The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.

— Werner Heisenberg (1901 – 1976), Nobel Prize in Physics 1932

In the ongoing discussion concerning the nature and meaning of near-death experiences, one quickly comes to realize this is not simply a debate between those with various religious beliefs and those with a more scientifically-minded approach in understanding the universe. The discussion is actually one at the leading edges of modern science, concerning the very relationship between the mind and the brain – the fundamental nature of reality itself, once one realizes the all-pervasive influence of consciousness on one’s perceptions of the world. The conventional scientific world-view of materialism (or physicalism) has never even gotten out of the starting blocks in addressing the nature of consciousness (witness “the hard problem of consciousness”, as it was defined by Australian philosopher of mind David Chalmers in The Conscious Mind in 1996).

A recent Scientific American blog entry (4/19/18) by computer scientist Bernardo Kastrup helps to sharply define the framework of this debate, referring to Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions and recent results in quantum physics experiments to elaborate an inevitable revolution in our thinking that fully opens the door to such concepts as an afterlife and even of reincarnation. Bernardo does not make those same leaps in his Scientific American article, but he clearly opens the door to such thinking, especially for those who mistakenly believe that current science eliminates the possibility for such human experiences to be more than hallucinations and delusions.

Our book, Living in a Mindful Universe, connects the dots in this discussion, one in which we see science and spirituality as actually strengthening each other – but this is best accomplished through a broad opening of our minds to accommodate all of human experience, and not just that which fits the currently accepted (yet obviously broken) paradigm.

The issue was succinctly delineated by early quantum physicists, such as Werner Heisenberg, quoted above. A cursory knowledge of modern science (deeply steeped in the assumptions of physicalism, i.e. that only physical stuff exists) does indeed lead one toward atheism, and away from any possibility of humans actually having free will (especially given conventional science’s notion that all of consciousness is no more than the epiphenomenon of chemical reactions and electron fluxes in the substance of the brain). But the revelations from increasingly refined experiments in quantum physics (specifically taking Einstein’s 1935 argument for the incompleteness of quantum physics, and physicist John Bell’s brilliant 1964 theorem hinting at experimental approaches to addressing Einstein’s concerns) demonstrate with increasing power the need to relinquish our broken fiction of materialist thinking – a whole new paradigm is in order.

This is Kastrup’s conclusion in Scientific American, and in our book, Living in a Mindful Universe, and its companion free email course “Your 33 Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness.” In the book and companion course, Karen Newell and I explore not only the implications of this paradigm shift for individual humans trying to make sense of their own lives here on earth, but also the absolute necessity for humanity to awaken to this new paradigm. We must stop the errant and misguided forces of scientific materialism (and its false notion of separation and competition, as opposed to oneness and collaboration) from leading us further along a pathway of self-destruction.

The phenomenon of consciousness consists of the very relationship between the mind and the brain, especially as exemplified through all manner of human experience (including the huge swath of paranormal and other anomalous human experiences of non-local consciousness). These rather common experiences and rigorous empirical data from the realm of quantum physics are forcing humanity to resolve some of the deepest issues raised over the last five millennia of human experience. It’s high time we woke up to these troubling contradictions to the pervading paradigm of materialism and shifted our collective worldview appropriately.

We live in a mental universe, projected out of consciousness, just as Heisenberg (and Max Planck, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrödinger, and other brilliant founders of the field of quantum physics) realized based on their experiments. More modern physicists (e.g. Henry Stapp, Brian Josephson, Roger Penrose, Bernard Carr, Fred Rosenblum, Menas Kafatos, Amit Goswami, among others) would agree that recent experimental results force the primacy of consciousness even more than those early results that befuddled the likes of Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr. We can make far better sense of our world by acknowledging our spiritual nature, and the spiritual nature of the universe itself. Heisenberg’s God is alive and well, buried behind the false dichotomies of conflicting religious dogma, in plain sight as the very origin of our conscious awareness.


