Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an article about the alarming 28% rise in suicide deaths in the United States between 1999 and 2016. The issue was recently punctuated with the celebrity suicides of Kate Spade (June 5) and Anthony Bourdain (June 8), leaving many to wonder how such visibly successful and seemingly fulfilled people can take their own lives. Such assumptions fail to acknowledge that suicide is often a more fundamental existential disorder of disconnection and purposelessness.

From my perspective, suicide deaths are largely the result of the spiritual vacuum in our secular culture. Spirituality, in this discussion, is an acknowledgment of meaning and purpose in our lives, as well as a sense of deep interconnection with others and with the universe at large. Some gain spiritual growth through religion, although conflicting orthodoxies tend to diminish our knowing of the reality of such a guiding force at the core of our lives, at least for some. Unfortunately, the predominant scientific materialism of our era supports a notion of separation and meaninglessness that only contributes to the spiraling desperation reflected in this sad explosion of suicidal behavior.

Suicide rates have been rising in nearly every state, especially those in the Midwest and New England, according to the latest Vital Signs report by the CDC: “In 2016, nearly 45,000 Americans age 10 or older died by suicide. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and is one of just three leading causes that are on the rise.”

An editorial in the British Medical Journal reported that the recent decline in overall life expectancy in the US is mainly attributable to the rise in suicide and substance abuse.

In fact, many people who die by suicide are not known to have a diagnosed mental health condition at the time of death. Life challenges often contribute to suicide, such as those involving interpersonal relationships (42%), problematic substance abuse (28%), physical health problems (22%), job/money concerns (16%), criminal legal problems (9%), or loss of housing (4%). The largest group is thus associated with a perceived lack of love in their lives, in the form of relationships gone wrong (or that never form in the first place).

Firearms are the most common means used by people who successfully commit suicide. In 41% of these cases, the person had a known mental health condition, and in 55%, the person had no known mental illness. Pulling a trigger is far too easy an action, and allows tragic ease to accomplish the goal, whether it is ending one’s own life, or taking another.

One of the most important steps to take if one is concerned about a possible suicide is thus to separate such easy means (i.e., guns or potentially lethal drugs) from the potential victim, though accomplishing this task is not always as simple as it should be.

Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, reports that rising rates of depression, loneliness and anxiety, as well as the opioid crisis and economic turmoil (such as that following the 2008 economic meltdown), are likely linked to the rising rates of suicide in America. Those primarily due to depression, loneliness and anxiety might well be prevented through an improved safety net of connection and purpose, manifested through healthier social relationships and a deeper sense of purpose in our existence. Especially in our very “me-focused” culture, the great value of serving others as a purpose often allows a solution to what otherwise might lead one towards suicide.

We continue to rely almost entirely on people themselves to tell us if they are suicidal, “yet nearly 80 percent of people who die by suicide explicitly deny suicidal thoughts or intentions in their last communications,” according to Matthew Nock, a professor of psychology at Harvard University.

Alarmingly, in May 2018, an article in the medical journal Pediatrics reported that twice as many children were hospitalized for contemplating or attempting suicide in 2015 compared with 2008. There has been a 70% increase in the rate of suicide among girls (ages 10-19) from 2010 to 2016, which also hit a 40-year high in 2015. Where has our society gone so wrong as to fail our children in this way?

Any given suicide might involve more than a single factor, but the overall problem will become more manageable through a deeper cultivation of connectedness and caring for each other. Rates of depression are rising globally, and instead of sweeping the stigma of mental illness under the rug, we would benefit from more open and candid sharing of our feelings and concerns with one another. Acts of kindness and caring, learning how to listen to others’ sharing of their feelings and problems, raising an alarm when we are concerned about others, and keeping those identified as possibly at risk safer by removing easy access to lethal means, such as guns and potentially deadly medications and drugs – all of these can contribute to an alleviation of this depressing epidemic of suicide.

Suicide is invariably a complex issue, with any one case presenting significant challenges. In my role sharing my NDE and its implications for humanity, I frequently address questions about suicide, and we may find a natural remedy from within the NDE community.  Our good friend and colleague, Dr. Raymond Moody, has reported that one of the few categorically true observations to be made about suicide is that, if one attempts suicide and experiences any of the features of an NDE (encountering brilliant light and an overwhelming sense of a divine force of love in the universe, meeting souls of departed loved ones, etc.), then he or she will never attempt suicide again.

The commonly encountered pattern is that those who fail in suicide attempts are generally doomed to repeat their attempts. So this powerful effect of NDE elements preventing future suicide attempts is remarkable, indeed. NDE reports from observation across the veil also suggest that, during the life review, those who succeed at suicide likely witness a profound sense of love that others and the universe at large have for them, and gain comfort from that revelation, but they also realize the deep pain that many felt in their loss.

In short, suicide is never the right answer. The more we can nurture a sense of connectedness and purpose in our lives (of “spirituality”), the less likely people will be tempted to “end it all.” The other fact of this discussion is that suicide will never work as an escape from worldly problems, especially as one comes to realize that modern consciousness studies imply the reality not only of the afterlife, but of reincarnation. That particular dodge (of suicide) doesn’t solve the soul’s challenges and necessity of facing the issues at hand – if ignored or avoided, they will only be repackaged in a different form for one’s next incarnation. The world of transpersonal psychology is filled with such stories of soul challenges arranged over multiple lifetimes – all with the purpose of growth and learning. NDE experiences clearly show that the guiding compass of our soul journeys is one that acknowledges the binding force of love that connects us all.

There is no way out, but through. It is better to deal with the big challenges in this lifetime, never resorting to suicide as an exit plan. Together with medical or mental health treatment, as appropriate, meditation and centering prayer often yield access to our higher soul, and to guidance in helping us see this grander vision of our challenges, and of their solutions.

If you know someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide right now, please get help. I have posted some resources and information on the FAQ page here: What about Suicide?

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  1. Mark Pankiw
    Mark Pankiw says:

    Dear readers,

    After over 13 years of stuyding the spiritual dimension of our existence I have come to understand that there is a serious problem with this Earth-plane that can not be masked ‘sweetened’ with new age ‘positivity’ that is completely uncalibrated to the lives of most people below the higher stratas of society.

    Any attempts to state that the whole universe operates on love when our observations prove otherwise is escapist at the least or counter-intelligence dis-information at most.

    Eben is exceptionally good with scientific writing and his reponses to scientific questioning.
    However his attempts to answer the real serious deep questions regarding peoples extreme suffering on this plane and the draconian nature their existence on this planet is alarming!
    He fails to offer anything more that a ‘band-aid’ phrase of “Universal love” to his questions.
    He appears to be a member of the higher echelons of society with the Profession, title and name: Dr. Alexander Eben the iv.
    He obviously has never lived in the hell of the lower stratas of society where there is no hope of help, care stablity or socio-economic mobilities or prosperity of any sort. Therefore he lacks the knowledge and experience of social hell and therefore lacks the impetus to delve into this region of compassion for the person asking about the spirtual implications of sucide to avoid a life of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual torture.

    He may not be to blame, but for one who professes typical ‘New age’ counter-intelligence to the masses regarding the deeper purposes of this Earth being some sort of school as postulated for decades by basic new age “drop acid and listen to Indian Gurus and Alan Watts” generation … I would ask him to prove me wrong by actually answering why so many people who have no karmic debt and only do good upon the face of this Earth have been condemed to suffer a life of hell from beggining to bitter end. The rhetoric of “love and light” may hold true in the heavens but not of the accursed planet.

    This EArth, devoid of human affairs appears to operate upon basic demonic principles illustrated by the animal kingdoms food chain… where the bigger stronger animal preys on the weaker victim, devouring it for its on benefit at the expense of it being tortured to death by claws and teeth.
    This world is therefore not inherently good. It is some sort of hell.
    My prediction in gaining an answer from the ‘scientifical mystal one’ is pessimistic as I belive given his patterns in answering the spiritual questions are simply evasive.

    Best regards to all,
    May we all see a genuine response !!

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Mark, I needed to have some space to reply to you, partly my own domestic side of life, partly visiting a poorly friend and partly, to give some thought on your contribution here. So, here goes.
      But, you see, the Universe does operate on love, your perception of the opposite is due to your own experience, and I am sure that other “lives” have been, perhaps totally opposite or a more balanced mix. Eben, like all of us can only offer to you what he has learnt and experienced, does that make him less than you or I? Maybe this lifetime is a reward for past lifetimes? His “adventure” was not only to open his eyes, but has affected the world, one might say, in the response from readers. Your question about many people having no karmic debts, doing only good, suffer a life of hell. On what do you base that statement? Are these people totally clear of balancing the books? Or, are they offering the service of suffering to wake the rest of us up? It is like the seeds in a sunflower, see how the pattern is so perfect, it thrives on the rays of the sun, it may droop when clouds and rain cast down, but like the rest of us, it needs that rain. Of course, us humans are, it seems, are, (swear word) things up, with abuse to the home they live on, but see, how it has triggered so much concern, investigation and the beginnings of repair. You are, it seems, really caught up in a web of disappointment, hopelessness, but are you doing anything about it? Are you, yourself trying to aid repair of the planet, are you endeavouring to spread a little love, consideration, humour? Or are you going to continue to dig a big enough hole for yourself and take others with you, so you all can commiserate together? If you are as intelligent as I suspect, you know, that the emphasis you expound is not profitable to either you, all you encounter and further afield. My life has run with a mixture of experiences, I am a loving woman in my family conditions, to strangers and friends alike. If I am ignored or treated churlishly as has happened in my earlier years, then I send them on, as it were, with no resentment. It is surprising what comes along to assist our karma. I won’t rattle on any more. I just send you respect and honour, even love on your journey. Still your thoughts, they are not good for you. Sincerely, Margaret.

