Ever since I started sharing my story, and especially since the release of my book, Proof of Heaven, people have pulled me aside after meetings and presentations to tell me about their own experiences. It often starts the same way: I’ve never told anyone this before, but…

The opportunity to hear those stories and share in the spiritual learning process of others is the greatest gift Proof of Heaven brought me. It has helped me to understand more about my own experience, and to see how different aspects of truth are revealed to each of us, like facets of a gem. It also revealed how difficult it is for most people to talk about spiritually transformative experiences, and how few opportunities modern life affords us to openly discuss questions that truly matter — the ones about life and death, and about who we are and what we’re meant to become.

That’s part of why I’m so excited for the launch of my new website at www.ebenalexander.com. It’s a way for folks to reach me, but it’s also designed as a safe space for those curious about spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s), near-death experiences (NDE’s), and phenomena related to non-local consciousness to learn with and from each other. This website is not a one-way street; it is the beginning of a networked community of researchers and open-minded thinkers who will together expand the boundaries of knowledge beyond what mainstream materialist science has yet dreamed possible. Whether by reading, signing up for the newsletter, or — most importantly — submitting your own story, you are most welcome to join us as we take the first step.

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  1. Tom Mayer
    " >Tom Mayer says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander

    I just received a call from a lifelong friend last night, he has just been told that he has lung cancer. In the coming weeks or months I must help him to deal with both the physical and mental pain he will be dealing with. We will approach it together, and I am sure your books and the love they produce will be of help to both of us.

    Thanks Tom

  2. army surplus helmet
    army surplus helmet says:

    Your words have always inspired me in different circumstances. No.6 is my favorite reminder after experiencing a major heart brake and loss from the past. I wish I could have read your messages a couple of years ago, so I would have found different perspectives to deal with the situation. However, it is never too late to apply on the new chapter and remind myself to love more of who I am.Thank you.

  3. Betty
    Betty says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander, I am a nurse that works mainly with screening of patinets for breast cancer. I am also a mother of four grown and wonderful children. I am married to a wonderful man who really puts up with a lot, but has encouraged me to follow my dream. I always wanted to fly and finally got my pilots license at the age of 65. My love of flying was mainly due to looking up at the sky a lot to see if the “Red Baron” was flying over , or a dash 8 was getting ready to land at the nearby airport..
    One of my nurse friends had a book called proof of heaven and brought it to work for me to look at. I have been struggling a lot lately with all the horror going on in this world and wondered where is God in all of this.
    I opened the book and read about this young man who liked to come out of his body and kind of float above it. I had told people about an experience I had as a child of sitting on the curb in my neighborhood staring up into the night sky and wishing so hard to go to a star that was shining so brightly that night. I felt myself leaving my body, really leaving it, and got so scared I pulled myself back. I never tried it again but related so much to you that I took my friends book, finished it and bought the map of heaven. Have not quit finished it yet but am getting close. I have to tell you that I do feel different about life after reading the first book. I am hopeful for the future of all souls. I do wonder that OM could love us so much and forgive all the really evil things that people do to other people and animals.
    I do not know if you have read the trilogy of books by Sylvia Brown, but she named God in her books as OM, so your book really got my attention on 2 fronts. You going out of your body and getting Gods name, OM.
    I thank you for letting me tell you all of this. I really have so much more to thank you for but don’t think you have the time for it all. Thank you. Betty

  4. Keith Lowery
    Keith Lowery says:

    Just heard you on Coast to Coast am, and left you with my testimonial. I want you to know that I am in very firm support of exactly what you are saying. Thank you. You are talking about “IT.” Keep it up and spread the word. Also, if you want to see various examples of this super heightened connectivity to that which is all things, I think you might enjoy reading an amalgamation of spirituality that is edited by one of the most intelligent and insightful people to ever put pen to paper. This book is called “The perennial philosophy” by Aldous Huxley.

  5. roberta geheren
    roberta geheren says:

    I enjoyed your story and happy you encountered various levels of after life. However, I believe you were in Purgatory. There is no murk in heaven, nor mess of realm of earthworms eye view. And if you had been in heaven you would have seen angels, loved ones, and saints, and possibly Jesus; and you would have returned to this life as a humble person. I suggest you speak to a
    catholic priest that can help you better understand holy scripture. Also ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in your search and you will find the truth….You might contact Scott Hahn of EWTN (who was non-Catholic minister and now a devoted catholic. May God bless you and your loved ones always.

