Today, Thursday November 16, 2017, marks the ninth anniversary of my return to the world after a seven-day coma due to bacterial meningitis – an illness that my doctors agreed most likely should have killed me. Their evidence that the human part of my brain, the neocortex, was too badly incapacitated for anything but the most primitive conscious awareness proved to be incompatible with the extraordinary experience I witnessed deep in coma, with features consistent with similar human experiences reported over millennia.

Of course, I have come to see my miraculous recovery and the extraordinary experience I witnessed deep in coma as a beautiful gift to be shared with the world. As my medical colleagues agreed, such a journey could not be simply dismissed as a hallucination, drug effect or dream because of the documented damage to my neocortex. My first book, Proof of Heaven (Simon & Schuster, 2012), marked the initial step in that reporting, but it represents a question mark in my journey, more than any kind of actual answer. Millions of people realized it represented a confirmation of an infinitely loving force at the creative source of our lives, but the deeper nature of that love remained elusive. But, as a scientist, I now had a far grander vision of the cosmos from my personal experience, one that demanded explanation. Such understanding did not result from the experience itself, but has necessitated a lifetime path of integrating my understanding of all such evidence from within the framework of science. Thus, I bask in my ongoing journey, which parallels the revelations coming to the scientific world in our ongoing voyage of discovery around the very nature of consciousness itself.

I have learned so much in the nine years since first awakening, in a journey of discovery, documented in my latest book, Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (Rodale Books, 2017), that has involved thousands of other people around this planet, including many of the brilliant and courageous scientists who are addressing the deep mystery of consciousness – of the relationship between mind and brain. This voyage of discovery is of crucial value to us all, because many of our conclusions about the nature of reality hinge on the direction in which the mind-body debate flows.

The answer emerging from the scientific study of the nature of consciousness is one that is contrary to the prevailing views of conventional materialist neuroscience (and thus of our culture at large), and in ways that are most exciting and bring cause for great hope and optimism for the human race. They suggest that we are all truly bound together experiencing life within the One Mind, a source of unbounded love, comfort and purpose. The greatest commonality between the world’s religious systems, that we should “do unto others as we would wish done unto ourselves,” seems to be written into the very fabric of this loving force that binds the universe together through consciousness itself. Our free will choices are crucial in defining the larger course of our lives, and especially in contributing to the universal evolution of consciousness itself. We will reap what we sow, and thus should adhere as best as possible to the golden rule stated above.

However, science and spirituality remain stuck in their current impasses, unless they are to be wed together, which is their true destiny. We live in an age when that marriage becomes a very real possibility. My effort to catalyze that hopeful vision comes in the form of my just-released book, Living in a Mindful Universe, co-authored with my life partner, Karen Newell. We are very optimistic that it represents “proof of heaven” for the rest of us – for open-minded skeptics, and for those who might not have read a book with the word “heaven” in the title. Of course, it also deeply confirms the beliefs that many have in an afterlife, of the connectedness of our souls that outlasts the death of the physical body, and especially in an infinitely loving God. But now, the support comes mainly from science (especially quantum physics, which essentially demands this spiritual truth) and from the analysis of extraordinary human experience and examination of the very fundament of consciousness itself.  As Werner Heisenberg (1901 – 1976), winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1932, so famously said: “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

The companion online workbook to our new book is a completely free 33-day email course that includes a major topic of the book sent out each day, with an accompanying practice, and on many days additional resources (such as links to other books and articles, and also four Sacred Acoustics audio recordings to help people achieve deep states of transcendental conscious awareness, connecting with that primordial mind). The best part of the 33-day course is that individuals from all over the world (given the translate function available on the page to offer it to speakers of many languages) share comments and experiences on each page – a beautiful growing community of like-minded seekers from around the globe.

So, in reflecting on my return to this beautiful and loving world nine years ago today, I am comforted to be sharing the growing comprehension of my journey with the world, as humanity finally rises up to the beauty of our shared destiny – one that offers hope and promise of a better world just beginning to dawn, one of peace, harmony, and fellowship to every being in existence.

Peace and blessings to you all!

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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    I want to believe such an amazing story, but the materialist mind set still pounds my brain. I’m suffering ill health, part of it being from self destructive behaviour, I know I don’t have much time left. I lived my life treating others with love and compassion, but I didn’t seem to extend that to myself, I wonder if I had lived in a more spiritually minded world and less materialistic, whether I would have loved myself more. I hope you’re right doctor, I really do.