  2. cheryl telles
    cheryl telles says:

    I’ve boldly “come out” as a suicide survivor. I decided to illuminate the WHO and U.S. Suicide Prevention Strategy Plan of habitually excluding Spiritual health as a vital component of truly preventing suicide through my discovery being fruit of the spirit which I lay out quite vividly through a blog I started here recently. I was a medical coder for 25 years and I’m tired of not being part of the solution or better yet – soulution to the war on Suicide which the human race is losing in record number. I find your statements reassuring that I am indeed on the right path. Thank you
    I am looking for fellow Spiritual Health educators to network with bc since “coming out” the parroted stigma of suicide being done at the hands of the person has reared its ugliness in family and friends distancing themselves from me.

    I knew this was a consequence of telling the truth that has never been expressed before.

    I am grateful to my stumbling upon the cure for Suicide bc in the days since going Live, have been put to practice quite heavily and keeping my spiritual health strong.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Cheryl, good to see your contribution here. Can you tell us a little more of your experiences, work and struggle with the “bodies” that are supposed to know more than the rest of us, please? Having tried to overdose at the age of sixteen years, losing a Grandson to an overdose of drugs and reading such poignant contributions here on Eben’s blogs, I would like to learn more of your findings. Good to link with you, God Bless, Margaret Coles.

      • cheryl
        cheryl says:

        Hello Margaret, apologies for not responding sooner. I didn’t think anyone would comment so your response is well received. I’m not feeling comfortable with the assumption that I think I know more. I don’t. I do however know my life has definitely had the presence of evil working at and within me which I didn’t know. I just thought I was a mess, taking how badly I felt about myself quite personal. Turns out that “nagging voice” was Evil. All because I was living on large portions of hate, debauchary, jealousy, envy, fits of rage, impurity, etc. I was living out Evil and evil almost did me in. Not much in my life has changed from THAT June 2914 date. If anything my life is very much solo. I am however stronger mentally then ever before and I’ve been without anti-depressants for two years now. Using myself as the “guinea pig”, I’m certain my not nurturing my spiritual health, cultivating the fruits of my spirit were the red carpet welcome for Evil to come on in and have It’s way with me. I refer to Suicide as Cancer’s cousin. That just like medical providers would never only focus on only treating the symptoms of Cancer like only treating the bloody stool for example. Rather medical providers will go straight to the disease itself. They’ll acknowledge the Cancer is the cause of the bloody stool. I focus on this because the mental health community is only focused on treating the symptoms of Suicide by only acknowledging and treating the symptoms of Suicide. Such symptoms are depression, anxiety, bi-polar, etc. Mental health people called providers are not focused on treating the disease – suicide directly. It’s a money making machine for the mental health community. The source of the cure to suicide the disease is rebuilding or building for the first time – one’s spiritual health. This is not the same as Religion, far from it. I think Religion has done more harm then good where it has given Spiritual faith a complete disservice to our daily lives. I hope Mr. Alexander doesn’t mind but with good intent – please visit my website at http://www.spiritsoulution.com for definitely more details. Big hug to you

  3. Brian
    Brian says:

    So my life sucks, because my soul wants to learn some lesson. So comforting! (No, it is not.)
    How do you quit this school? I do not want to learn or develop at this price (of incarnation on this insane planet).
    What act in your life makes you soul give up the incarnation cycle? Even non-existence would be preferable to this. If this is is love of the universe, I want none of it.

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      I learned about spirituality 5 years ago and this knowledge is more disturbing than materialism. That the state of things is accidental, but knowing that it is planned is VERY DEPRESSING. What other nice “lessons” are in store for us? Well if you look at what things are happing on the planet… you see…. suffering.
      This planet is for SUFFERING. A massive amount of suffering.
      It is deliberately designed that nothing gives you happiness (unless you disconnect / raise your conscionsness which is VERY HARD TO DO). After years of practice, I am just deeper in the swamp.

      I WANT TO QUIT !!! PLEASE LET ME QUIT THIS. No more lessons. No more development No more Earth.

      • Sander
        Sander says:

        I know how you feel Brian, feeling the same, my whole life ive got the feeling that i have ended up in a bad movie, you try to evolve and help others around you but you are used, laughed at and ridiculed by people who dont have the slightest idea what it is all about in this reality, they think it is about a job, making children and work like a slave your whole life to pay off your debts.
        This reality is only about making a few families richer and more powerful because they hijacked this reality with a system of commerce.
        The only thing you are busy with is collecting paper fiction to stay alive, you are surrounded by people who dont give a crap about what is going on in this reality, they run for economic growth and profit while they are spiritually poor and when you try to make them aware of it you get banned because they dont want to know, they willfully choose for the illusion because that is the easy way for them and everyone who thinks differently is rejected and ridiculed, life on this planet became a waste of time because you are only busy with feeding a system that only takes.
        It’s the loneliness that is killing me slowly, no people around me to share with what is really important in this reality, i focus on nature to stay a bit happy but it is getting harder and harder because the majority of the people just dont give a crap about what is really going on here, this system is designed to drive us apart…Cheers

  4. Tina Clark
    Tina Clark says:

    Dear Dr Alexander,
    You have helped me through some dark days after losing my daughter to suicide. You even reached out to me providing strength. I will forever be grateful. Your words in this article are so true. She had no mental illness. Professors and teachers reached out in pure shock after hearing of her death. 19 and “in love” or she thought. Lack of love and wondering what was wrong with her because he cheated. And she was so beautiful. Almost too beautiful, as adults even stated they got “tongue tied” when she spoke to them. Her beauty went against her, is what some say. You gave the ages of suicide, plus relationships, plus a gun to end the pain quickly. And she was even in college taking classes to help confused and broken teens. You always hit a topic and you are SPOT ON. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    • farzad
      farzad says:

      Hello Ms. Tina. i am so sorry for your daughter’s loss 🙁 i cannot imagine the pain. life can be very painful, hard, dark, relentless, unfair, cold, sad, lonely, and unloving. i myself have attempted suicide many times, and almost succeeded. i am very lucky i am still alive. i Know the darkest days of my life that caused me suicidal thoughts and attempts, so i feel so much Love and Compassion for your Beautiful Daughter. most people do not comprehend the severe horrendous pain, loneliness, darkness, depression and fathomless pit of despair that causes persons like your daughter and me to attempt or succeed in suicide 🙁 all i can say, having survived many attempts at suicide, to be in that frame of mind of wanting to take one’s own life, it is such a dark and lonely and sad and hopeless and desperate feeling/place of mind that anyone who has not considered suicide, or who thinks it is a ‘weakness’ to attempt or commit suicide comprehends. it takes massive strength and courage and will power to contemplate and attempt suicide, and it takes massive, unrelenting, unforgiving pain, heartache, loneliness and sadness to actually commit and succeed in suicide. I Know your Beautiful Daughter is in Heaven, do not buy all the garbage of man-made religious dogma and man-made indoctrination. God Loves each and every one of us Unconditionally and thus there is no hell. There is just more Lessons of Loving-Kindness Essence that each and every one of us must go through. God Bless Your Beautiful Daughter Wherever She Is, and God Bless You Ms. Tina <3 <3 <3

  5. Craig
    Craig says:

    Eben, I very much identify with what you have written here… I suffer from ( bi-polar disorder ) and have been to the depths of depression in the past from a young age. Fortunately I have a loving partner who supports me through my ( ups and downs )

    This is why to the core of my self I wish to really connect with my soul and help other people. Let them know of your work and offer them support.