  6. patricia
    patricia says:

    Eben , Had written to Thank You & Your Family for stepping up for *Our God * * Our Creator and some of the explanatioms & Terms as to who he is & why we are & what we are & what we have to look forward to once we are finished here… But, after writing a huge very long detailed letter here on your website, it kicked it back stating I used the incorrect email address. Now my hands are to tired to re type it now.I have several questions on the terms of your experience. As, I”m trying to explain my story as well.But need some assistance…God Bless , Trisha

  7. Cristina
    Cristina says:

    I bought the audio tape book Proof of Heaven. I thought I was just going to hear one or two chapters, but instead I could not put it down until it was over. It is definitely a miracle that you survived the experience of the bacterial meningitis. You tell us that you are not special; but I think you should feel special. It is my opinion that God used your knowledge of the human brain as a neurosurgeon to let us understand and see that scientifically speaking what you experienced is not possible. I am a mental health counselor and I do understand to a certain point that the experience you had was other than normal.
    As a Catholic I have much evidence of miracles and saints in the Catholic Church. God used you to allow your story to change those that have less chance to see and read about martyrs in the church and saints in the normal world.
    I also read the book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody.
    You were chosen and that should always make you feel special.
    My sister in Spain told me to buy your book; she is a secular nun from the Opus Dei. I am also from Spain and thank you for using a quote from Juan Ramon Jimenez.
    God keep you alive to share your story for many years as we live in a very greedy and materialistic world these days.
    Thank you

  8. Dan Berube
    Dan Berube says:

    Has the debate I read about but can’t find find now with yourself and Raymond Moody occurred or will occur? I seem to remember it was going also to be available to the public. Was I right?
    Dan Berube

    • Dara Kaye
      Dara Kaye says:

      Hi Dan,
      I think you’re talking about the upcoming debate with Intelligence Squared. The debate is set for May 7 and is open to the public. For those who can’t make it to New York, the debate will be broadcast on NPR. More info and tickets here.

  9. James Gorski
    James Gorski says:

    My story
    Two years ago, I was awoken at approximately 2:30 in the morning.
    I heard a thunderous noise like a close passing jet and saw a golden white angel streaking across my vision from lower right to upper left.
    Startled but tired, I went back to sleep. A half hour later, the telephone rang. It was my brother in law. He said your mother passed. I said when. He responded about 2:30 this morning.
    I lay in bed reflecting and praying.
    I spoke to my mother and asked a question I would have never thought of asking.
    I said “Mother who were you”.
    She said in her voice.
    ” I was Jesus”

  10. Sue
    Sue says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander,
    I enjoyed the topic of your book so much, I felt compelled to create my own on the subject dear to our souls. By taking my award-winning, fine-art photo collages and combining them with spiritual, inspirational messages, I’ve made a book that is somewhere between heaven and Earth.
    I’m in the final weeks of my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print some books. The book is ready. As a fellow author on a spiritual path, I’m asking you to pledge to my book. In exchange I offer art and the book, depending on your pledge level.
    I’m over ¾ of the way to my goal. Please go to http://www.susanlukas.com, look at some of the pages and click on the Kickstarter link to pledge. Sincerely, Susan Lukas

  11. Ethel Daggitt
    Ethel Daggitt says:

    I was browsing at the library and was lead to your book. I found that I could not put it down. After reading, I thought everyone should raad it and digest it so I offered to sponser a “fund raiser” for our church. I will present it to them in the next few weeks. More people should be aware of this information to prepare their lives before it is too late. I am concerned for the decay that is happening in our Universe.

  12. Karen Rubino
    Karen Rubino says:

    I’ve just finished reading your book. I’m an avid reader, but it’s been a long time since I read a book that I wanted to re-read just as soon as I finished it! I had checked it out of the library, as I rarely re-read books at all, but have now ordered yours online, as I want to own it so I can highlight parts, make notes in it, etc. Thanks for writing it!!

  13. peter
    peter says:

    dear mr. alexander,
    may be this book is of interest for you:
    The Tobias Material: Journey of the Angels.
    with my best wishes from Germany.

  14. David Silberstein
    David Silberstein says:

    Hello Dr. Alexander

    First allow me to thank you for relating your experience.

    With regards to your experience you write that your memory was entirely non existent having been wiped out by your illness.

