I’ve done a lot of interviews since PROOF OF HEAVEN launched, and have been blessed to speak with everyone from local radio hosts to New York Times reporters, from Japanese documentarians to Oprah.  After a while I noticed the same questions coming up again and again. Some were about my specific story; others were about what I had learned and how it could apply to others’ journeys.   These questions were shared across all ages, countries, genders, and life experiences. No matter who we are or where we’re from, we all feel a pull to learn more about our purpose.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on some of these questions with you.  They’re in no particular order, but they are all real questions that reporters, readers, and interviewers have asked me over the last two years.

FAQ #1:  Has your experience changed your fear of death?

My experience showed me that death is not to be feared. It is not the end of our relationships with the others. It is not the end of our conscious awareness. At the same time, it also made me even more conscious of how precious life is.  We exist to contribute the most good we can, and to experience all the joys, and learn the lessons we are to learn (and teach others) from the challenges and hardships in life.  I know that the truth of my experience—that our consciousness (soul/spirit) is greater than our physical incarnation, and continues beyond death—holds for every living being.


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  1. Jeanette Huber
    Jeanette Huber says:

    Thanks for the comfort of your answer on death.. I know it deep inside, but it seems like most people in the world right now have forgotten that we are spirit.. They think we are just skin and bones and brains..
    So comforting to know that what I sense deeply is real deal.

  2. Shawn Molodow
    Shawn Molodow says:

    Hi Dr. Alexander,

    I have been improving over the last few years, but I continue to be surprised at how much of a struggle I have at times moving beyond my ego. I see the ego and free-will as being closely related, perhaps the other side of the same coin.

    Can you please help me understand why the Source/God created free-will and ego, and what is the purpose of each?

    (please go as deep as you can, I gather some of the basics around needing to be challenged to improve, learn soulful lessons, etc.. but why?)




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