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  1. Kathleen O. Turk
    Kathleen O. Turk says:

    When I was a very young child I learned there were “other worldly beings” and affects from cosmic planes, not knowing these terms at the time. Thanks be to all who have shared and opened up wonderful discussions and various avenues of enlightenment. And thank you so very much, Dr. Eben Alexander, for sharing your experiences and knowledge and for including some science in your story, which did back up your NDE so well! In “Proof of Heaven,” parts were deeply meaningful, and some created a better understanding to me of why my life has been so tragically heartbreaking, again, and again and yet more again. I believe I will understand clearly someday that my extraordinary hard life was of necessary importance: to increase compassion and understanding? To provide important lessons to many? To enlighten? Maybe these lessons are for me. How does one find compassion and understanding to those who hurt the innocent… to those who create chaos and long lasting agony?
    My inner consciousness has often led me throughout my life, and along my path of 62 years, I took and stored information that felt “smooth to my spirit.” There have been so many moments Divine intervention was present in my life and there have been miracles as well, to which I am thankful. One time during a meltdown of tears and heartbreak, something in me shifted, suddenly I wanted so badly to “go home.” Deep within I knew. I was highly cognizant to this fact, to this other world. I know this place, this beautiful, loving, kind and wonderful place where there is no evil. My soul cried out to the Heavens, to God, “Please, please, please, let me come home!” Over and over again I asked through my tears and desire.
    My mother and I used to talk of other worldly incidents and would question and discuss the truth and possible misdirection regarding the afterlife, God, Jesus, Angels, Heaven,and Hell, extra sensory perception, ghosts, the Bible and chakra points on the body, just to name a few various topics! When she was on her deathbed 23-years ago, I stood by her right shoulder and thought, “Well, Mom, I am going to test the crown chakra point on your head and see if I can feel your spirit/soul leave your body.” She had been brain dead for several hours and hooked up to a ventilator. Her family gathered around her bed. I placed my hand on the crown of her head and waited. After the nurse unplugged the machine, within seconds, I felt an energy escape her body! It was so amazing and says a lot about chakra points. What I felt that morning was like the energy you feel when one of your extremities goes to sleep and tingles. It was like that tingling took flight and flowed over and through my fingers! I felt this whoosh of energy for a few seconds and then wondered if she was looking at us from up around the ceiling.

    I look forward to reading more of your works, Dr. Eben Alexander. Thank you again for all your insights. Om Bless you 😉

  2. Anthony J. DeBlasi
    Anthony J. DeBlasi says:

    All extremely interesting, as I have had many experiences that resonate with much of the discussion on “life after death.” It seems to me, however, that a central question remains unanswered: Is this “universal” experience of those who have just died and returned (note, while body is intact and able to revive) the creation of the brain and not a bonafide “look on the other side”? Since no one has ever returned, once dead, how can we know what it is REALLY like? It seems to me presumptuous to extrapolate the near-death experience to the really beyond.

    • Peter Anthony, JSC
      Peter Anthony, JSC says:

      One did, very much did, a carpenter/rabbi from Nazareth – well, not exactly, his humanity along with his human body was jettisoned into the once and for all into the perfect idea that God the Creator – his Dad – had in mind all along – a shimmering glorified soul/body composite – that endures forever – because the body returned to the soul is now completely what we really are all along:children of the Father/God/Creator whose Spirit (a active shimmering never-still vibration of the basest for of energy possible – nothing is solid – everything shimmers with God’s life – everything. Oh and the complete story about all this has been around for eons now – divided into Old and New Testaments of the One Truth that God intervened in human history to save it because of a moral issue that we could never reconcile on our own.

      It’s quite an amazing story, no astounding, no – there are no words that really capture the idea – but there is a glorified human person, with whom – because he is eternal now completely as a human being – we can get to know – personally – really and tangibly – Christ, in His Mystical Body.

      for more dialogue email:

      bottom line – we are powerless to “reinvent” and immortality wheel – the work as already been done perfectly and irrevocably

  3. David Bailey
    David Bailey says:

    You wrote:
    “We must stop the errant and misguided forces of scientific materialism (and its false notion of separation and competition, as opposed to oneness and collaboration) from leading us further along a pathway of self-destruction.”

    While at a practical level this makes great sense, somehow if we are all going to continue after death regardless, it could be argued that this makes the need to change direction less important! I am trying to understand what exactly is the worth of the material world from this point of view.

