We live in fascinating times. The world at large, as well as the scientific community, are in the process of an unprecedented awakening that we see as an inherent part of human destiny over the last few millennia.

This awakening is empowered by our very investigations into the nature of consciousness, and into the metaphysics underlying the mysterious workings of quantum physics.

This investigation into the fundamental nature of reality is directly relevant to us all, ultimately leading to far more meaning and purpose to our existence. We have much greater power over our lives, and over the emerging consensus reality, than we have previously been led to believe.

Our modern world often puts science and spirituality at two ends of a spectrum. In this complimentary 33-day course, we bring them together as a companion to the book, Living in a Mindful Universe. The course serves as a sneak preview, including bite-sized nuggets of complex topics.

Personally, I find it most satisfying that Day 1 of the course begins on my father’s birthday. Although he passed from this world in 2004, four years before my coma, he has had a profound influence on my ongoing journey – it is fitting that this 33-day course launches on the anniversary of his birth.

Receive a new lesson each day along with daily practices and access to unlimited streaming of four Sacred Acoustics recordings, all completely free—no soul left behind!

Sign up today and begin Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness.

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  1. Pure Energy
    Pure Energy says:

    I had a NDE as a child, but all I remember is invisible beings talking to me loudly. Sometimes I saw and felt them. I have tried hypnosis with no success. I believe hypnosis is my best chance to find out what really happened to me that caused everyone to call me a liar. My choosing has got me stumped, so I have waited for a hypnotist to pop up in front of me. No one so far. I cannot write a book or even feel successful at all if I don’t remember who talked to me. These invisible beings became my family because people were harsh and unforgiving.
    Still today, very few have heard of a NDE. I found an article on the millions of veterans that have had NDEs. I am just like them because my child hood was war and I was the enemy. Yet, I don’t get the adulation of a veteran, even though it is my strong belief that I am a part of choosing what is called this life in an attempt to teach there is no such thing as death and that we are all one, thinking with one mind. Abused children are eternal energy beings constantly choosing strong, painful diversity in an attempt to change the world. I am a veteran wounded by society’s belief in solidity. If I had been rescued, then I would probably believe in solidity, too. Then the world would not be changed because of me, even in a little way.
    As a child I knew that there was no such thing as death. I was bullied for this so severely that I became anti social for a huge number of years. Quantum physics led me out so that I feel I have found my only significant career.

    There is no such thing as solidity. Sometimes I will read physics like this and other times solidity will not be challenged. The fact that what is called solid is actually energy that spins, rotates, oscillates, vibrates and resonates should be hint enough that people are eternal. There really is no mass so I wish this word would disappear. I wish the words solid and death and war and prison and racism would disappear. None of these are true, meaning the ideas behind them are based on solidity.
    Particles spin as a superposition of waves. Atoms spin as light, as a superposition of waves of light. At the core of this existence are conscious waves of eternal light. At the core of people are waves of eternal light. Focus is what resonates a wave into frequencies and particles. Focus is the creator of what is called solid.
    I have read that people are holograms in the book “Hands of Light” written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Brennan writes that we are holographic, multidimensional, electromagnetic eternal energy light beings. I have wished to go to a study of some kind like the colleges she builds. In my 20’s I learned how to heal myself really fast by changing my thoughts. Since thoughts are images and flow through us changing us every second, then the key to healing fast is to change the thoughts. Also, being super healthy and happy causes a person to vibrate faster on a consistent basis. Fast healing is based on vibrating faster overall.
    When I was healing myself and a few others, I also felt large flows of energy enter my body in several different ways. I was riding a mountain bike and landscaping all day in the sun. I was super excited by the eternal idea. I wanted to see magic and miracles. I wanted to be a really fast healer so that I could take people’s pains away.

  2. Nt Leo
    Nt Leo says:

    How would you descibe hell,
    Would there be any for those who do evil on this physical world and that they would face consequence of their deeds .
    Or whether you were in
    Alam e Bazurk , where Quran mentions all the souls will kept until the day of judgement
    Is every soul no matter of what religion is waiting there until day of judgement.
    Because most evil in this world is being prevented by the fear of consequence given to them by their creator.
    But if one only follow your experience in that case there would not be any fear to evil or any negative doing.
    It wouldnt matter if we even kill someone we will enjoy that same time and space you experienced.

    • Kent Burge
      Kent Burge says:

      I have spent the last 13 yrs traveling this world attempting to move closer to God while simultaneously live within the idea of “collectiveness” of humanity.
      Your experience, view and thoughts are the closest I have heard to what I feel as though I have been searching for and then trying to live.
      I am presently in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
      How do I make further or deeper enquiries?
      Kent Burge

  3. MK Austin, PA, MPH
    MK Austin, PA, MPH says:

    Thank you for your insightful and courageous work !!
    I am also enjoying THE TAO OF PHYSICS by F. Capra …

    Onward and upward 😉


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