  6. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello All, I write from the UK, where our clocks have sprung forward an hour into British Summer Time. The last few days have been really Spring like; wild daffodils by the thousands across our county, lambs skipping about etc. Ideal, really, but today cloudy and cool enough to shiver. I answer to the last two links here, Dolores Cannon says – that what we go through as humans, animals, plants and on other planets is because we,( here on Earth) are all cells in the “BODY of GOD” He/she uses these experiences to create more through Love. Questions were asked of her, “What happens when we have finished learning?” She teaches that other Universes, Galaxies etc are to be created, discovered and learnt from, quite a thought really. I have just read, too, today how our thoughts, intent, etc not only affect us, our nearest and dearest, but that each one of us have a direct effect on hundreds of people across the planet. That sure is a responsibility. Even a thought which might just skim across the neurons affects others, near and far. We need to give that some credence, do we not? Plus, what we encounter and react to comes over the thought waves, from perhaps, many thousands of miles away. In my early thirties and through forties and fifties, I cared for the elderly as well as younger patients. Some of my male patients were miserable old so and so’s, the only way to deter them from getting worse, was to give time to discuss their thoughts, experiences, honour what they might have gone through, help them to understand about the point of view of others and a little bit of gentle teasing. Over a period of time and if they lived long enough, could take a couple of years, one day, I would witness a light going on, as it were. So we all need time and to give others time. People are so fascinating, encounter’s never fail to give me opportunity and the chance to grow and contribute. Take heart, dear fellow travellers. God Bless, to all. Margaret.

  7. Conrado Salas Cano
    Conrado Salas Cano says:

    I hear you, Eben. I have your book, thank you so much for your book “Proof of heaven”, which I have read. No, suicide is not the answer, but it sure would seem logical at times. I don’t want to senesce, I think that senescence is a curse and turns life into an entropic curse. I want to Ascend, I want to be transformed physically into a paranormal being of light, I want the ET mother ships to show up and history as we conventionally know it to end (officialdom does not yet admit the existence of Atlantis or ancient aliens). How can a loving God tolerate senescence, not to mention cruelty, war, vindictiveness, diseases, crimes, poverty and taxes? OK, yes, there is a loving God, but this Earth has functioned as a prison planet, a farm for demons, and this should end, in my view. The cosmic quarantine must be lifted and Satan must be defeated. Good souls who seek goodness should be allowed to naturally become like gods, and the reincarnation trap, if it exists, has to be dissolved.

  8. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Ann, Ann Palmer. I went to bed early this evening, still getting over the bronchitis you see. But do you think I could drift off to sleep? Could I heck! The reason, well, switching onto this subject and seeing your link, you shouted and I heard! My dear girl, you need to find some way out of the feeling of being “got at” Easy for you to say, I bet you are thinking. I have mentioned some of my family history in past links on the three subjects here and I do know that life is, at times, full of the nasty smelly stuff. Part of the time I have been unwell, recently, caused me to wonder and question what the blazes is going on. Our country of the UK is in a wobble too, people dying on the streets, our National Health is deteriorating and people are dying for the want of professional and compassionate care. We are experiencing high knife crime in our cities, children are being abused, others are struggling to even get permission to use the Food Banks, it goes on, I can tell you. But, I am learning fast, not to feel “got at” and I could so easily struggle down that path, not just for my self, but for what my family are still going through to some degree. If you have the experience of using your abilities and gifts, take yourself back to those days. You are not the one that is found wanting, think about that comment. “They” are the ones who are lacking, dissatisfied, don’t know where they are going or what they are doing, not you. Because of your needs and the way you view and live them, you have opened the door to their thoughtlessness, and whatever else is triggering this situation and you have let all that dark energy in. We don’t know each other, you are a few years older than I, so I can relate to the possible weakness of your physical body, your despair, feeling got at, “am I only one with principals here?” You are still the strong, gifted woman you always were, that is the soul of you, which is still shining and if you give it some thought, is still trying to show you the way. Direct your thoughts, intent, towards your own relationship with The One who Loves us. By what you have shared with us at the beginning of your link, you know how to do this. It is the physical which is straining you, take your attention away from that and re-ignite your connection with the Light. It was mentioned to me recently, that I became poorly just after the New Year, because, although I did not show it emotionally, I was getting myself into a stew over certain health conditions of family. Have been advised to put myself in a box as it were, which I have done, made it of glass, as you might say, so I can witness what is going on, give out my smiles and encouragement, but the point is to not absorb the fears that they have, and to look through the glass at a clear picture. I am rabbiting on, I know, but you understand what I am getting at, don’t you? So, they, the ones in need, are also doing that. I will leave that with you for now Ann and link in for you before I do go to sleep. If you would like to engage further please do so, you won’ t be the only one, Brother Peter and I link in time to time, from last year. Blessings upon you girl, Margaret.

    ANN PALMER says:

    As an extremely spiritual researcher all my life, many years of channel with high form of group consciousness, faith has been my life line but now all seems gone. I am not suicidal, I don’t have to be but all but my body seems dead. I BEILEVED even at 88 years of age (looking 60, “thinking 45) I BELEIVED I YET had major work to do helping others who not find comfort or satisfaction in organized religion find within themselves courage and belief they are MORE than this one physical body being an expert in reincarnation. — BUT THEN — ONE year ago this month, I bought a mobile home from a CORPORATION – never could I imagine the heartlessness within it! Refusal to fix cosmetic flaws, nor buy it back more than half my investment, began a search for a BUYER — or some kind if legal aid for Seniors. It was beyond MY FAITH and BELIEF that this is IMPOSSIBLE. Today my body is alive but all else is DEAD! I can’t “take” another person searching through my private domain, indicating they are BUYING only a day later WHAM another STOP! Contacts and pleas for HELP have BEEN TOTAL ignored, as thought I don’t exist to the point I wonder if I DO EXIST! Has material lust and greed over come this nation so completely that there is NO “heart” – “LOVE” (THAT is a JOKE!) nor any kind of caring and compassion. It is a very sad place to realize I am in!
    I have encountered more of life’s test than I can remember – “brushed my self, started over again and again and again…” NOW I AM ENCASED IN A PRISON with NO escape! I live in a community and STATE where there is NO HELP, NO ONE CARES, no help comes… I never believed in CURSES — but I have never felt so totally CURSED IN MY LIFE! YES, THE PHYSCAIL BODY IS ALIVE but totally DRAINNED of hope! I am encased in a dungeon, not underground but in a UN-mobile house where the weather is consistently so hot-HUMID and miserable there is no escape — as just getting out for a lovely drive – but where, more abundant HUMIDITY is every where – there is no escape! I AM dead, but the physical body remains! CUT OFF FROM EVERY THING!! TOTALLY IMPRISONED!!

    • Jen
      Jen says:

      I am with you- wish I could say you aren’t correct but sadly you are right. The vast majority of people (aside from children) I bet 97% of the worlds population are heartless beasts who will tear you to shreds and rip everything that they can from you without so much as a second thought. I am 37, my life has been ripped to shit 3 times now because I am a piece of shit loser who cared too much about people and in turn placed myself unknowingly into the lair of these people’s destruction. I was once a person with a sense of humor and filled with hope so much that at times I was gullible but now I don’t believe in anything, there is NO goodnesses in this world- only evil, greed and suffering. How it is possible that evil exists without good is beyond me but it is the truth- at least in my life. This time there is no rebuilding- I’ve examined every angle and short of a ‘miracle’ which we all know is a horse-shit lie they spew at church – there’s no coming back. I am a 37 year old who is completely dead inside rotted to the core.

  10. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello all, whilst getting over a particularly vicious chest infection which has walloped a good number of us on The British Isles, and fed up with the remainder of symptoms, I thought I would cheer myself up by checking in on Eben’s sharing discussions. Outside, it is sunshine and heavy showers, indicative of life really. Looking at the comments re suicide and religion, I am not clever or scientific, I can only share with you my experiences. In one way or another, religion, some of it quite shallow and automatic within my upbringing, in my teens, took Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour. Then speaking in tongues, was a great comfort to me during puberty, a need to feel loved and not bullied or criticized. After that, discovered Spiritualism, and that step, I believe took me further on towards where I am today. I know I come from a Conscious Being, I cannot tell what this Being is like, other than It is Love. So, if I come from that Love, this is what I am also. I read, hear of the foul things and acts we do to each other and to ourselves and to the blessed planet we call Home and my mind can cover a myriad of angles as to why? what if? when will it get better? In 2012, I held a ceremony at a very special place here in the area of the UK where I live and I believed that words, intent and actions from humanity would change. But we have to be ready to participate in that change, that is our responsibility. That change can only come if we recognize the triggers. It seems to me that we are fighting a battle, but most of us do not realize that, because that battle is with ourselves and how we are utterly blinded and beguiled by the shallow enticements that bombard us every day. We are enmeshed in fear and there is dark intent towards humanity and only steadfastness, love, seeing further than the nose on your face, and sharing some of the responsibility of those conditions will help to sift through the debris and take us on a journey of perception, openness, honesty and when the light does switch on follow the star. It all sounds airy fairy perhaps, but only Love and Compassion are the real gifts we can offer each other. Money, cars electrical goods, possessions of all kinds, which includes predatory sex, controlling of others is not the path to peace, harmony or any other balanced sense of well being. Please, offer more classes in schools and colleges on mindfulness, compassion to others, sharing, a more balanced way of teaching about who and what we really are, drop the attitude of whose right and whose wrong. Express care about and for each other, simple really, is it not? Arms extended out to all, love Margaret.

  11. Shaman Chris Gaylord
    Shaman Chris Gaylord says:

    Religion is a form of slavery and the prospect of meeting Jesus was the cause of many suicides (a flaw in the developing falsehood of religion) which was corrected by making suicide an unpardonable sin. Which was causing a great loss in the workforce (slaves of the governments).