  4. Phyllis Sanders
    Phyllis Sanders says:

    I am an RN. My husband died in 2013 after our 31 yr life together. He was also an RN and we did travelling
    nursing together. Shortly after he died at age 66 from Cancer, I went to a medium. She was at a house
    as a speaker/medium. I did not know anyone. A friend told me to go even though she could not. I was
    a guest she was to bring. The spirit or my husband showed up. His personality was evident. When she
    (the medium) started to speak to someone else and not me, he interrupted her and wanted to speak to me.
    She spoke with him, (out loud to me) “I’ll get to her. But he would not let her and became insistent for
    her to speak to me. He was a very impatient man always. So she gave up and did come to me.
    She started to describe him and talk about his age, (he was very age sensitive — not wanting to get
    old and had recently purchase a red 1967 convertible — so he became angry when she was trying
    to tell me his age. “Get off it, he said – she knows how old I am” Then she told him to stop trying
    to yell at me since I could not hear him anyway. “She has a hearing problem he said” My hearing
    problem is very slight and I could hear the medium very well. She asked me if I did have such a
    problem and I told her I did at times.– depends on the situation. She said he was touching my
    check with one finger in a loving way. He usually did this when he came home and would come
    over to me and run his one index finger down my check and say “Hello Honey”
    She knew what he had died of (kidney cancer). He said for me to feed the birds. I had bought
    a bird feeder when I was with him but never put it out after he died. It just sat in the shed.
    He told her he knew “about the butterfly”. I had a dream after he died that he was outside
    the kitchen window and I was looking out the window and demanding he come inside.
    He just kept shaking his head sadly “No” Then a huge shimmering butterfly appeared on
    his shoulder and flapped its wings and took him away. I woke up crying and could not
    shake the dream. He even brought our dead dog with him and the medium said the
    dog was at my feet and that I had made the right decision. Shortly before my husband
    died I asked him to have the dog put to sleep since the dog was deaf and blind and got
    out one day and I had to chase her. She was so confused when I finally got her
    that I feared it I couldn’t catch her what would happen to her. I cried all day when he
    put her down. The medium said “It’s better because she can see and hear now.”
    She asked me if I wanted to ask him anything. “What’s it like where you are”
    There was long silence. I said what’s wrong, he’s not answering. She said,
    “He’s trying to put it so you will understand. He said, “It’s like I’m in a hammock”
    I burst out crying then because every summer when we were shopping, if he
    saw a hammock for sale, he wanted one. I always rejected the idea since we
    really didn’t have room for one.
    During my life I have had other messages from the dead. I was six and saw am
    image of my very recently dead grandmother.
    Then I had a fiance that passed and I had a dream that was so real. I was
    with him moving through space and very conscious that he was a spirit and that
    I was not. I was so glad to see him, he had been dead about 3 days. He looked
    so radiant and happy. (He had died in a motorcycle accident.) He never spoke
    to me but just allowed me to see he was really okay. I met my husband 9 months
    These happenings have given me great peace and I truly know that death is not
    the end.
    Please share your stories. When I share with others, I guess they just believe I’m
    a little wacky. Even though they believe in God, etc. most just do not believe
    that death is not the end.

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello Phyllis and all, how exciting are these experiences that we share with each other! It amused me re your husband obviously demonstrating his personality so you could recognize him. But I expect in truth he has discarded that impatience, because he does not need to keep that coat on any longer. It makes me think, how in the initial plan of incarnating within a certain blood group, you might say, we have to consider heredity leanings in personality, blood types, health weaknesses and strength’s and what challenges we decide upon, not just for ourselves for in agreement with others. This is where the connection lies, because we know each other in a family, which can extend out to cousins etc, I don’t know how many removed. Then it goes on, stretched out from ancestors, to future generations, like a string of elastic, twanging backwards and forwards. Quite mind blowing really. Yet there are still too many of us yet to discover this truth, this aspect of Mother Spider, by her triggering the web, with whatever intent, causes us, the wee ones, to make our decisions. Are they the right or wrong ones? Or are we listening to the subtle messages and following that which may seem wrong, unjust, cruel, but have their purpose in stimulating the love and good from others? What ever, it is most exciting, a wondrous insight to discover/remember. I am blessed, to not only have received messages, via mediums; but aware directly of the presence of those who have left this physical body. Looking back, I have worked hard, either in an intentional way, or totally unaware until later on in the proceedings, when the scales drop away. At this time of still fearful, yes, fearful energies, as it is for most, I am most relieved to have entered into the last century, riding the wave into this one and putting endeavour into completing my/ our plan. Much Love, Margaret.