    A couple of questions:

    A. While I appreciate how severe bacterial meningitis affects memory, I would think that this would only be so long as the mind is trapped in the brain. Is memory not a function of the mind? If yes, why would it have been affected once the mind is free of the brain?

    B. With regards to your perception of the Beautiful Girl and the other souls in the gateway, they are described specifically as wearing simple yet beautiful peasants clothing. My question is why would you have perceived them that way? Given that your memory did not exist what concept would you have had of western clothing specifically? (As I understand it the subconscious is a creature of the brain, not the mind – or am I wrong?)

    I thank you again,

    David Silberstein

  15. Gary Smith
    Gary Smith says:

    The more the world resists this stuff, the more good people who have something to share feel compelled to hunker down in their own camps – accurate though they may be relative to their own experience – and minimize or dismiss the contributions of others, the more I see the masses not availed of the “comfort of knowing” but lost in the belief of the authenticity of the unreal, the more I am energized and compelled to move forward Truth in hand to do battle with the lie that Good is not “very, very near” as Moses stated, and personally do my part in raising the consciousness of the world until we all awaken to the reality of health and good and well being and brotherly and sisterly love. I want to show the so called World(s) to come that we here in the Earth consciousness are not to be dealt with lightly and have something to contribute now and here to those here and who have gone before.
    PS Tell me this isn’t great stuff!! What else would anyone who knew better want to occupy their time with?!

  16. marina
    marina says:

    thank you for sharing what happened to you. It brought me deep healing. this kinda of thing never happened to me but i always wishes it did. i had an experience when i felt someone i loved who has passed on (he was murdered and robbed) has visited me, i felt so much love coming from him it was a absolute bliss.
    I am excited about your new website and going to be checking in alot.
    again God Bless and thanks you.

  17. Annicka Ekendahl
    Annicka Ekendahl says:

    Dear Eben, I Just finished your book in swedish. Though I’m suffering from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinom spread to the liver I think a lot of death and try to prepare myself for it. Your book gave me strength and hope, and hopefully I can meet death when it is my time.

    Yours sincerely
    Annicka Ekendahl

  18. Alice Reuter
    Alice Reuter says:

    The book expanded on experiences I have had. I am a nurse, and my first Head Nurse had osteogenic sarcoma. Her arm had been amputated at the shoulder. I was traveling in Europe the summer that I knew that she was dying. She had been an exchange student in Stockholm, and I became very focused on sending her a postcard from there, which I did. When I returned to Oslo, I had a dream. The dream occurred at our work setting, and she appeared with two arms. She took me aside in the hallway and said, “Everyone is asking why I am here. Will you please tell them that I am okay.” I woke up and KNEW that she had died. When I returned to the US, someone met me at the airport and said they had some bad news. My reply–I know that Kay died. She died when I was in Stockholm, and the dream occurred the day of her memorial service at my workplace. The hard part for me is that people thought I just felt she might have died, not that I “knew” she had died.

    Two other experiences happened in a role as a hospice nurse. A young man was dying of cancer and his mother had agreed to care for him in his apartment so he could die there. The morning he died, he said, “I am sorry Mom, but it is time to go home.” A few minutes later, he said, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah” and died. When I called to express my sympathy, she told me of this and said, “You need to understand that my son was not an Hallelujah kind of guy.” These last moments seemed to bring great peace of mind.

    In a similar situation, a very elderly woman with Parkinson’s and dementia, crippled and contracted, was cared for by her husband. When she died, I called to express my concern, and he said it was amazing. Her crippled arms reached to the sky, and she smiled and died. Again, great peace.

    Thanks for the great book and keep spreading the message. I plan to recommend it to my daughters and son in law who are spiritual people who can’t seem to find their place in churches. God’s world is much bigger that a building and a part of all of our lives, if we search.

    Alice Reuter

  19. K.C. Evans
    K.C. Evans says:

    I saw your beautiful story on Katie Couric’s show a while back. Little did I know how much I would need to follow up and read your book, not so far down the line. My husband went into the hospital ten weeks ago for what we thought would be a simple g.i procedure. He contracted both a bacterial and fungal infection which sent him into a quick downward spiral, from which he never recovered.
    We are grateful that he accepted this fate with dignity and courage, convinced that his work on earth was complete and that he was indeed,ready to go home. We had many conversations over our 37 years together about our spirit essence, and I am in a state of peace, more than I could have ever imagined. A major contributor to this is the blessed wisdom and truth shared in your story. I believe that your NDE was purposed in order to reveal the wonder and beauty of our life beyond this physical realm, to the many of us who desire a glimpse into the beautiful, rich,and unsearchable mysteries of God.
    God bless you for your courage to speak truth and love.