    We aimed to examine the relationship between religion and suicide attempt and ideation. 321 depressed patients were recruited from mood-disorder research studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Participants were interviewed using the SCID, Columbia University Suicide History form, Scale for Suicide Ideation, and Reasons for Living Inventory. Participants were asked about their religious affiliation, importance of religion, and religious service attendance. We found that past suicide attempts were more common among depressed patients with a religious affiliation (OR 2.25, p=.007). Suicide ideation was greater among depressed patients who considered religion more important (Coeff. 1.18, p=.026), and those who attended services more frequently (Coeff. 1.99, p=.001). We conclude that the relationship between religion and suicide risk factors is complex, and can vary among different patient populations. Physicians should seek deeper understanding of the role of religion in an individual patient’s life in order to understand the person’s suicide risk factors more fully.

    That resulted in making the slaves more controllable as now they are experiencing a constant form of crucifixion complex. Allowing them to fill more jobs that most would consider intolerable as they subconsciously strive to make their lives more and more miserable even to the point of death.

    One of my favorite movie moments occurs near the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Pod people from outer space may have replaced all the real people in a little California town except for Dr. Miles Bennell, played by Kevin McCarthy, who runs to escape the fate of the others and, in desperation, jumps into a traffic jam on a highway. “Look, you fools,” the doctor shouts, dodging slowly moving cars. “You’re in danger, can’t you see? They’re after you! They’re after all of us! Our wives, our children, they’re here already! You’re next!”

    Miles wouldn’t allow himself to accept what seemed to him a dismal copy of the real world. He’d pretended for a while to go with the flow — “Keep your eyes a little wide and blank. Show no interest or excitement.” — but knew he’d have to take action, or else end up believing fake was real.

    But it’s more complicated than that. Was Miles rebelling because he knew the truth, or was he delusional? If he were around today, would he insist like a Luddite that online social networks are being used to rob us of our privacy? Would he think his Facebook friends weren’t really friends?

    It’s dangerous to be totally sure of yourself, as Henry Miller tried to explain in Tropic of Capricorn:

    … I was born with a crucifixion complex. That is, to be more precise, I was born a fanatic. Fanatic! I remember that word being hurled at me from early childhood on. By my parents especially. What is a fanatic? One who believes passionately and acts desperately on what he believes. I was always believing in something and so getting into trouble. The more my hands were slapped the more firmly I believed. I believed. I believed — and the rest of the world did not. If it were only a question of enduring punishment, one could go on believing until the end; but the way of the world is more insidious than that. Instead of being punished, you are undermined, hollowed out, the ground taken from under your feet…

    Don’t run around shouting “Wake up, fools!” You might end up singing “I Wanna Be Sedated.” Ask your friends on Facebook, they’ll tell you.



    • Jen
      Jen says:

      Your post is very interesting and I’d like your input on something regarding religion and religious psychosis. roughly 2 years ago I experienced a religious hallucination (of course, at the time I didn’t realize it was a hallucination) I saw the face of ‘Jesus’ it looked like the Jesus you’d see painted on a crappy piece of religious art- the face was in the sky, a series of evil looking faces were then submerged under blood and came out looking beautiful- I was not religious at the time, I used google to discover that supposedly the blood of Christ removes sin and evil and thus renders the subject free and clear… this experience lead me down a horrible road of compulsively reading the Bible, going to church numerous times a week, fearing for my life so much (supposedly I was processed by demons) that I’d clutch a stupid wooden cross to my chest at night while I cried myself hysterically to sleep fearing I’d be tortured, as if this trinket could somehow protect me … additionally, I was ‘told’ telepathically that the Holy Spirit was guiding me, teaching me how to be a better person- it told me to give away all of my clothes, furniture- literally anything of value- I could have no ‘idols’ yet I had to get on my knees to revere a specific man ??? I even gave away a decent car that I paid off in full- i was told to quit an excellent job making 6 figures because I was supposedly being unethical in supporting medical products and I needed a ‘service’ job. Sadly this insanity lasted about a year until I could no longer reason away the obvious Bs that I observed in churches. I’d been to numerous churches of various denominations and found that they were all the same. None of the leaders or ministers really gave a shit- mention the word demon or needing help with procession and they ran for the hills… so much for trusting their God to deliver them from evil.. I finally ‘woke up’ during one particular service when I felt like I was watching some ridiculously bad broadway play- so fake and blatantly obvious. I wondered how and why it was then that at the end of every service I’d be there with the other fools crying hysterically snot running down my face as the leaders cried out ‘yes!! this is the process… of healing and salvation!’ I personally think there’s something in the music they play- those new age rock/pop sounding songs you hear on religious radio. I realize some people can feel emotion through music – I think that I personally have a worse case of this phenomenon than others but perhaps the common feeling of despair and sadness in life is ‘spread’ through these songs- people end up crying and then think it’s because something inside is pulling them toward Christianity… instead of realizing they are feeling the emotion of one big pool of human sadness. Sure, there are other methods of control of course- guilt, fear etc but I think there’s something in the music because I never felt so strongly after a somber catholic service…

      Anyway my question is regarding psychiatric patients or people in general who claim that they are Jesus- or that they speak with Jesus or other religious figures like mother Mary, etc. At one point In my psychosis I was told- telepathically of course that my coworker was actually Jesus (the guy didn’t act a thing like Jesus… but that was part of the plan, I had to remind him of who he was… like I said, I was crazy…) I think this is a common situation found in persons with personality disorders and I wonder why and how this is possible, especially in persons who had no baseline knowledge of Christianity or religion prior to gaining these false beliefs. Is this common in other faiths like Hinduism, Buddhism?

      I was at a train station late at night a few weeks ago and a man- who gave me the creeps when I first noticed him came up to me and a few other ladies who were waiting for the train. They ignored him but he started talking about how he wanted to share his love of Christianity and that he personally knows and speaks routinely to Jesus. Considering my recent experience I tried to be kind and let him know that I thought it was great that he found something that made his life so fulfilling (BTW, I am pretty sure he was homeless or a drifter) and I told him that I had a similar experience with thinking I knew Jesus but I realized months later that my experience was related to a psychosis and wasn’t Actually real. I left it at that and he eventually walked away. This furthered my interest in learning whether anyone has studied this phenomena and have they been able to identify how these people are being controlled? This guy looked like a character straight out of body snatchers- total robot on auto pilot which makes me wonder.. one of the things this invisible teacher that I had told me was that the leaders of churches are vampires… I would love to hear your thoughts

  12. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Good Morning All, date 11th of January. I have cause to add comment to my last one, concerning the link with Carrie. Yesterday I had to see a specialist at a local Breast Clinic, as Lymphatic system gave a reaction to what was probably an infection. Just to make sure had a mammogram which showed nothing to be concerned about. Hurrah and thank you to the Universe. When I relayed this finding to a friend, she said to me, “God does not like to lose a good work horse” Well, I have been labelled a few names, but work horse seems to be most appropriate. That’s what a good many of us are, Carrie, just imagine yourself out in the fields, pulling your load or helping the farmer plant his seeds, sun is shining, showers may come, even rain storms, well, you can then shelter in the shed, prayer tent?! Just my quirky humor. God Bless, All. Margaret.

  13. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Carrie, bless your heart and that of your son. I think we have to place in our hearts and minds, that we are spirit first who put our hands up to volunteer a physical incarnation and not a human being who has a spirit body in second place. The plan is all very intricate and we present various roles, even in one incarnation according to who we inter-act with whilst on Earth. Even in a sudden end to life within young age groups. (I speak too as one who had to hold onto relatives due to an deliberate death.) During our life times we will have met thousands of people, which could be just a glance whilst in the library, coffee shop or on the street. Each encounter will have served each player. This will be not only, in effect, be either transitory or more intimate, but it is an encounter nevertheless and is on the creative set of the “Play”. Who knows what acting part we volunteer to display in our encounters? We plan with the Creator and Co – Workers – what characters we take on and how we affect those close and those not so close. It is all a co-operative venture and covers not only us, but will include many others across the Planet. All sounds a great plan, but in arriving here to this physical existence, as the years go into school time and beyond, we forget our ideas and plans that we created to hopefully make a difference. So some actions may be a mistake, due to that forgetfulness but how we know that this may be the answer for another opening for growth and contribution for service. All very complex and yet simple on the other.”Why didn’t I think of that?” Dear Girl, keep talking about it, share with others, train to be a volunteer, find your nearest Death Cafe. You and yours did put your hand up for this most delicate contribution for your own personal growth and with it will hold the hands of others on their journey. Does it sound blaise’ ? Perhaps, but it is the only angle I can hold onto after almost 79 years; and without boast, I/we have been through some stuff. I hold my hands out to you in love and friendship. Blessings, Margaret. UK.