    • Stuart Wardell
      Stuart Wardell says:

      What others “believe” is just a product of the view of the universe they have been given, and taught to accept as reality. Ignore it. What matters is what YOU know is real, not what they BELIEVE is real. If you are wacky, so am I, and so are millions and millions of others throughout human history, including everyone who ever started a religion. Others cannot determine what you see based on what they cannot. Blindness is in no way equipped to judge sight. Blessed be.

  5. Michael A. Olson
    Michael A. Olson says:

    I would highly recommend that people read CHAPTER X of Volume 4, begins on page 140, of Baird T. Spalding’s book LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST. On page 141 it states “All sense of separation, isolation, limitation is only fictitious for it is impossible for separation to be an actual fact.”
    The Copyright is 1948, renewed in 1976. “You cannot divide the indivisible.”

    • peter kruse larsen
      peter kruse larsen says:

      Den 28. apr. 2018 kl. 22.35 skrev :

      In 1910 a little group of psychical investigators in Denmark was contacted from the super sensory world.
      The result was the three books “Vandrer mod Lyset” (“Toward the light!”) ,“Forsoningslæren og genvejen” (The way of atonement and the shortcut) and Spørgsmål og Svar” (“Questions and Answers”)

      What is revealed here is the story of the being of God an the creation of the universe. About he’s  children and the fall of some of them. The change of the conditions on the newly created earth as a result of this.About the creation af mankind .The struggle to win bach the fallen which succeeded in 1913 at this very event. Because of the patient work of Christ  and other among the angels the one we call the Devil is no more among us but with God. Only the reminisce of he’s evil thought wee still have to struggle
      It is the revealing of many epochs in history during the battle between the light and darkness and how thees events took place in wars on earth in decrease of cultures but also of rising cultures as in the renaissance.
      There are here information about the structure of matter  in the universe and on earth. About the structure of the brain.
      About the impact on life of light and darkness as the two magnetic forces in the univers.
      AND about the misunderstanding of the teaching and learning from Christ which did not suffer for our sins!
      We must ourselves which the Near death experiences and reincarnation is the very good proof of.

      These Book is without any contradictions whatsoever and gives the answers of : From where , why and towards where we are going- May they soon be known to everyone!!

      May God help this message to flourish into mankind


      • Sharon
        Sharon says:

        Peter: The message you shared will flourish with me… seems the U.S. received a similar message about Jesus not suffering for our sins in the 1920’s in Chicago through the Urantia papers. From Paper 188: “Mortal man was never the property of the archdeceivers. Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres. The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evildoing of his ancestors. Neither was the Master’s death on the cross a sacrifice which consisted in an effort to pay God a debt which the race of mankind had come to owe him.
        “Jesus lived and died for a whole universe, not just for the races of this one world. While the mortals of the realms had salvation even before Jesus lived and died on Urantia, it is nevertheless a fact that his bestowal on this world greatly illuminated the way of salvation; his death did much to make forever plain the certainty of mortal survival after death in the flesh.”
        Also, as you say, the teachings OF Jesus (the Good News of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man) were replaced after his death and resurrection with a new religion ABOUT Jesus. The apostles and disciples made this unfortunate error because of their great love for the Master.
        Thank you, Peter; I am looking forward to finding and discovering further Truth in the three books you mentioned.

  6. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    It would be interesting, to know what part of the world we all came from, do you think? I live in the UK. County of Gloucestershire, right by the River Severn, on the edge of The Forest of Dean. A beautiful part of the country. I am seventy eight years old and with a friend set up a Death Cafe last year. Still offer myself as a Soul Midwife and use Bach Flower Remedies, which is a panacea serving humanity on every level.

  7. Carolyn North
    Carolyn North says:

    Thanks for this discussion. Several years ago, while writing a book on conscious dying (THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME) I discovered that there were several channeled books from people who had died, about their experiences after physical death. I also discovered that the information in each one was identical to the others in content, though entirely different in style and level of personal development from each other. And it all rang true. I later took that material, and imagined that I had invited all these souls to come ‘back’ for one day and meet with me, so I could ask them questions about their experience of dying and the afterlife. I imagined a rainy day on the Scottish moors, in an old hunting lodge, where we all met before a big fireplace. I asked the questions, and let them respond in their own voices, verbatim from their books, as if we were having a discussion. I became very fond of each of them.
    You are welcome to find that discussion on my website, under Writings:, or find it in one of my books, VOICES OUT OF STONE, published by Findhorn Press. I had good fun writing that!