    • Lynn
      Lynn says:

      Hi Lee,
      Wondering, how are you doing these months later? Are you feeling any better? Have you been treating “yourself” any better? Hard part, right?
      The best to you and yours…

  2. Peter Anthony, JSC
    Peter Anthony, JSC says:

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel, Dr. Alexander! I will pray through the intercession of Br. Richard Paul Andre, JSC, RN that you at last make the great “leap of faith” – which, truth-be-told, there is only limited evidence thereof – but when you do, your next book will be right up there with the great books! You can expect such a transformation, once you leap head first into you soul! Respectfully and prayerfully submitted – Fr. Peter Anthony, JSC –

  3. Peter Anthony, JSC
    Peter Anthony, JSC says:

    The great hope is that we all exist in the mind and heart of God – that is why love is our foundation because God is love! He has revealed through his WORDMADEFLESH we call him Jesus the Christ – that for those who have passed the test of applying faith in this Son, that there will be an unending life of bliss unimagined in a new heavens and new earth. The very fact that NDE’ers have a “positive experience” is because the Death/Resurrection/Ascension of Jesus is a fact. The “sting of death” was destroyed by Him, any sinfulness that we commit as we “test the faith” is truly forgiven by Him, mankind as a whole is no longer subject to eternal death, and in fact quite the opposite, to an unimaginable life in a new Paradise is because of Him – and more and more – so- the bottom line in that those souls now separated from their bodies are only in a temporary dimension of existence – when our bodies are returned at the end of time – and the Final Judgment on the “test of faith” is applied, then we will live the fullness of human life that Jesus now models – in a glorified soul/body composite forever! HOPE ABOUNDS FOR THOSE WHO SIMPLY BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE, or even the first stage: believing that is might be true!
    for dialogue on this topic

  4. Rev Fr. William Dinga
    Rev Fr. William Dinga says:

    Dr Alexander’s current work, as a result of his amazing NDE, seems to have been planned by God from all eternity – to happen at this particular stage in human history, and the history of salvation. His work centers on human consciousness, with all that it contains, thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, wonder, awe, and the energy and impetus to use the vast amounts of intellectual powers and reasoning that have to this point been stifled by life in the body; and its ability to survive being separated from the body. I also propose that this element is one of a great many keys to unlocking the mysteries of Salvation History in its completeness. A great dialogue awaits the convergence of human and salvation history: and to this point I would absolutely love to see – in an arena that could be filled – a presentation and panel discussion with the audience – between Dr. Eben Alexander, and Bishop Robert Barron, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles – who is by far an equivalent or better of the great orator, preacher and teacher Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. And since I am practically a neighbor of yours, Dr. Alexander as I live in Short Pump, Glen Allen VA – I propose a Southern Virginia venue! Just food to thought! The “fullness of everything” you are right – is right around the corner! I can’t wait for inauguration day!!!

  5. Donna Torre
    Donna Torre says:

    I happened up on your book Proof Of Heaven and I have not been able to put it down. Mind you, I would not consider myself an avid book reader, if anything I would read a book if I was “made to” by route of education or in an attempt to heal myself in self help therapy. However, this book has both changed my perspective of life and heaven but more importantly reaffirmed some of the things that my late mother told me while she was in her earthly body as well as the emotional conversation I have felt from her while in her heavenly body. I wont go into details on this blog, however trust me when I say that I believe whole heartedly that you have touched the realm of heaven. Thank you for sharing this gift and reconfirming that God is love, God is with us, God is all encompassing, God is forgiveness, God is in us. You have inspired me to write down my own stories when I have heard that still voice speak to me and to my mother before she passed. Thank you.

  6. Sandy Henry
    Sandy Henry says:

    Dr Eben Alexander,
    Your book Proof of Heaven was life changing for me. When you described Heaven as being in another realm and not some far away place it was very profound.
    Very touching about your sister. Forever changed my view of butterflies.
    Can you tell me if you think we’ll see our beloved pets? I’m a nurse by day and an animal advocate by
    Do you think our physical bodies will rise again and join our spiritual in the second coming of Jesus?
    How can we help a non believer?
    Thank you Eben for sharing your beautiful journey and Proof of Heaven.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Sandy, in regard to your question on animals, let me reassure you that our pets do continue on. My daughter took over the care of Cleo, our German Shepherd. After some years of a happy life together, Cleo had to be put to sleep as she had a stroke. This must have been about five years ago. Since then, she has visited with me, woken me up early in the morning, with a snort and rubbed her nose on my leg. Revealed herself by her own smell, I even saw her one time, just the back half of her body! Many years ago, whilst drifting off into an afternoon nap, I had delivered a baby recently. As I sat quietly snoozing, lo and behold a little black Scottish terrier sat in front of me, wagging a tail. I patted my lap and encouraged her to come closer. She didn’t and then I woke up. I asked my mother in law, who was staying with us, who had this little doggy and she confirmed this was Peggy, who they looked after many years ago. Just a couple of examples, so take heart. Love/ Blessings, Margaret.