    • Carrie Fitzpatrick
      Carrie Fitzpatrick says:

      Margaret Coles, Thank you very much for writing. This enlightenment has been so very helpful. My initial reaction is, “this is too much”, then I go right back to that moment with my son as he left and there is no other explanation possible. Because that is a true fact, then this has to be as well. I plan print all these words and use them as a mantra of sorts until it becomes first response in my mind. For example, “We have to place in our hearts and minds, that we are spirit first who put our hands up to volunteer a physical incarnation and not a human being who has a spirit body in second place.” This is what I am now saying in my head every time these phrases come into my mind, “Why, and Please come back” which happens about 25 to 30 times a day at least. I can see something now I did not even know was there. I am frightened a bit, but I am absolutely positive THIS is real and it is the direction I will go after I get passed this physical agony. Because my son showed me and you all helping me understand what is really happened, I will eventually be okay. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I have always felt so insignificant. I will never feel or think the same way again about so much. It starts to be overwhelming, but this is the truth and the reality and now I know it I cannot go back to any other way of thinking. I love and miss him beyond any depth I knew I had in me. Again, thank you so very much.

      • Margaret Coles
        Margaret Coles says:

        Hello Dear girl. Thank you for answering my link, it heartens me that we have made a difference in each other’s lives. You in the big continent and I in a country village amidst an ancient forest in the UK, where I noticed with joy, early Spring snow drops breaking out of the green grass. I noticed this evening too, a vibrant orange and cerise sunset with a new moon nearby. So, new life is appearing, colours still offering us their glory, new moon, new opportunities. Keep chugging along kid, if you want any further support please say so, a privilege to hold your hand, so to speak. Love Margaret.

  14. Carolene Fitzpatrick
    Carolene Fitzpatrick says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander,

    Thank you for sharing your talk on Youtube! I feel so much more educated and some relief too. My son has just died and it was from suicide. I am not handling it well at all. I feel like part of me has been physically removed from me. I wonder if he was part of a “soul-group” and that is why it hurts so unbearably much. I am just sick about believing the doctors now that I know you recovered. They said he had little/no chance of survival They told me his brain was completely damaged due to lack of oxygen and there would be no hope of him returning. In the absolute rare possibility that he would return, he would be a complete vegetable. He was in ICU for 8 days before he left. They withdrew care on day 6… I am filled with regret especially after watching your talk. I…have no medical background. I did not understand the words they used to tell me his condition. The neocortex was fully damaged they said. I heard you say in your talk that was what they said about yours, but you are fully recovered. His was due to lack of oxygen…Do you know if I could have saved him? …I worry that I did not pray hard enough, or give enough faith/time for him to be able to come back. Maybe he would have recovered just like you did. I don’t know if that is even how it works… Do you have any insight for me? Please, if you would just take a few moments to help me I would be so very grateful. Carrie, Spokane, Washington.

    • Liz
      Liz says:

      Eben Alexander sends this reply to you:
      As an NDE survivor, I feel I was blessed with what most would call a miraculous recovery, and I am certain that my being here today is to fulfill the soul work and lessons I am here to learn and share.

      As a neurosurgeon, I respect your son’s physicians’ recommendations – they do not make such recommendations lightly. There is a ‘brain death criteria’ that they follow. It is a comprehensive set of indicators used by most US physicians and others internationally. If his condition is one consistent with brain death criteria, my advice would also have been to let him go.

      Even absent fully documented brain death, in the situation you describe, termination of care is often the best course of action. Tremendous damage can be done by trying to maintain a beating heart when the prospects for recovery are nil, and one risks just prolonging any suffering (although I suspect his soul may already have left his body and is in a far more beautiful place even now, as far from suffering as one could possibly be).

      The key message in Proof of Heaven is that our existence does not end with the death of the physical body. Our soul relationships with loved ones persist far beyond this physical lifetime. My books explain these concepts in great detail, and support them as the truth around the nature of consciousness itself. The whole world (including the scientific community) is on a pathway towards fully knowing this truth.

      Prayer can have tremendous power — remember that your prayers will get through to his soul on this journey, providing him with comfort and love. The private comments in your note already tell me that his soul is alive and your bonds of love endure.

      Be patient with yourself, as you allow yourself time to grieve the loss of his physical presence here. Grief has several stages that are not necessarily consecutive, but they allow our hearts to open to honesty, love and meaning. I know that many worry that suicide somehow diminishes a loved one’s soul. However, the soul lives on. He may return in a future incarnation to tackle some of the same lessons he tried to learn in this lifetime, and he may receive spiritual counseling where he is now, in order to feel better equipped to approach his lessons in the future. Whatever his situation, know that he is surrounded by the infinite and unconditional love from God/Source and that he benefits from the connection he continues to feel from your loving spirit.
      Love, Eben

      • Carrie Fitzpatrick
        Carrie Fitzpatrick says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time for me! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I am not in a very good place yet, but I am gathering all this information for after this unbearable grieving. I know for a fact, MY life here is now changed forever and not because he passed, but because of what I have learned from reading and watching about NDE. The only reason I went there was because of his passing. I now feel like I have been given a peek into a whole different way of thinking and feeling although it has been here the whole time. It is like I was blind and now I faintly see and if I keep living and following this path, I will be able to see and feel more. My hope is that I will be able to somehow see/feel him again (in a different way of course). My most deepest and sincere thanks to you.

  15. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Anonymous, my, my, you have, no doubt given us all food for thought! I should think that the Creator would have the utmost compassion for anyone to end their own life. The person concerned, having mental disorders, well, what if they entered an incarnation to demonstrate the call for tolerance and understanding. If we acknowledge multiple returns to this heavier condition, I should think, that thousands of experiences would rise up where, we may be found wanting, because we lack in basic needs or we may be found wanting due to how we have treated others. Even a “saint” has to look in the mirror to acknowledge their thoughts, word and deed. So those of us who do not have the repose of a saint, most certainly do. But no-one, gets put in the corner, as it were; or worse. Just think, though, that suicide can hold a soul back from the Light, the peace that you may seek from “ending it all” may be unreachable simply because you are in a place of darkness before your exit. As one who has sat in groups to release earthbound souls, I urge you to work on challenging these thoughts which will limit your very being. You will not be free as you think, immediately and there are not enough of genuine rescue workers here on earth to assist your final direction into the Light. Believe, you are worth your very existence, who knows, even by what you are trying to share with us, is a service. Take care of yourself and God Bless. Margaret.

  16. Anonymous ny
    Anonymous ny says:

    If someone were to commit suicide… To donate organs and because they are homeless and have mental disorders would this be okay in the eyes of the creator?

  17. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello Noah, it is indeed a difficult time for the majority of us at present in this physical life. May I direct you to the thought that as we are not only physical beings, that in itself is secondary to our nature, the concern about meat eating or not is irrelevant. I am given to understand that we are totally more in the dimension of Spirit. Eben’s experience demonstrates that. So the illusion of meat does not come into play. I read recently, cannot quite recollect where, now; that we do not even have eyes in the sense that we recognize at present. Our whole persona and thriving presence is totally different, far beyond our expectations whether we wait in fear or joyful anticipation. Life is difficult on this earthly environment, even for the most knowledgeable and faithful. If I told you my story, you would feel quite sorry for me and mine. But as one of the bloggers, I met earlier in the year, “Think Big” in other words, “Expect the best” Experiencing memories myself, of previous lives, we don’t have to repeat the same dilemmas from life to life. We are in consultation before leaving our soul essence and returning to earth, plus, during sleep, a lot of our dreams, whether remembered or not are catch up consultations with our “supervisors”. Of course, unless we are fairly awake, we do not, with our physical brain remember this plan and it seems, many times that life is unfair. But eventually, the penny does drop, a realization sets in, actions, reactions and acceptance manifests. The biggest eye opener has been for me, is want and the lack of finances. There is a definitive story attached to that; I began to trust, actually to share and I am never without; many times have more than I thought in my purse. So again, think big. It is the law of attraction. Look around my friend, see where you can help others, take an interest and express openess towards others. We are all an expression of God and existence here is the doorway to demonstrate that. There is a comical saying, ” Not a lot of people know that”, British humour you see! and as life demonstrates at present, that is so true. So it is up to those of us who have clicked on, to demonstrate trust, openess and love. All sounds very blaise , but I can only share with you my experiences and witness to the experience of others. Do continue to offer your thoughts, I am sure we all have you in our positive intent and prayers. It is the mirror image that counts, my friend, I await that moment for you. Sincere blessings, Margaret.

  18. Noah Griffin
    Noah Griffin says:

    Hi, I am in deep depression because of my lack of faith in the afterlife because of many logical sense like do we eat meat or not there, why earth right now is full of hate between peoples who vote for their beliefs of who they follow like Trump but so much hate between liberals and conservatives, humanity is falling apart, relationship is difficult here because of internet

    How can afterlife do not notice this? How can I believe there life after death where nothing make sense, like what do we look after death..we can’t have our own human look because that required bones and muscle that shaped our body, we talk because our vocal box in our throat to make sound

    If afterlife have those, that dont make sense.