  8. Henrique Antunes
    Henrique Antunes says:

    I am reading Menas Kafatos and Deepak Chopra book “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters”, talking about this same subjet, and it is a very interesting approach to the Universe and its creation.

  9. Margaret Coles
    Margaret Coles says:

    Hello All, this is a fascinating discussion, thank you to Sheila for sharing her love and experiences with her husband, most moving. Ana too, who prefers the Heart angle. But, as humanity is waking up, scientists will be involved in experiencing proof from their angle; just as long as they don’t claim the discovery and proof from their investigations. Robert, the book you mentioned, “Life in the world Unseen” I read this in the early sixties, one of my first introductions to the facts of our eternal Being. My attention was gripped. Many times in the space of a week, let’s say, I am overcome with a joy, thanks and awareness, stating to the One, thanks and intent to continue learning and remembering who I am, how I am surrounded by Love, inspiration, protection and guidance. What a privilege to be here in this time with like minded souls and to be able to see further than our noses. Much love to all, with thanks to Eben and Karen who triggers us to be consciously aware of each other. Margaret.

  10. Sheila Bailey
    Sheila Bailey says:

    Re the discussion about science: I was married for 64 years to a sensitive, caring medical doctor, who was firstly my closest friend and also a research scientist and a deep thinker – and a tease with a quiet sense of humour. Now just 12 months after his death – with evidence every day of his continuing life and companionship – I feel it is necessary that we realise the spiritual power of love that goes on, but crucially important to consider also the science underpinning it. I do not have the scientific knowledge – but can report for others to consider. We discovered many years ago that I had the ability, on occasion, to see some things – very briefly – that were happening at a distance. And I now realise that, as a scientist, Neville sometimes tested the validity of those happenings. They only happened – as brief flashes or pictures – when I had some deep concern about a person I loved. Once dramatically when he had gone for a job interview which was potentially life changing for us. I was saying a prayer that it would be the right decision at the very time that he was due to be in the interview when I suddenly saw him clearly walking along a sunny promenade with his suit jacket over his arm and his braces showing. I thought I must be way off-beam and a short-time later ‘looked’ again to see him standing, looking in a shop window. These were so totally out of character I was tempted to dismiss them and almost didn’t mention them when he phoned later to tell me the result, But then he told me his appointment had been brought forward and he had been asked to return later in the day. He said “It was a stinkingly hot day and I knew that no-one here knows me and I took my jacket off.’ The later view I had was at the precise time – 2 pm – that he was due to be in his interview and instead he was looking in a shop window at house prices. This was in 1985.

    He died in late March last year, 2017. I had been preparing his obituary for the BMJ and the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and also transcribing some of the letters he had sent me just around the time of my 21st birthday – when he was 23 years old. I suddenly found I had typed something in capital letters in the midst of one of his transcribed letters which I will copy below.

    And I will give the reference to his obituary which was put on-line by the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine. The CEO of the Society wrote to me: “I’m writing to let you know that Dr Bailey’s obituary is now live on our website: I’ve also added links to your full biography and Dr Bailey’s thesis”.

    (I would say here that when my dear sister died a few years ago and I couldn’t go to her funeral Neville went in my place. At the time her funeral was due to start I was sitting with my computer open and I made a note of several things she conveyed to me then and Neville confirmed their validity when he got back. So he knew that such communication was possible)

    “An extract from a 1953 letter from Neville (when he was 23 years old) with his inset communication from 2017 in capital letters.

    “Darling I could be happy a whole eternity with you – a life is far too short – I can survive leaving you only because I know that there is always a next time. Parting is such sweet sorrow. If there were to be no next time, my life would not be worth living”.


    “My dear kind gentle darling, may the time soon come when my great craving for satisfaction, a craving which knows no satisfaction but you, may find it’s home, it’s resting place, in you. My darling, I could take you in my arms this very minute were you here, and keep you there in one long embrace, kissing and holding you close for so long that by the time I had just started to show you how much I really do love you – only just started mind – one hundred thousand years would have just gone by, and I should still be clasping you close. Such is my love for you.

    Love, I have just had a moment’s rest from writing and spent it in meditating on our love for each other and I have decided that it can’t adequately be expressed in writing, and even if you were here, seated beside me, as I wish you were, I would still be unable to express it most inadequately in words.

