taken care of once I move on to the next stage of my life.
    Thank you very much.


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