    • Rev Fr. William Dinga
      Rev Fr. William Dinga says:

      I am new to Dr. Alexander’s first book: Proof of Heaven. It came at a time when someone very significant to me transitioned to the eternal state, separating from his body on Feb 5 of this year. After going through and initial 4 months grieving process – a phenomenon that is quite healing in the long run – i began to awaken into a new awareness of the reality of the real connection between faith and science, God and his Creation, Jesus and his invitation to His Wedding Day when he will marry his Bride, the New People of Israel – the Church – and then all will be all in Him, and with him we all – billions and billions of us will live forever with him deep in “the Core” – deep in His Father’s Heart! – Yes, a general resurrection will happen when Jesus returns as he promised – our bodies will be joined to us again – but they will be of the glorified kind and type that Jesus himself attained and modeled at his own resurrection to this newness of life. Dr. Alexander’s book just put and exclamation point that most people need to make the leap into this new world – of the new heaven and the new earth. This book very much provides a beautiful link between body and soul, death and life, the Trinity and the reality of LOVE as the primordial subatomic pulsation that had no beginning nor will have an end – and which God contributes to each individual and the moment of conception! WOW!!

  7. Maryann Beahn
    Maryann Beahn says:

    I just wanted to thank you, because of you and your story, I can’t get enough education about NDE’s. I never had one but I love to hear about the people who have .

  8. Ian Clark
    Ian Clark says:

    Read your first book and felt i had to recount my NDE…
    Hello Dr Alexander, I have just finished your Proof of Heaven book, I read it nonstop,cover to cover. I feel that I should recount my NDE experience and give a short description of my life events.
    My life has been hard, dont get this wrong I had many wonderful moments. Im qualified in network design and implementation and software engineering. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, I city I see you know in your book, which is in an area where we local people are regarded as very friendly but is starved of the industry in which we excelled. Money is tight. I do realise that i live like a king compared to a lot of people in this world.
    I am in no way holy and far from being a pillar of the establishment. I was a wild youngster, drink,drugs,fighting and had no real respect for anything or anyone but myself. I met a wonderful lady called Terry, her compassion and love had me from the word go. We married, struggling for jobs and money for years until i landed a job that had prospects, I worked hard and thrived and was promoted. My world was ripped apart when Terry developed a brain tumor and died at the age of 32. My heart was ripped out when I told my two young children that their mother was in heaven, I believed it to be true but had doubts in my heart, it seemed too fantastic to be true. Bouts of the darkest depression came to me, each one nearly destroying me, horrible black despair, at intervals over decades. I slipped back into drink and drugs, lost and lonely without my soulmate by my side. I became petty and mean, didnt even care about myself anymore.
    My NDE.
    I suffered a very nasty late anterior STEMI heart attack that damaged my right ventrical, valves, it destroyed some of my left side heart muscle and ruptured the septum between the ventricals. I was taken to the freeman hospital and the surgeon informed me it was 50/50 my surviving the open heart operation, I didnt care, death seemed more attractive, life had seemed like war, an unwinnable war at that. I was tired and wounded and needed rest. My sister said the doctor told her that my survival would boil down my will to live, she instant felt I was lost to them.
    My counciousness awoke, where is this place. I was enclosed in darkness, to the front of me in the darkness a strange defused and very alluring light seemed to attract my attention. Where am I, its real but bizzare. I wondered what was behind me, instantly I saw it was pitch black and saw a small white dot. I wondered what it was and saw an operating theate and surgeons. Instantly I was looking forward again, this is death I thought. I became aware of company, I slowly moved my attention down and to my right and a strange face started to appear, I snapped back forward, friend or foe. I was somehow instantly offered great strength and rage, a chance at my enemy (if indeed it was my enemy). I considered and was tempted but thought ‘what will this prove or remedy’. Nothing I thought, I felt the presence move behind me to my right. I was compelled to focus on the defused light area which seemed to give the impression of being in what I called ‘my orb’. Without effort I glided , and with a bit of concern but no fear , towards this strange light. Patterns appeared,like finely woven cloth,the pattern grew and grew as I was drawn towards it. It was massive and I entered into it,it seemed to fold around me and carry me to what appeared a small place compared to the scale of what I was seeing. Something was emerging, in fact I can recall five things arising but this first one had my attention. It grew,swirling colours, it had meaning, it showed me new colours, incredible ones, it seemed to be singing or talking directly into me. It started to show me vast amounts of information and love, everything, instantly there,I understood. All this time the other four were doing likewise to me and the sense of joy and above all fun was incredible. I remember laughing,I was still me,an adult but the real me. I understood, im immortal, I knew that place i was in is my real home. I laughed and laughed ‘how can this be true I thought, Why did I have to live a physical life’, because you do, it is of no concern to you was the reply. I accepted this and laughed even more, it was incredible. I felt the presence of a larger more adult feeling spirit behind me to my right, it was smiling and loved me, I never looked at it but sensed it was so.
    Suddenly I was sitting in a lush field of grass, I now recognise that patch as being outside my old family house, the place that my older brothers met their friends in the street to play.Where they had taken me in my first ever journey outside the safety of my own home for the first time, where i formed (reformed?)my first true friendships. A place of true innocence, joy, discovery and wonder. Its time to go back I realised.
    Whoosh….. Two humaniod figures which were transfering information between them very rapidly, I couldnt understand. They had form but no features at all, like shadows.
    Whoosh…. I was in a large structure, industrial looking and vast.Every detail intricate and wonderful. Across from me I saw an arch, on the floor was what appeared to be a human,limbs and body severed and placed on the floor. I must state now no fear or pain was involved in any of my experience. I saw an arched door, inside the main arch, which was slightly ajar and emitted light. I heard words of sorrow and discussion.
    Whoosh… where was I, three figures, one with a radiant smile, ‘Am I back I was asking, meaning Earth. I later found out my sister was their with two nurses when I awoke and she said I was asking if I was still here (on Earth).