    True love such as ours can only find expression, full expression, in actions: little actions of kindness and courtesy, the one for the other; little actions of grace and of beauty, of mutual kindness and consideration, of living together as one, occupying one life instead of two, one existence instead of two, of giving all and of taking all, of doing nothing, whatever it is and where ever you do it, but that it would give happiness to the other if they were to know what was being done. And big actions of love too, built on a sure and solid foundation of little ones. Such is true love. Big actions of love built in such a way must be so big and all consuming that they are bigger by far than the two individuals separately, who give all that they have to make them”.

    I feel at the moment as if I could go on writing in a similar vein all day but it is an hour and a quarter since I started writing this morning and if I go on writing too much it will cost a small fortune in stamps to post this letter! And also more important, the risk of boringπ you.

    On looking out of the window I see that it is a little brighter, so I shall walk down into the town before lunch and post this letter at the local post office”.

    I was puzzled for days because the wording of the phrases that had become inset was unfamiliar – but then I googled some of the phrases and realised they were expressions used by some of his favourite authors, including Thoreau and Emerson. Also he had told me in the months after our first meeting many years before that he was deeply sorry that he couldn’t accept my Catholicism but would do nothing to take away my faith. I suddenly came to realise that he was at heart a Transcendentalist.

    And it is only just now in writing this that I have remembered that I had this message on my computer exactly on my birthday 1st June. I had wondered why I had no communication from him for those months but now I can see why! He liked to do things precisely right.

    But also he was a dedicated scientist and he asked me to continue my work in medical and social innovation.

    • Mrs. E.M.Grimes-Graeme
      Mrs. E.M.Grimes-Graeme says:

      Your letter moved me deeply. I lost my husband of 47 years on March 22nd 2016, and I know as you do that love cannot die. I have twice felt his presence to the point where there could have been no doubt that he was right there, and this has been of enormous comfort.
      I keep in contact through sending my love to him, each day.
      Thank you again
      E.M. Grimes-Graeme

  11. Ana Martinez Marshall
    Ana Martinez Marshall says:

    Ah, science! We all expect you to give us answers to everything, even to the big mystery of an afterlife. We want proof! And in looking to science for that proof, we are still elevating it to a level much higher than any other human undertaking. So science wins in the end. The men in white coats are still like the robed priests of the Middle Ages…all knowing, all powerful, and telling us all what the truth and the meaning of our life on this planet is. I’m afraid that I am too old for this scientific lingo. For me, the truth is in my heart, not in my head. It is in the loves I cherish, in the sorrows I feel, in the happiness that an innocent child, (or any young animal) gives me, in the love I have seen expressed by people as they lay on their deathbeds, in the beauty of a flower. Who cares if quantum physics or some other long-worded “isics “says that there is, or that there is no, meaning? From time immemorial, human beings have relied on their feelings and on the world around them to find meaning. Science is great at explaining the physical world, and helping us cure diseases, predict the weather, find solutions to the problem of climate change, etc., but I do not see it as the arbiter of spirituality or meaning. For that, we must look into our hearts. I enjoyed Dr. Alexander’s books very much, especially his first one (sadly titled “Proof of Heaven”) where he described his near-death experience in detail. But I fear he is becoming lost in trying to push science, science, and more science. Maybe he could benefit from a course on literature, preferably literature written in many languages and cultures other than his own? Or how about immersing himself in art or music? Or even in farming, so he can experience the miracle of seeds growing into the plants that feed us all? Personally, I see God’s presence in all those things, and I couldn’t care less what quantum physics says about my experience.

