With every breath I take today,
I vow to be awake;
And every step I take,
I vow to take with a grateful heart –
So I may see with eyes of love
into the hearts of all I meet,
To ease their burden when I can
And touch them with a smile of peace.
– Anonymous

Wishing you a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!

With Love, and Gratitude,
Eben Alexander III & Karen Newell

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  1. Patricia Jenkins
    Patricia Jenkins says:

    Dr. Alexander,
    I have never believed that we simply cease to exist once we die. I have experienced things that prove otherwise…there are so many people who just don’t believe this and they have no hope. My son recently passed away unexpectedly just as I started reading Proof of Heaven. The week before the funeral I finished reading the book and it affirmed what I have always known and has brought me great comfort. Thank you for sharing your experience and I am currently reading Living in a Mindful Universe.

  2. Fr. William Dinga
    Fr. William Dinga says:

    it seems as though Dr. Alexander has but affirmed what the only “religion” always embraced – and not only embraced – but actually demonstrates – that Soul/Mind /Body are three separate component parts to being human – being self-aware – being able to freely love, being able to embrace Truth and reject Falsehood. That that soul separates from the mind/body at physical “death” – is a truth – and that it carries on it existence – but it is an existence that did not exists in the Mind of God the Father/Creator until egg and sperm of parents conjoined in an act of self-less giving – love – and then God infused the “humanness” of self-awareness, rational thought, etc etc etc. and then 9 months later a baby is born.

    This life/combination of soul/mind/body will endure eternally – not in any sort of evolutionary way at all – for that is impossible – but because God became Man, and Reconciled Fallen Human Nature due to the catastrophic misuse of free-will and trust and was jettisoned into a newness of human life – which is off any “earthboud charts” – this would be the reality of the glorified state of man – with an enormous array of preternatural gifts.

    Therefore, until the last predetermined person on earth is born – when soul/mind leaves body now it exists in a temporary “holding pattern” state until everyone at the Creator/Fathers bidding will receive their bodies back, now in a glorified state – and then we will be sorted into group A and B – A being those who sought Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Justice, Fairness, Helpfulness – and those who were completely preoccupied with mememememememememe! and then a life beyond even what Dr. Alexander experienced or can even imagine will being – and we will all be All in God – Love – eternally! and we will have a great great time – almost like the kind that you have at a “wedding reception” – on bigger and better than you can imagine – with the universes as your playground – and bliss to your heart’s content! with everyone who ever lived – who chose to be there with you!

    • Sally
      Sally says:

      I believe we already “are” a always. We don’t begin at conception and get sanctioned in by a god. We “are” God. We choose the direction our lives will go by choosing our parents. Our connection to the all knowing universe aids us along the way to manifest ourselves to higher and higher levels of awareness.

  3. Graham
    Graham says:

    Years and years ago I came close to dying .Being young and vigorous I thought Id fight for life with every ounce of my being….however the closer I came to dying I could sense this bright light and such peace….if we are just here as animals why would our genes make giving up so easy-doesn’t make sense to me from an evolutionary viewpoint….

  4. Rose
    Rose says:

    Eben, wishing you, your loved ones, and your readers, a beautiful, inspiring and fulfilling New Year!

    Love, Light and Blessings to everyone.


  5. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    My father unexpectedly passed away on December 26th. I had read Proof of Heaven last year and it truly changed the way I look at life and death. Thank you so much. I’m able to be more at peace with his passing than I would have been had I not read your book. Can’t wait to read your other ones!!

    • Rose
      Rose says:

      My heart goes out to you in your time of grief and loss. I also lost my Father and it was hard, even though I knew he had made the transition to spirit. He let me know he was still around about a week after his death. While watching the film “City of Angels” with a friend, who was there comforting me ; he flicked the lights in the front hall way on and off to get our attention. Once we declared out loud that we knew it was him; he stopped playing with the lights. I knew it was him and it gave me a lot of comfort.

      In time your beloved father may make visits to you in dreams, or in other unique ways, that make you know its him.

      Eben’s incredible, moving and inspiring book, sheds light and hope for humanity; that death is just a transition into the eternal life of spirit.

      Healing love, light and blessings to you.


  6. Ian Clark
    Ian Clark says:

    I had my own NDE, it has differences but simular in so many ways. I have the same sense of the true meaning of reality,I was in a real place but realer than this physical one. I was told science has the answers and I was compelled to talk to people about and tell them not to worry,to live happily and not fret. All is well. Peace,understanding and love to all.

  7. Sheila Bailey
    Sheila Bailey says:

    Dear Eben

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story on U Tube (which I watched by accident last evening). This resonated so much with me, I felt I must share with you my experience and am so glad to have found the site. My husband, a medical doctor and scientist, died last March. We had been married for 64 years. I then opened a small box of letters he had sent to me before my 21st birthday, in 1953, which had been taped up and put away since that time. I decided to transcribe them on to my computer for our family ( I had the previous week written his obituary for some societies (including the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine who put it on their website at :
     https://rstmh.org/blog/2017/sep/19/dr-neville-martin-bailey-md-msc-dph-1930-2017. together with his DPH Thesis – Co-operation in Family Care which I had also transcribed during that month.)