    I awoke in ITU with every part of my experience embedded in me. I cant tell people what ive experienced they will think im mad. However like yourself I had to tell people the news, dont fear death it is not the end. Tell what fantastic creatures we are and the joy and fun to come. My experience was realer than real, I was more alive and aware than I had felt in this physical existence, I knew it, it was the real me. Like you I was made aware that science was the key to proof, that science will prove how we can truly believe in our eternal spirits. My children, family and friends immediately saw the change in me, my eyes sparkled, I had patience, but above all i had real peace for the first time in decades,as my daughter said,’ you were shinning like a new man’.
    My words go nowhere near what i saw, the human voice cannot express such scenes but believe me, it was real and extremely vivid. I saw and learnt much more than I am able to recount. I thank whatever force showed me mercy and eased my suffering with all my body and soul. Im a changed man. Be assured if you doubt that the impossible is not only possible but awaits us all. Have no fear, your in the safe hands. A new age of understanding is coming to us on Earth, its time to heal humanity.

    The Aftermath…
    I regret not seeing Terry, my soulmate, but if I had I wouldnt have come back. I would have fought angels to the real death to prevent it such is my love for her.
    My family has in this last year suffered major emotional shock. My Second wife Marilyn (we divorced but became great friends,she had a huge heart filled with love for humanity) died, NO went home, just after christmas. Her son,my stepson Micheal, returned home on new years day. My Aunt went, a very much loved member of my family, then my father, my brother and sadly for us here my granddaughter Sydney aged 12 went home 2 weeks ago, a year to the day of Marilyn leaving.
    I started regretting surviving my operation however on reflection im glad i did survive, im glad i told my family my experience. They know it is not some defence mechanism that my brain has constructed as a shield, it has brought them hope and some peace i hope. They know Syd (or moneyshoes as i called her,long story) is safe and happy in the arms of an angel,her grandmother Terry. My depression has tried attacking me, I get hurt but it cant torture me anymore. I try (and often fail) to be a better person,have consideration and love for others,but i try and thats the point. My world started to fill with fear when Syd left us,fear for her and all our family but more so for my daughter Jade and kids. the thought, ‘you have seen the truth of true reality how much proof do you need’ instantly sprang to mind. This was not told in an angry way but with love. Likewise when I prayed for a miracle i was instantly told ( instantly knew in a way) that I had many miracles in life,to be grateful for the love in my life and that that love would never be taken from me.
    Be assured that life is not a straight line with start and end points. I believe our physical lives are a return journey to our true selfs. I think science screams this at us if only we truly open our minds.
    Wishing all love and peace of mind. Dont worry or fret, we are in the hands of something that loves us all deeply.
    Ian Clark