  12. Robert Evans
    Robert Evans says:

    I’m guessing very few genuine mediums, many fakes, many with some intuitive ability and who mean well but are not very good. However I disagree those skeptics who say that there is no such thing as a medium. A newspaper crime reporter I knew many years ago set out to prove a local Los Angeles trance medium a fake: He spent a year investigating him and came away a believer. In his book, Telephone Between Worlds,and told to me personally he documented over 20 languages from supposedly deceased loved ones giving verbal messages to their friends and relatives. A friend of mine who happened to be Jewish, told me she received a message from her 21 year old son in Yiddish. He had dies of a brain tumor. He gave his childhood nickname and said he was working with children on the other side. My own father came through speaking in his Scottish accent. I had never met the medium before, there was no charge. Completely free, and there was no way he could have known my father had died or that he was Scottish. I asked my father was he in heaven, he first pointed to his head, obviously referring to his head injury and said he had no pain and was very happy and that he was in a beautiful place ‘with the old folk’ my grandparents, etc., and I would be amazed some day to see ‘all this’ that religion had it wrong about heaven and hell and that the state of our heart and soul determined if we were in a heavenly or hellish state, and that is what we take with us after death. There is no sudden enlightenment, we virtually take our state of mind with us and this along with those of like mind creates our reality in the spirit realms. That the heavenly realms are not a monopoly of we Christians. So my take is that atheist or believer makes no difference. Just become as good as a person as you can be while you are in this physical reality. Not bad advice really, even if none of the above were true. And if not true, if no such thing as an afterlife, we will not even know that as there will be no consciousness to know anything with. We will have no memory of our lives, or friends, or family. or our accomplishments or that we have ever lived at all. Quite a sobering thought. Your life and all you have gone through would be for naught! Quite honestly, even without the above experiences that would make no sense to me – that this vast universe, human life. evolution, has no purpose whatsoever. However, I have a vivid memory of being transported during sleep (My consciousness that is, not my body), to the various levels of consciousness that comprise the spiritual realms. I say spiritual, only the higher levels are spiritual, the lower levels hellish by comparison. The people there strictly through their own actions from when in a physical body. But will in time arise to a higher level of consciousness when they take the initiative to do so. This from something I am currently writing: A very good book that describes exactly as I observed is: about a Catholic priest who died in 1914. His name was Robert Hugh Benson He was the grandson of the Archbishop of Canterbury, but became a convert to Catholicism. (See Wikipedia for more on Robert Hugh Benson).
    The book (Life in the World Unseen) was supposedly written (dictated) after his death through a medium as he felt very guilty about his religious writings on earth prior to his death, and he wanted to set the record straight that the his writings as well as the teachings of organized religion was not accurate in many ways. Also none of the writings taught anything about what happens after we die. Just vague references to angels with wings, etc., and only the saved will go to heaven, which he says is ridiculous, since he himself now resides in a heavenly state, as well as people of many religions and beliefs, including atheists.
    There are many books, supposedly channeled via mediums. but surprisingly, even though the authors are unknown to each other, they make similar descriptions of ‘life’ in the spiritual realms. However the amazing thing about this book is not only the minute detail of his descriptions of the higher and lower levels of consciousness, but that they are identical to what I myself witnessed as a result of an out of body or near death type of experience 45 years ago. The incredible beauty of the higher levels and the abject poverty stricken lower levels, each as result of the collective minds of the inhabitants.
    So for those who don’t believe in an afterlife, how can this be explained? He speaks about atheists a little bit in that many souls arrive very confused, often not even knowing they had died – thinking they were in the middle of some strange dream…….The landscape was bleak with here and there a dwelling house of the meanest order. With the guidance of our escort we approached the nearest house. It was a small. Squat house, squarely built, devoid of ornament, and looking altogether uninviting. It even had a sinister look in spite of its plainness, and it seemed to repell us from it the nearer we approached it. There was no sign of life to be seen at any of the windows or round about it. There was no garden attached to it; it just stood out by itself, solitary and forlorn. We approached the door and our guide gave a knock upon it and without waiting for an answer opened it and walked in, beckoning us to follow. We did so and found ourselves in the poorest sort of apology for a house. There was little furniture, and an air of poverty pervaded. But to our spirit eyes the poverty was of the soul, the meanness of the spirit, and although it aroused our sympathy it was sympathy of another kind, of which material help is of no avail, The coldness seemd almost greater within than without, and we were told it came from the owner himself. We passed into the back room and met the sole occupant seated in a chair. He made no attempt to rise or give any sign of welcome. Although our guide had apparently visited in the past to try to awaken within him some measure of humanity to where he could be helped. But he merely scowled. It was a moment or two before he spoke and then he railed rather incoherently, but we were able to gather that he deemed himself to be suffering under an injustice. Our guide told him in plain terms that he was talking nonsense, because injustice does not exist in the spirit world. A heated argument ensued, heated that is on the part of our host. Our guide was calm and collected and in truth, wonderfully kind. At length our host calmed down and almost became affable. It was as if he was reluctant to submit to becoming pleasant. He walked us to the door and indicated that perhaps we may visit again. This was a breakthrough and our guide seemed happy.
    Apparently in earth life he had been a successful business man- successful that is as far as the earth-plane judges such things. He had not thought of much more than his business, and he always considered that any means were justified in gaining his own ends, provided they were legal. He was ruthless in his dealings with all others, and he elevated efficiency to the level of a god. In his home. All things – and people – were subservient to him. He gave generously to charity where there was likely to accrue the greatest advantage and credit. He supported his own church and religion with vigor, regularity, and fervor. He felt he that was an ornament to the church, and he was much esteemed by all those connected with it. He added some new portions to the edifice at his own expense, and a chappel was named after him as the donor. But he scarcely committed one decent, unselfish action in the whole of his life. His motive was always self-aggrandizement. But he had achieved his purpose at the absolute expense of his life in the spirit world.”
    I believe most of us, who just try to do the right thing in life, will, like my father be in a very beautiful level, certainly heavenly compare to earth life, Beautiful landscapes, even structures such as homes, halls of learning, music, art, literature.