    One evening – missing him so much – I had re copied into ‘Notes’ a part of two of his dear letters to me, leaving a gap, and later I found I had written four lines of something very strange: It was in capitals and so stood out. I was puzzled for a few weeks because, brought up a Catholic I would say ‘God is love” Then I thought to google the phrases and found so many references – some of authors that he really valued, and it I realised it was a message from my dear Neville. Typically it was a tease and a puzzle for me. (We always did crosswords together and he sometimes accused me of having a devious mind). He also had put just one record in our player for me before he went back to hospital for the last time and now whenever I hear in my mind snatches of it (Bruch’s Violin Concerto) I feel his dear presence is with me.

    And you will see it is differentiated because it is in caps.

    “Darling I could be happy a whole eternity with you – a life is far too short – I can survive leaving you only because I know that there is always a next time. Parting is such sweet sorrow. If there were to be no next time, my life would not be worth living”.


    “My dear kind gentle darling, may the time soon come when my great craving for satisfaction, a craving which knows no satisfaction but you, may find it’s home, it’s resting place, in you. My darling, I could take you in my arms this very minute were you here, and keep you there in one long embrace, kissing and holding you close for so long that by the time I had just started to show you how much I really do love you – only just started mind – one hundred thousand years would have just gone by, and I should still be clasping you close. Such is my love for you.

    Love, I have just had a moment’s rest from writing and spent it in meditating on our love for each other and I have decided that it can’t adequately be expressed in writing, and even if you were here, seated beside me, as I wish you were, I would still be unable to express it most inadequately in words.

    True love such as ours can only find expression, full expression, in actions: little actions of kindness and courtesy, the one for the other; little actions of grace and of beauty, of mutual kindness and consideration, of living together as one, occupying one life instead of two, one existence instead of two, of giving all and of taking all, of doing nothing, whatever it is and where ever you do it, but that it would give happiness to the other if they were to know what was being done. And big actions of love too, built on a sure and solid foundation of little ones. Such is true love. Big actions of love built in such a way must be so big and all consuming that they are bigger by far than the two individuals separately, who give all that they have to make them”.

    I feel at the moment as if I could go on writing in a similar vein all day but it is an hour and a quarter since I started writing this morning and if I go on writing too much it will cost a small fortune in stamps to post this letter! And also more important, the risk of boring you.

    On looking out of the window I see that it is a little brighter, so I shall walk down into the town before lunch and post this letter at the local post office”.

    This was sent to me in 1953, but the phrases written in capitals on my computer were brand new.

    I feel I should also share with you the fact that sometimes – especially if I was concerned about him, or the children, or our Irish Setter. I would look and be able to see them for a brief glimpse. One dramatic time he was going for an interview for an appointment as Chief Medical Officer to the Isle of Man Government. I knew his appointment was scheduled for 2pm and I was thinking of him when I suddenly ‘saw’ him in his best suit but with his jacket over his arm and his braces showing! It seemed a crazy thought because he was always so proper on formal occasions. But then I ‘saw’ him looking into a shop window at 2pm – the time for his appointment. (He hated shopping and would never ‘window-shop) When he rang that evening to say he had been offered the appointment he told me that his interview had been re-scheuled for the morning and he’d been asked to come back later when all the interview had finished. He said it was a ‘stinking hot day’ and he had walked along the promenade thinking that no-one knew him and so had taken off his jacket and carried it over his arm and at 2 o’clock he had been looking at prices of houses in an estate agents window in case he was offered the job.
    When our eldest daughter was going off to medical school she asked me to promise not to try to ‘see her’ or she would never have a moment’s peace!
    You may be able to understand how such ‘second sight’ might work. I’m just glad I’m not living in the Middle Ages or I would surely be called a witch. I should say that I have just completed an Alternative MBA with Seth Godin and his team of coaches and been give their ‘Perkins Award’ (so named for Frances Perkins who was the first woman appointed to a U.S. cabinet post and the longest-serving Secretary of Labor`) so I can feel reasonably confident that I am still ‘compos mentis’.
    Thank you for your loving sharing of your amazing experience and thoughts
    Sheila Bailey, FRSA, FIoD, AltMBA

    • Rose Bohemianne
      Rose Bohemianne says:

      Your husband has such a beautiful and tender soul. He sounds like a remarkable and noble man. From his letters to you; it is clear that you shared a very precious, magical, beautiful tender sweet and eternal love.

      I am so sorry for the loss of your husband in this life. I believe that you two will be reunited in spirit and go on to be together for many lifetimes.

      Your love for each other is the kind that inspires and lifts peoples hearts. Perhaps you might consider to write a story or a book about your love and life together. It potentially would make for a beautiful film story.

      Wishing you much love and many blessings in your life.
      💖 🌹🌈



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