  9. Philip
    Philip says:

    I’ll be 60 in several months and have lived a good yet non christian type life by Christian standards. Was blessed to have been raised by two loving parents less than 100 miles south of where Dr Alexander grew up. I’m also blessed have 2 beautiful children, now nearly grown. I read and loved “Proof of Heaven” and should wrap up Map of Heaven soon. I gave my friend, dying of cancer “Proof of Heaven” and will turn over “Map of Heaven” upon finishing it.
    When I was 12 yrs old and doing things I had no business doing, I had what I now believe to have been an out of body experience so horrific that my life was turned upside down many yrs afterward. The experience was the exact opposite of the positive NDE or OBE wonderous experiences I’ve read so much of. The whole horrific experience lasted less than a minute yet felt like a life time. I found my self in a dark place somewhat like that of the black vacuum of space, completely paralyzed. It was completely void of love and compassion. It was loneliness multiplied by a million and there was no doubt “in my mind”, that my previous life up to that point had just been a beautiful dream and I had awaken in this horrific hellish lonely “yet familiar” place to which I knew would be my eternity. I remember asking for Jesus to help me before coming back to life as I knew it.
    The experience was so frightening it turned my world upside down. I told very few out of fear and embarrassment. It took many yrs to over come the anxiety of it happening again. I’ve read very little of hellish experiences other than the Christian tv program “CBN” type which seemed, pale in comparison to my experience. Would love to hear from others regarding these hellish experiences. Would love to get the good Dr’s take on how these extremely unheavenly OBE’s or NDE’s fit into the realm of things. I’d so like spend eternity with my loved ones in a wonderful place such as heaven. Philip

  10. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Hello Dr Alexander, I’m currently reading your book Proof of Heaven that I came across in a charity bookshop in the summer. It’s been many years since I pondered the question of life after death; in fact, I’ve called myself an atheist for a long time.
    I pushed to the back of my mind the OBEs I experienced whilst lucid dreaming but now your words have brought it all back to me.
    Thank you for the reminder and for putting me back on the path once more. Onwards and upwards!
    Happy New Year.

  11. Beth
    Beth says:

    Dr. Alexander,

    I was introduced to your first book a couple of years ago by a friend as I was struggling, for different reasons, with my mother’s death. I read it, was comforted, and that was that, didn’t really think anymore of it. I “stumbled” back upon it recently and visited some of your speeches via YouTube. My interest is of a spiritual nature, gleaning for more than what my southern baptist upbringing had to offer. Your ties to Virginia, and the fact that you were living in Lynchburg at the time of your illness, drew me in even more as I am a Virginian myself. I graduated from a branch of UVA in the hills of southwest Virginia in 1988. I just purchased your latest book and am in the process of reading it. You are correct in the Introduction of this book…one might want to start with chapter 6, unless you are of a scientific mind and open to realms way beyond the small thinking I have been raised with :). I just want to thank you for what God has opened up to me through you. It’s definitely too much to list here, and I pray it’s only the beginning. Blessings to you on your continued journey, and to those of us who have, and will continue to be, enlightened because of it.

  12. Tom Mayer
    Tom Mayer says:

    Dr. Alexander
    I have asked my youngest son Steve to order 3 copies of your latest book especially for family members that are gifted scholars. I myself find “Map of Heaven” to be so close to my lifelong search for God that it has been life changing personally. Tom Mayer

  13. Lubov
    Lubov says:

    Dear doctor, I am your colleague.
    I read about your experience.
    Find a way to visit mount Athos.
    Much still open.
    With God!

  14. Janet
    Janet says:

    To all:
    I was a teen reading about NDE’s and the first work on the subject, controversial as it was at the time. I have believed that we existed before arriving. Mainly, I believe this because the physical uniting of an egg and a sperm produces a soul, with each baby arriving with a personality and nature of its own, even in identical twins. For me this is a soul arriving in a physical body and then departing into another existence, also of its own unique nature.

    The concept of being of one mind and one spirit – all humanity of oneness – is difficult for me to comprehend just as eternity is unfathomable. In addition, meditation seems to escape me as well as my mind runs into the practical thoughts of the day. Of course, I realize that is my own limitation because spiritual experiences are very real.

    I would like to attend one of the meetings to try to experience the level of mindfulness that others talk about.