    I am in deep depression because it’s doesn’t make sense and I do not like reincarnation because we have to repeat the same crap in lifes, get marry again, lose your family all over again.
    Life is not that beautiful here and we all know it, which is why we have musics, arts and stuff to escape from reality of life.
    That’s why peoples in deep depression because life is nothing the same repeat process, you wake up, you go work and pay bill and go to sleep and then die.
    That’s basically LIFE

    I understand peoples want to believe there is life after death but nothing make sense anymore to me at all.

    I am sorry but we all have to face the hard truth, there is no life after death.

  19. Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen says:

    Hi all. Got your book ‘ proof of heaven’ Eben. Pretty well written. I haven’t read all of it yet however have scanned a fair bit of it. I’ve had various out of body experiences and for the most part I know that only the individual experiencing them will know if they are real. These people that use drugs and achieve these altered states have valid experiences however I believe that standard meditation is a better way. Lovely to read your work, thankyou.

  20. William Lane
    William Lane says:

    I am on my way home to Calgary, Alberta after having attended the event you presented at in Melfort, Saskatchewan. First, let me say how much I enjoyed the presentations and meeting you and Karen who spoke briefly about her minor transgressions as a ‘nearly’ teenager. She spoke of ‘knowing it was wrong’ (especially once apprehended) and very clearly learned a valuable life lesson.
    During over twenty five years in law enforcement I enjoyed great personal satisfaction from having helped many youths who were heading down the wrong path. I continue to enjoy that satisfaction through contact with many of those now ‘not so young’ people and seeing what they have achieved.
    In Canada our laws are now such that a person cannot form mens rea (in other words, knowing right from wrong) until turning twelve years old. I personally believe that we recognize right from wrong at a much younger age and not recognizing that has caused and continues to cause great issues in our society. Children are allowed to conduct themselves in all sorts of inappropriate and illegal ways with no fear of any sort of consequence. As they age (I won’t say ‘mature’) that feeling, or sense of not being responsible for their own behaviour continues. We now have a great segment of our society who feel that way and behave accordingly. Nothing is their fault as they pursue the ‘ownership’ of more and more physical ‘stuff’, believing that those possessions will bring them happiness. In order to acquire that ‘stuff’ they are forced to work longer hours and more days while losing the essential connectedness that we all thrive on. I look around at people glued to their electronic devices, eating in silence at restaurants despite being out ‘with’ family, friends or colleagues, all of whom are also lost in their own electronic experience where they become lonelier and lonelier despite having more and more ‘friends’, a behaviour which is perceived by many people as somehow being ‘normal’.
    ‘Back in the day’ when I was a police officer parents of children I took home for whatever transgressions were shocked that their child would commit such acts, particularly in light of the fact they they ‘give Johnny everything he needs’. I would point out to them that what their child was mot certainly NOT getting was their love, respect and rules to be followed.
    Now, here we are with generations of lonely people who see no way out except to take their own liffe.
    I’ve rambled on, far oversimplified some things however wish to express again how much I enjoyed the Melfort event.
    All is well

  21. Alex
    Alex says:

    Eben, there are neuroscientists like Anil Seth who believe consciousness is a product of the brain and memories are stored in it. My question for you is why they are wrong? NDE’s and the other work they are doing at UVA’s DOPS seem like reasonable evidence for consciousness not being produced by the brain, but Anil Seth’s claims show otherwise.

    • Eben Alexander
      Eben Alexander says:

      Nahm – NDEs are NOT caused by DMT. Some people have been attracted to considering DMT as a causal agent due to the extraordinary visions and mental experience present in NDEs, and the fact that DMT “trips” and NDEs, in spite of their “ineffability,” can sound similar by verbal description. Some of the most important transcendental features of NDEs, such as reaching a border of no return, life review, extrasensory perception, and precognitive visions of the future, were relatively underrepresented in the DMT population in this paper, because such elements are powerfully connected with the soul’s journey, thus are major components of the NDE, and not necessarily expected to appear in a DMT trip. I do believe that such hallucinogens tap into the same realm that is witnessed in an NDE, and with the proper spiritual approach, DMT might help to mimic and partially duplicate some of the life-changing lessons of an NDE for an individual soul seeking such knowledge on their journey. As we discuss in our new book, Living in a Mindful Universe, certain techniques of meditation, especially using Scared Acoustics NeuralHelix technology to influence the brainstem in liberating consciousness, can produce much of what one gains through NDEs, but through meditation alone. Chris Bache, in his book Dark Night, Early Dawn, compares LSD directly with binaural beat brain entrainment, concluding that the sound can take you at least as far as the psychedelic, but it requires a more protracted and dedicated form of engagement. It should be obvious that use of such meditative techniques involves a dedicated practice over a long period of time to garner meaningful results and insights. DMT and other psychedelics create too much “noise” making it difficult to harvest the lessons from the journey, a main reason we prefer meditation to psychedelics in those seeking such experiences.
      As to the PDI delusion scale, note how “belief in telepathy” and other beliefs qualify as “deluded” whereas many scientists who study consciousness realize telepathy is real — just one example of how such a scale is very misleading and should not be used, placing their results in a dubious light.
      They conclude with “This study’s findings warrant further investigation to address the putatively strong overlap between the phenomenology and neurobiology of DMT (and other psychedelic) experiences and ‘actual’ near-death experiences, particularly given some of the scientifically problematic yet influential claims that have been made about NDEs,” referencing my book Proof of Heaven as the source of “scientifically problematic yet influential claims that have been made about NDEs.” As long as they continue trying to explain NDE’s entirely from a physicalist/brain-based perspective, they will continue to be most frustrated. Such extraordinary human experiences cannot be so simply explained; likewise just taking a dose of DMT will taunt them with similarities, though the profound nature of NDEs requires a much grander theater of explanation than our simplistic materialist neuroscience can offer. Trying to dumb the explanation down to “it’s the same thing as this hallucinogen” reveals a profound ignorance about the nature of NDEs.

  22. Richard Krauland
    Richard Krauland says:

    Eben, Eben, when your children were young, you probably took them to restaurants that had the paper placemats, filled with games to entertain children. 0ne game was the maze. You “Start Here” and trace a line to the “End”. I noticed back then that if you started at the “End” it was very quick and easy to get back to the “Start Here”. So it is with spiritual solutions.

    Once you are aware of our spiritual nature, God, and the teaching of Christ; it is as if you already know the right answer. So the path to it is clear. However, if you are still searching for the Truth, then many wrong turns are possible. Our assertions simply fall on deaf ears.

    I am writing a book now, my first, that will start with our scientific knowledge and it’s limitations, and tear down the false walls between science and God. Everyone believes in science. Many do not believe in God. As you know, these are NOT mutually exclusive. That’s my message. Similar to your own. I believe that we can help those many by dissolving the conflicts between science and religion.

  23. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello all, Dear Friends. I did aim to link in again before today, there you go, one can aim, then events can either “get in the way” or defer ideas and plans. But all is well here, by the power of love and prayer. My daughter has calmed somewhat, lengthy chats,medical and social support, reassurances shared within the family group and a sense of always belonging and being watched over by God and the angels. It seems too, quite synchronistic that Brother Peter joined this site. He and I have introduced ourselves to each other and are getting along like old pals! Happiness and unhappiness can manifest on various levels, a myriad of reasons why we might feel sad or happy, down the line of “one to ten” a version too of what gives us contentment or not. What do we expect out of life? Eventually, most of us realize that what we put in, we get the reflection of that back. Living consciously is the trick, studying our own motives, drop the bias attitude, keep in mind “There go I” stance. Plus, don’t watch trash on the screen! Much love, Blessings and wishes for a healthful and pain free life. Margaret.