  20. Agneta Rudnas
    Agneta Rudnas says:

    My sister who was very close to me died 2 months ago.
    She had 3 severe strokes and 4 small ones and before that
    she suffered from leukemia and her blood was not good.
    She had no trombosytes (sorry for the spelling).
    I am reading your book at present and it is very
    comforting to know that she also is experiencing those
    wonderful things over there with warmth and beauty
    everywere. She was very loved by her family (5 members)
    and me and I miss all the wonderful discussions that we
    had. I wish you and your family all the best in you lives.

  21. Celestina Giblin
    Celestina Giblin says:

    Good Morning Eben,

    So glad to have you back in excellent health! Thank you for all the work you are doing. I have a background in nursing and it was standard to experience people being very angry at being brought back after resuscitation, because they had been in a beautiful place. It was also very common for dying people to be talking to loved ones who had passed over. I, myself, have experienced an OBE and since the age of 13 have been on a spiritual quest.

    I do believe we chose to be born at this time, as midwives, birthing a spiritual awakening…the second coming….Christ consciousness growing. We’ve all found it tough but it is so wonderful to be networking with people who echo what I have KNOWN all my life. That this is a boarding school where we learn, grow and love. I have always felt homesick!

    In order for the New Eden to be born the old structures have to fall away, and that I believe is happening now. Frightening but necessary. The critical mass has been reached and there is no going back. Science and spirituality meet at last.

    It’s an incredibly exciting time which I feel I have been preparing for all my life. Our strength and power will be in joining the dots and networking. Health, finances, government, law, environment….it’s all going to transform…just the life review alone is the most amazing regulator of human behaviour…knowing that your every thought, feeling, action creates your reality, but you will also experience your effect on everyone you meet.

    It’s good to be on the journey with you!


  22. Joe Meier
    Joe Meier says:


    I am a physician myself and have been selectively sharing your story with those I care about and believe to be somewhat open minded. I do believe this is a true matter of science and the “data” has been accumulating rapidly with the advance of resuscitation and critical care medicine. What we need now is some hard evidence, a well-designed experiment to demonstrate the out of body experience. Evidence like that would really crack this thing open and move us out of the realm of anecdotal accounts.

    Keep up the great work. Your NDE was really the perfect set up and I’m so glad you didn’t brush it off or keep it to yourself.


  23. Lisa Walsh
    Lisa Walsh says:

    Hello Dr. Alexander,
    I took your course with Karen Newell and really enjoyed it. I continue to practice the meditations and review the lectures. I have a question for you. There used to be a wonderful list of the 10 things you learned from your NDE, posted on the Eternea website. It is no longer there. Is there any way to get a copy of that list? I found it very helpful, but never printed it out.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.


  24. Jean McGovern
    Jean McGovern says:

    I am in the middle of reading your book about your NDE. Were you able to have any insight into whether there was awareness of those who have passed into the life’s of those that had been left behind?

  25. Sheldon R. Murphy, PhD
    Sheldon R. Murphy, PhD says:

    ‘Proof of Heaven’ was a most absorbing book. The information wasn’t new to me, but I enjoyed your describing so well your personal NDE. Well done! If you wish to enlarge your knowledge base [and I trust you will] check out of the library a copy of ‘The Pearl of Great Price’ [or visit a local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] and read the first four or five chapters of the Book of Abraham and the Book of Moses and see how it fits your experiences. Sincerely, Sheldon R. Murphy

    • Janis Stonehocker
      Janis Stonehocker says:

      Thanks for posting this Sheldon. While I enjoyed “Proof of Heaven” it also made me want to share my knowledge of more truths through my knowledge of The Pearl of Great Price and the book of Abraham. I know I lived before I came to this earth. I know this time on earth is just a probationary period and I know we will be reunited with our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ, and with all of our loved ones that have gone before. I cannot wait for that glorious day. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the plan of Salvation.

  26. Dan Berube
    Dan Berube says:


    Has the debate I read about but can’t find find now with yourself and Raymond Moody occurred or will occur? I seem to remember it was going also to be available to the public. Was I right?

    Dan Berube


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