  15. hamed tavana
    hamed tavana says:

    Hello and thanks to Dr. Alexander
    The path you have left is, in our opinion, a universal route, and one day everyone will go through it and will reach the center of love and well-being.
    This great path has been described by us as divine messengers for us in the past. However, their teachings were captured by the understanding of the people and the changes that the ignorant created.
    But its foundations are still in many religions and schools.
    Your attempt to bring the religious and scientific outlook closer to the problem of self-awareness is worthy of praise. We also think that the combination of these two great sources of knowledge is more fruitful. In this difficult way, he should not listen to the words of the fanatics, but he must continue the difficult path for the great cause.
    We will help as much as we can, although this assistance is negligible.
    Good luck
    Wishing everyone to join wisdom and love

  16. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Thank you Dear Karen and Eben for uniting us in the West Country of UK last night. It was a joy to attend with my friend and daughter. These discussion pages are such a lovely avenue for us all to keep a connection with each reader and followers of your teaching and lectures. I would like to answer a few comments, if I may and it ties in with some of Mark Sanders questions. In regard to reincarnation, choosing parents and the gruesome death of babies etc. The way I understand it, similar to Eben’s experience, we are spiritual energy derived from God, the spirit of all Loving and Living Consciousness. We are told that God wishes to learn of Itself within that which It created; forming us to live on certain planets, embarking on certain dramas, scenarios and so forth. But our physical energy, decision making and part of the discovery can cause many hiccoughs, disasters, trauma, really grim stuff. The human element of our existence can be so selfish, cruel, greedy and completely lost in what is some very dark intent to perhaps thwart the Plan. Last night before the program started in Bristol, I was aware of my Mother, could see her dress and feel her personality. During the meditation, my daughter saw her husband who died this year. She and I agreed that they showed only their most recent persona and like us all are adventurous spirits, energy that swirls, explores investigates, contributing to the whole Universe. The personalities are the stage characters as well as the audience. That being so, and when the Light goes on, nothing can stop us. It has taken me nearly eighty decades to reach this conclusion, going through all sorts of angles to grow my Spirit. I have been affected by others as they have been affected by me. My work has been to care for others in terminal stages and I am still available as a Soul Midwife, the scenarios I have witnessed would make a wonderful film! Re, proof, such as notes, items etc left in places that can only be seen by a rising spirit going through an NDE. I believe that has been tried by various clinical investigators. Much love to all, Margaret.

  17. Linda
    Linda says:

    I would like to know how the concept of the divinity of Jesus fits into what you are learning. MY Christian friends say a person has to accept Jesus as his personal savior in order to go to heaven. I am very open minded and would like to know.

    • Eben Alexander III MD
      Eben Alexander III MD says:

      The important thing is to walk the walk — that is, to live the life that Christ exemplified, because he resonated identically with the deep universal truth of pure love and oneness. “The kingdom lies within us all” and “These things and even greater you shall do” were Christ’s expressions that we all are Christ-like children of God. Amazing how so many falsely believe they can be very un-Christian in their lives, yet by claiming to believe in Christ they escape the destiny of having to reap what they sow (which one cannot escape — the universe is very just, and in this process of soul school, we learn the lessons of love in our life review, if we haven’t learned them before — where we feel any love, or pain and hatred, that we have given out to others over our lifetime — hence the powerful lesson “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself,” the fundamental tenet of many great religious systems.

  18. Anita Biers
    Anita Biers says:

    In many ways I consider myself an agnostic, although I believe in the metaphysical world without the complications of religion. However, many years ago after I had my daughter I was extremely depressed and wanted to die.Now, after many years of believing I was dreaming, I realize I had an OBE (out of body experience). Still living at my moms, I was laying on the couch, feeling very sad and thought I was asleep, when suddenly I was in the kitchen (in an entirely different room) and looking down from the ceiling at my mother doing the dishes. I tried to talk to her but nothing would come out. Suddenly I was back in the dark livingroom, laying down, but I felt stiff. I tried to say “help me” but nothing would come out. My body felt like a rock. Suddenly I became warm and was able to move. I sat straight up and could speak. I hurried into the kitchen where my mother was doing dishes. For many years I passed this off as a dream.