  24. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Good Morning, everyone. Just a brief connection, I am due to go out. Talking to my daughter just now, she told me she did not want to be here, but “Don’t worry Mum, I am too much of a coward to do anything drastic. I am afraid to live and afraid to die” She believes, as do many others that chem trails are to some degree or another responsible for the downward trend of any feel good factor that humanity might have. Any thoughts on that? I will return to this later today. Much Love and Blessings to all. PS. you have taken on quite a task Eben, covering this subject, the well being of humanity. M. x

    • Peter Anthony, JSC
      Peter Anthony, JSC says:

      “Afraid to live and afraid to die,” is a common feeling that most people actually have at some level. To be reminded of the GOAL – what’s beyond the “finish line” after “a race well fought” – and that would A LIFE OF UNIMAGINED BLISS!! and doing amazing things, whatever your heart desires with all your family and friends forever! BUT THAT IS for later – for now – we are here to help each other recognize this really, this goal and the struggle we all have to get there! Margaret, you daughter seems to be posed to make some excellent decisions: to IMAGINE HEAVEN (and the work involved in getting there) I would recommend a superb audiobook at Audible.com entitled: “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke, or a hard copy at Barnes and Noble – also getting in touch with a blog such as http://www.rjoy4u.org – which I moderate – or contact me direct at : – I am involved in a new Initiative to help steady the ship, balance the sailors, and encourage smooth sailing ahead – til we pull into the celestial port that awaits us all – no matter who we are! Blessings on your day! Fr. Br. Peter Anthony, JSC

  25. Peter Anthony, JSC
    Peter Anthony, JSC says:

    A basic “Handbook for Humans” ought to be written: which simply states that there are three parts to being human: the spiritual, the mental, the physical. Each needs to be introduced to children when they are very young, which means that the parents first have to buy into the project. A child will thrive when ALL THREE AREAS ARE ADDRESSED, and nurtured with “appropriate food” and then a balance will begin that has all the elements needed to get through the journey of life, which is all one big testing ground, a determination of what strengths, talents, abilities we possess not for ourselves, but for the good of others. I have heard it said recently that MY LIFE IS NOT ABOUT ME, its about YOU! We are each here to help each other get to the finish line of life, so we can “pass the final exam” and then enter into a dimension that has no words to adequately describe it – but the hints given by people who have been there and back make it all worthwhile.
    LOSING FOCUS OF HEAVEN our true home – no matter what “religious” or non-religious persuasion you are engaged – is the cause of losing our balance and falling – into all kinds of distortions and faulty thinking, reasoning and acting, especially regarding the purpose of life, and just how fragile but glorious it will one day be – AND THIS CAN LEAD TO THE HOPELESS actions of ending one’s life. But to do that is to fail the final exam if it is done while there is any chance to reverse the decision. Only the giver of life has the jurisdiction and authority to say when it will transition to the new dimension.
    I am starting in my own venue an initiatiative to FOCUS ON HEAVEN – which touches also on the other two areas of MENTAL BALANCING, and PHYSICAL CARE FOR SELF and balancing life in the body.
    I had a cousin commit suicide when he was in his mid 20’s 40 years ago – I conducted his burial services – but I was certain that his mental capacity, and physical imbalances were strong enough to leave it entirely up to God on how his life review would be conducted and ended. ALL GOD DOES IS LOVE, all Jesus does is love.
    I find that the best antidote to physical anxiety, mental stress and spiritual dryness: is simply to BE STILL AS A STATUE – very very still – and breathing deeply at first, then more gently with time: repeat: “JUST BE” “JUST BE” JUST BE!” over and over again – until there is calm, until there is peace, until the merry-go-round in the brain ceases – til you are flooded with peace and joy and hope – the longer you can do these exercises the better the results: I do it dozens of times a day – and it works! I suffered from GENERAL ANXIETY for years – and I am taking an antidepressant – but the domestic monastic life I lead, keeps the guard rails up for me – and its pretty smooth sailing. In my opinion antidepressants if administered and monitored properly simply allows you to slow down enough to be YOU – the real you – and if your SPRIT/MIND/BODY is out of whack in any way – then the first order is to “get them all spinning simultaneously and musically making the gentle whirring sound of health, peace of mind and generosity of heart!
    Blessings Fr. Br. Peter Anthony, JSC ono

  26. Laljee Verma
    Laljee Verma says:

    Dear Dr Alexander,
    You are on spot when you say “spiritual vacuum exist in our secular culture”. Indeed that is the case. Suicide rates are on the rise all over the world. Farmers and students in India are mainly the victims due to unrealised dreams and aspiration. Hope is essential in life, but with hope desire takes birth, and when it acquires demonic shape of expectation it becomes a passion. If expectations are not met negative vibrations dominate a mind. To my reckoning mind can be considered in three dimensions; the Instinctive (basic faculty acquired from animal kingdom), the Rational (specific attribute which flowers in human mind), and Intuitive (a faculty specific to human mind). Development of human mind is rather a complex phenomenon inclusive of genetic, epigenetic, experiential, and environmental stresses and contribution. Thus every individual mind is unique. Human mind is like a wandering wild horse, and when a disappointment is conceived disproportionately in some individuals it leads to apathy where one feels life not worth living. Struggle to survive and face challenges dives into abyss. Family and societal support is relevant, which unfortunately is dwindling by the day in a fast moving material world.
    I totally agree that objects that may be used to commit suicides must not be at hand. It will reduce the risk of emotional suicides at the spur of a moment.
    Importance of spirituality in life cannot be underestimated. Spirituality adds to positivity of mind. Most important is to understand that you are not the sole owner of your body. It is a divine gift. Divinity and nature, all are stakeholders, all have a share in the property we call a body. Since we do not own it wholly we only have partial rights over it. Such concepts can develop if one tethers to spirituality in whatever form or concept. And, being spiritually inclined may not mean being only religious. Conceptually,it means being an important and relevant part of this ardently interconnected world, and indeed the universe.


  27. Lou
    Lou says:

    Very important and cogent topic, for my family in particular. I lost a brother to suicide and my adult daughter has tried at least twice. She suffers from severe, recurrent depression(as another poster previously mentioned about her child). As an expert on the brain, I am not going to tell you about how difficult and resistant to treatment some depressives are. My wife, son and I continually struggle to help, but we feel that this is almost a losing battle. Shock therapy, drugs(of many types), group therapy, etc have been not very effective. I have learned of a new magnet based modality that has supposedly shown some very good results, but my daughter believes that nothing can help her. We are not giving up, but every day is a bit of an adventure, getting her through the day, alive.

  28. Daryl Paulson
    Daryl Paulson says:

    So true. When there is nothing to live for except pain and suffering suicide looks good. Science has looked at only the objective world and made claims about all of life which does not work. There is also the subjective side which includes feelings, beliefs and religion. These are critically important In life.

  29. Melissa Thompson
    Melissa Thompson says:

    Dr. Alexander, my eldest son has suffered for 18 years with severe mental illness. I’ve seen him struggle for years attempting to function in a world where mental illness is not understood….though alarmingly on the rise. Deep within my core I have always had a strong feeling that I will lose him one day to suicide. He has always said that he’s thought about it but is afraid to ever take his life. Recently….he attempted suicide for the first time. I have seen his pain for so long that I completely understand his desperation to be free of his brain and pain, but I am equally as desperate in trying to make him understand how precious his life truly is! He has been on psychotropic meds for so long….his brain is tired….his body is tired…he is tired..simply tired of “fighting” for stability and a sense of “normalcy” and acceptance in a world that he feels is cold and judgmental….I guess what I am trying to say is that the hopelessness that people feel is very real, and very debilitating. Human existence…what’s it all about? I believe that we exist for eachother. We are here for the “edification” of the body. We are here to learn…to help eachother and lift eachother up in our times of difficulty. I pray for enlightenment always…..I pray for The Devine to speak and work through me to not only help me save my son, but show me how to save others from feeling so completely disconnected, unworthy, undeserving of any life at all….happy or otherwise. I believe that our lives are predestined. We have a plan that we must fulfill for our soul’s growth and elevation. I believe that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, but being human is not easy. In fact, for some people being human is nearly impossible. I believe the reason that some people manage to keep going, no matter how hard life is, and why others simply cannot cope is completely based upon their souls spiritual level. It’s easier to leave it all behind and start over than it is to be here and endure, no matter what pain family members remaining have to endure. Each life that we live elevates our souls back home….that is, IF we make it through! Some people are nearing spiritual maturity while others are just starting out and not so strong! Each of us will one day complete “earth school”, but with each incarnation ….while we are here, we are here to help eachother by loving, accepting, forgiving, doing what we can to make life bearable. I pray always to be a light in the darkness for all who is in need. All life is precious…always! Not one soul is more privileged than another…we are all one in God!

    • Laljee Verma
      Laljee Verma says:

      Dear Melissa Thompson, I do not know what mental illness your son suffers from but presume that he may be on antidepressant, and other psychotic drugs. Most such medicines have severe side effects. I hope he is under periodic review. Consider if you think it worthwhile.

  30. Shirley Kirkwood
    Shirley Kirkwood says:

    We have a variety of reflections and opinions about suicide. However, when my husband took his life after various medical interventions failed, our children understood his decision even though it was devastating. When he could not do any of the things that gave him purpose and a reason for being, he did not wish to go on. I had heard a conversation he had with an oncologist friend about medical assisted suicide before we were married and he had read several books by men who chose to die. I now live in a retirement community and know how sometimes one wonders what purpose they might have. Doesn’t it seem immoral to continue the tests, surgeries, treatments for people our age (over 75) when the expense and need for continued care are the future? There are serious questions for us to consider. Do we want to bankrupt our families? No easy answers but good questions to think about?

  31. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Dear Laurie, just a quick hello and empathy with your painful condition. Your pain levels may go down if you give up Potato, Peppers of any kind, Tomatoes and Aubergines. Plus, I take Tumeric every day. This is my prescription, passed onto me by my dear, one time school friend. 1/4 teaspoon of Tumeric, ditto for Ginger, a grind or two of black pepper, a 1/4 teaspoon manuka honey and the measure of a thumb of boiled water. Added to this I put in a couple of grains of Himalayan pink rock salt, which stops vertigo, after three days my attacks stopped. You can take this “jollop” as I call it twice a day, and it will/should ease your pain levels. I pray so. I may well add to the links of the other dear friends in a day or so. We are all linked, family. Much Love, Margaret.