    Another time, when my daughter was in the hospital and due for a critical surgery the next day, I had another strange experience. The doctor had called me to tell me that her temperature had risen and it if didn’t go down he would not be able to do the surgery which was critical for her survival. “It doesn’t look good.” He said. I was so scared. I don’t know how I fell asleep that night but suddenly I was awoken by a loud knocking (more like a booming). Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. I shot up in bed. My two cats seemed startled. Again the sound. Very loud, like someone banging a huge drum. It literally shook the house yet nothing moved. As I walked in the hallway the sound seemed to lighten, then trail off, like the end of a song. I was afraid to open the door, although I knew no one knocking on my door could have made that sound because it was a tin door ( I lived in an old mobile home). The sound was gone. Of course no one was at the door. I shuddered and went back to bed. I really couldn’t sleep and that was about 3 a.m. I called the hospital at 6:30 and was told that somehow during the middle of the night my daughter’s temperature suddenly went down and they could do the surgery. I felt I had been told that in the way of another world. I will never forget that and that is how I know another dimension exists.

  19. Liz
    Liz says:

    Finished your book a couple days ago. Was drawn to your website tonight, not knowing it was a special day for you. I’m telling all my friends about this. Thank you for bring light into this dark world.

  20. Antoinette Atanasoff
    Antoinette Atanasoff says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Eben. The experience/awakening was meant to be so you as a doctor/scientist/humanitarian could share the Truth with the world – that we are truly ONE, that there is nothing but Love in the Universe and we as One, are to express this Love creatively in the world. As the old structures and way of thinking and doing are toppling you are showing us with others who are awakened a journey without fear and darkness. Love your latest book and how a scientific mind and a spiritual mind can join, merge and easily open our minds to take the leap of faith across the chasm of doubt and darkness into Light and Joy. Thank you and Karen for your Love and courage and beauty of spirit. Blessings.

  21. Karen Hornby
    Karen Hornby says:

    I am elated to be part of this world view. This work you are called to do has resonance and humility. thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your story and healing to us.

  22. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Never once did I check your twitter nor did I become aware of the twitter icon on top of your website. But today, I was somehow steered to your website and saw the twitter icon for the first time, clicked it and by reading your tweet I realized how special this day is to you. Congratulations! It was very tough, but you kept going, knowing you’ll be guided and surrounded by light and love. Thank you Eben for your courage and service to humanity, you are having tremendous reach and impact!

  23. Susan
    Susan says:

    Dr. Alexander – you have been a gift to the world and the rest of us who have had life time haunting experiences with our consciousness.Thank-you!!

  24. Sue Cowley
    Sue Cowley says:

    Thank you Dr Alexander for having the courage to share you NDE with a sceptical world. Keep spreading the word and bringing the knowledge of the all encompassing love of the Creator to as large an audience as possible. It really is ‘The dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’

  25. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Happy ReBirthday Eben! I am also reflective of mine on Feb 22, 1992, the night my daughter was born & I died, & returned again. That ultra reality, as you phrased it so accurately has remained with me all these years. In fact there are many events throughout my life I can often barely recall with such clarity. But that night remains as real as if it happened today. Thank you for your insights & observations that you are so willing to share with the rest of us.

  26. Marc Sanders
    Marc Sanders says:

    I’m reading the book for the second time now. As an atheist and materialist it has given me new hope and new insights in essence of consciousness. Although I can see much sense in the explanation of a conscious universe (through quantum physics) and Dr. Alexander having had this profound experience, some questions still remain.
    Where does our character come from? Is the character we develop in our lives the same as our consciousness? because much of our character we inherit from our parents, so there is also a biological factor here, isn’t there?
    Dr. Alexander writes he met his biological sister in the afterlife. That raises the question: how are souls connected? Meeting a biological relative whom you have never met does not make much sense to me. Can you explain that?
    Finally, souls seem to choose whether they are reincarnated and can even choose their parents. How about babies in war torn countries that have gruesome deaths, or people that have terrible lives and deaths in concentration camps or wars? Were these choices made by the soul? I have difficulty seeing the sense in that.
    I try to keep an open mind and your book absolutely helps. I have met Dr Pim van Lommel last year after having read his book. That was also very inspiring.
    One more thing: NDE’s are experienced while the brain does not function. That, of course, is not the same as real death. Is it possible that the brain creates these profound experiences but our technology is not yet able to detect this? I have not heard about that possibility.
    Really finally…:-)…Out of body experiences: why is it so difficult to really prove this? Why can’t all hospitals have a shelf in the ER on the wall above a bed in which patients with a cardiac arrest get treated? And on that shelf you place a text or object that the patient can’t see from his bed. If people really float above their body and they can tell what object text they saw, you can actually get real proof. The fact that this does not seem to happen or we don’t hear any results makes me remain sceptical towards these stories.
    Many questions remain. I hope science will get some real answers in the near future. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your responses / views on these matters.
    Marc Sanders, Netherlands

    • Bette Wester
      Bette Wester says:

      Marc, the good news is that you are searching for answers to your questions; otherwise you would never find them. My experience was not an NDE, but standing in deep prayer over my son, when I sensed the release of my spiritual body from my physical body (only enough that I noticed that I didn’t feel my clothing or anything physical). At that time I could see kind of an oval portal through which I could see, which I later heard an NDE say they were told yhe were “Saints”. All I was shown was the stream of heavenly bodies…all the same, drifting slowly forward and upward tward an out of my view, and they were singing praises in the most indescribably beautiful sound. Then when my husband came to the door, I notice I was back to the usually physical senses. My son was healed that night from having grand maul seizures on an almost daily basis for 15 years…that was 11 years ago. Seek and you shall find. Love to you.

      • A. Irving Rosenberg
        A. Irving Rosenberg says:

        I admire all you have done so far after your wonderful experience. I hope you had a chance to review the concepts similar to yours and some even more “far out” in book by P.M.H. Atwater: A Manual for Developing Humans. She talks about a Super Animate Spirit World involving novel concepts of gravity, time and light and an “in-between realm” between spirit and matter. Good luck in all your endeavors. A. Irving Rosenberg, Esq. ” Author of Mind According to Logos” my book.

    • H. Dieter Steklis
      H. Dieter Steklis says:

      Like you, I remain skeptical too about certain aspects of “surviving” physical death, especially as reported by those who have had near death experiences. For example, there is now evidence from rats to show that at the moment of death the brain goes into functional “overdrive” with unusual release of several neurotransmitters, including DMT which has in people been linked to states of consciousness remarkably similar to the near death experiences. DMT induces a feeling, for example, that the reality experienced under its influence is “real’ or more real than ordinary reality–a common report by NDErs. Vivid colors, out-of-body experiences, and feeling loved are also part of the DMT effects. These experiments don’t disprove the NDE experience as a genuine taste of the afterlife, but they are also compatible with a non-spiritual (i.e., physicalist) interpretation of an NDE.
      BTW, I am struck by your name because a dear philosopher friend of mine from Princeton, NJ, who passed away several years ago, had the same name–Marc Sanders! Strange…

    • Louanne Headrick
      Louanne Headrick says:

      Marc, I can relate two shorts from books I have read that answers to your item on a high shelf. The first is an NDE where the soul escaped out of a 5th floor hospital window, was met by two guides who began to take her on her way. As the swooshed over the hospital, she strangely noted a red tennis shoe on the roof of the hospital. After she was back in her body she reported the red tennis shoe and sure enough it was found.
      The second impressed me because I am an RN. It is the story of someone having surgery who died on the table, experienced a NDE, but before leaving the surgical room she hovered over her body. After being back in her body, she reported to the staff that they’d better get busy doing a deep cleaning of that surgical suite since the operation lights were covered with a thick layer of dust/dirt that could not be a good think over a surgical site. Of couse the dirt was found and the appropriate cleaned completed………….. Love, love, love these stories that prove our lively consciousness even in altered states.
      Louanne Headrick, Florida

  27. Sekoiaa
    Sekoiaa says:

    Much sincere gratitude to you and Karen for so generously sharing your remarkable experiences and your ongoing work. I have read your first two books and purchased your Sacred Journey CDs – as well as faithfully listening to your 33-day online course. And, I intend to read your new book soon. You have given me hope that we have the capacity to create a more inclusive, kind, loving, and compassionate world. Thank you for all that you do.

  28. Steve Rekedal
    Steve Rekedal says:

    If my goal is to develop and maintain a Conscious Contact with the God of my Understanding, then science (not the people of science necessarily) becomes my ally–even a “friend” who might push me, draw me, direct me to achieve that goal–a goal which is a spiritual journey, continually incomplete and simultaneously rewarding into eternity. CHANGE (implying a permanent condition, even a “new normal”) is no longer a useful term. TRANSITION is the norm. More spirituality leads to more exploration, leads to a deeper faith and confident expectations that more will be revealed. Happy anniversary, Dr. Alexander. Thanks for returning to reveal what you experienced, and the continual Transition that you are introducing to every one who has “ears to hear and eyes to see.”

  29. Anthony Bopp
    Anthony Bopp says:

    I have been a student of Spiritual knowledge and learning for sometime. I have recently read your most current book and it gave me a great sense of Peace and Understanding, that is written about in the Bible, ACIM and many other person accounts. Thank You Dr. Alexander… are helping the world to pull back the veil that has hidden the truth for so long.


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