    • Rev Fr. William Dinga
      Rev Fr. William Dinga says:

      I use Bromelain (Pineapple Root) at any Health Food Store – 500 mg 600 gdu – does wonders for my arthritic and sciatic and pyriformis syndrome symptons all the way down to my feet! Praying for you!

      ps dosage depends on the pain – i take up 1 every 3 hours (max of 6 per day)

  32. Rev Fr. William Dinga
    Rev Fr. William Dinga says:

    Dr. Alexander, I too have been brought here non-coincidentally, providentially. I have posted in a few other topics here, but this one hits the nail on the head. I am a retired Catholic Priest who is also quite an active Monk / Hermit as of Feb 5 of this year! The religious congregation – as of yet not recognized by the Catholic Church primarily because, now that my co-founder has been “transferred to headquarters” – transitioned to Level II Heavenly Dimension – has recently been jettisoned into a new dimension of its own. Until we “get a third member” – now actually, since Br. Richard Paul Andre, JSC, RN has passed, we need two more members seeking profession of commitment – Br. Richard told me to “keep the group going as long as I can.” With this new inspired initiative “Imagining Heaven” – all of a sudden “we” Brother and I, each in place, have a lot of work to do to make a difference in a world that is growing sicker, and darker and more hopeless everyday. I agree this is a major contribution factor to the suicide epidemic.

    Let me at this point say that after 43 years a priest, 12 years as a monk and many experiences as hospital support and chaplain, with some time in at Norfolk General Hospital in the late 1980’s as chaplain – a Level 1 Regional Trauma and Burn Unit – I have seen a lot, heard a lot, and helped a lot – most of the time to my own amazement.

    Now I will turn 70 on the 13th, and have just enrolled in the American Institute of Health Care Professionals / Grief Counseling Certification Program – to supplement the independent study I am doing with reported NDE cases. Though I have never had one per se – i have had many dozens of SNDE experiences, SPIRITUAL NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and am in the process of writing my own book this subject. So, I am at the right place as the right time. I am just half way through reading “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper, and “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke, and “To Heaven and Back” by Dr. Mary Healy, MD. “The Everlasting Man” by G.K. Chesterton, is also excellent!

    Just as an aide: I would love to hear of NDE reports or even SNDE reports from my fellow priests and monks and nuns – as I would consider them in a class by themselves.

    My initiative then entitled: “Imagining Heaven” Focus Development Facilitated by The Joyful Servants of the Cross – http://www.rjoy4u.org. I would love to augment all my current research, studies and applications to help any who are suffering the loss of anyone at all, even pets – and those contemplating taking a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    On the get go: we must remember that we are SPIRITUAL beings, who experience life in a human body, for the sole purpose to populating the Kingdom to Come, and to pass the entrance exam to get in – quite literally – TESTS TESTS TESTS that’s what life is all about: God needs to determine how badly we want to be with him there forever – so he must test our use of free will – and under a wide variety of conditions. So giving up before the last trumpet (class bell) will disqualify you from the entire game. And that would truly truly be so sad.

    Professional Persons in the SPIRITUAL MENTAL and BODILY Health Professions are here to help. But, spiritual must come FIRST – or else the rest will never make any sense at all.

    If I therefore can help anyone please let me know.

    Re suicide: back to the original topic: take this away from this posting: UNTIL WE CAN FIRMLY ENVISION THE GOAL – LIFE IN HEAVEN – we will never be able adequately to make the trip through earthly life. We might make it – but it could have been so much easier! The Joyful Servants of the Cross among many many other interested persons are here to help!

    Blessings of Peace, Joy and HOPE
    always HOPE
    Fr. William Dinga, Jr.
    Glen Allen, VA

  33. mike horrigan
    mike horrigan says:

    I can say tha my life changed on the day of my spiritual experience .I call it my spiritual awakening .Just like meeting an old friend it fills the soul with happy memories we might have otherwise have let die within .I say Awakening ,because it awoke in me that knowing i was there before and this is but a transient step to true fullfilment in love .Unfortunatly i will admit my intrest in materialisim has shrunk ,in in knowing this non eternal stage of our journey is for learning to forgive others in their misleaded lives .If we could know how worthless these possesions really are ,And discover that there is a guiding hand always waiting to be acknowledged .To offer ourselves in our lost state and allow the master to steer our ship to calmer waters.The problem is this cargo full of false perceptions become a heavy ballast that can sink us if we dont off load and throw the pride over board to allow humility lead us to the source of all peace and tranquility.I dont count it strange to have received this email ,as there have been a spate of sucides in my area lately one was a close friend and im sad for her as she had a terrible childhood and failed marriage .I know that THE CREATOR is loving and will aid in her journey to eternal happiness .For she was a beautiful soul. Sorry im feeling it right now.Love from Ireland .If you ever come to ireland dont try to leave without shaking hands at least .

  34. Laurie wise
    Laurie wise says:

    Yes. I want to respond. I’ve had chronic back pain for 8 years which has worsened. Fusion now possible but I have now developed osteoporosis in low vertebrae which makes fusion between these vertebra a high risk. The screws can pull out making a second high risk attempt necessary. I’ve suffered so much. Hurts to sit stand for long or load. I have little quality of life. I think when u suffer and no answers, to end your life has to be understood by a God of Love. We would not let an animal suffer like this.
    Also, the “ opioid crisis”, is causing a backlash to pain patients who are loosing thier pain meds. I’ve read suicides are increasing in this desperate and vulnerable population. These people are not addicts.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

    • Rev Fr. William Dinga
      Rev Fr. William Dinga says:

      The God of Love will not condemn, however, in a life review, especially at this juncture, you would most likely condemn yourself for doubting God’s grace, his strength, his offers of hope, his solution to an “opioid epidemic” ! then where would you be: may I recommend just sitting very very still, very very quietly, and JUST BE !!!! JUST BE!!!! JUSSSTT BEEEEEEEE!!!! at peace, with your God with his strength
      with his healing – for as long as you need each time. “Be still, BEEE STILLLLLLLL be still and know that I AM GOD – and I love you beyond all telling, you are safe, you arm in my arms, and you will be fine JUST FINE!

      Try it! and see what happens!

    • Eben Alexander
      Eben Alexander says:

      You raise some interesting and valid points. In writing the blog, I was most focused on the sad state of suicide in our country as an epidemic of hopelessness mired down in a world devoid of spiritual connection. However, the alleviation of suffering, especially as it relates to those with terminal diagnoses, is a different issue. As a physician, I understand how important it is to relieve suffering, and that careful, ethical consideration of euthanasia is warranted in some specific cases. The opioid crisis is a complex, yet related, issue, largely due to the greed of certain pharmaceutical companies and some physicians who functioned as “pill farms”. The victims of that crisis deserve kindness and compassion in trying to get them off of the addictive drugs, while still best managing their significant pain problems. Opioids can reset one’s pain tolerance, and in some cases are directly responsible for the subjective pain that those addicted to them can suffer.

    • Richard Krauland
      Richard Krauland says:

      Laurie, I too have suffered from lower back pain for many years. I’ve had two surgeries on my spinal cord, two separate rhizotomies, and many injections. I have also suffered from Chrohn’s disease since 1976; and I was paralyzed from the neck down in an auto accident on April 13, 2001.

      But, so what!! Life is good. God loves us. Once you can realize that, REALLY KNOW that; then these complaints become mere annoyances. Easily overcome. Here’s how:

      1) read the Gospels of Christ. At least one of them. I was only 22 pages into the Book of Matthew when my heart was changed. And I have been an extremely positive person ever since.
      2) Christ says that EVERYTHING that you pray for in His name will be given to you. Not “most”, not 99%, but, everything. I am no longer paralyzed, and I see miracles every day. You HAVE TO give this a try.
      3) once you get yourself right with God, all your problems will be solved. The Gospels tell you how to do that.

      It worked for me and MANY others. There us nothing special about me. You can do this. Please try.

  35. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Oh my, Eben, here we go again, another synchronicity! You know me and that a section of my family are going through “stuff” The situation is building up and breakdowns are, for more than one, threatening to manifest., although that has not been expressed. After a deep conversation with one member of the family, the words came into my mind, “The scum is rising to the surface”. So many people within my circle of friends, family, associate’s, neighbours are experiencing events, reactions to that and falling by the wayside. So we see this manifestation of breaking down, some may complain about it, others deny it. But we see it within close links and this entwines round and round into ever widening circles. So we have also put the Planet into this mess as well, bless her. We must look at ourselves honestly, own to the fact that we as a species, have caused disorientation along many roads of existence and looking at the continuing natural disasters, must put our hands up. I continue to stand still and “listen” for guidance, I continue, in the quiet, sometimes within the noise too, where the sound of silence can still be noticed, if one is tuned in to the right wave length. Thank you very much for bringing this to our notice. Love and Blessings as always to everyone. Margaret.


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