    • Jay Tyson
      Jay Tyson says:

      Robert–Thanks for your description and the reference to the book. I see that it is available for free as a PDF document. I’ve downloaded a copy, scanned some of it and am looking forward to reading it more fully.

      The problem with many NDE descriptions of the next world is that they were necessarily based on a rather brief visit there. The transition into the next world is sometimes compared to the transition from the realm of the womb into this physical world. So I ask, if a child who was a few hours or a few days old, were able to describe his or her experiences in this world based on those first few days or hours, how accurately would this description convey an overall picture of our very large and complex world? “Life in the World Unseen” appears to have avoided some of this problem, if, as it indicates, it is a dictated biography of someone who has been there for a while, rather than being an autobiography of someone who has been there only briefly. (Not intending to dismiss those who were there only briefly–their stories have been incredibly valuable too–but for the most complete picture, a narrative from one who has been there a long time is probably best, assuming that the medium through which it came was clear.)

    • Sharon
      Sharon says:

      Robert, thanks for mentioning “Life in the World Unseen” which is being added to my reading list. Your interesting story reminds me of “my Father has many mansions” or words to that effect mentioned by Jesus in the bible. Also, it reminds me of the seven Mansion worlds mentioned in The Urantia Book. One subject left out of The Urantia Book is anything on Reincarnation. Maybe that was just too radical for the recipients of the papers in 1920’s Chicago. But there is so much documented evidence on reincarnation (and NDE’s), to disbelieve one would have to think thousands upon thousands of young children and adults are fabricating stories, a scenario I can’t and won’t believe. To me, and of course I don’t pretend to know for sure, reincarnation is a return to life to learn the lessons we need to progress through the mansion worlds. Perhaps the plain and sinister house you mentioned in your story is one on the lower mansion worlds where a soul needs quite a bit of rehabilitation. One thing I believe for sure, no souls are ever lost to a place called hell. Common sense says the Father is LOVE and even our mortal fathers (unless seriously flawed) would ever want to see their children burn for eternity. I believe souls are annihilated as if they never existed ONLY after the soul makes a final decision to reject salvation (LOVE). Seven seems to be a significant number. Thanks to Eben’s book mentioning St. Teresa of Avila, I am just finishing “Interior Castle” in which she explains the seven states of prayer/consciousness as multiple Mansions within each state. Also, a note to Dr. Alexander: You can’t be less that you are. For myself, having just a high school education with some college (and none of it science-based), it is sometimes a challenge to understand some of your material. But that’s good–my material brain enjoys a good challenge, and your books have always been educational as well as spiritually enlightening. Thank you, Eben! Awaiting your next book…

    • Margaret Coles
      Margaret Coles says:

      Hello to Robert Evans, it dawned on me this morning, browsing through Eben’s blogs that the book you mention re Robert Hugh Benson; was one of the first books I read when starting the path within Spiritualism. It was given to me by a mInister in my local spiritualist church. I was in my early to mid twenties. Over fifty years ago. I was fascinated and “gobbled” it up, you might say. Gosh, looking at the Wikipedia page on it, certainly took me back to my initial reactions. Wouldn’t mind reading it again. I have travelled a few miles since then, you might say, and those early years certainly contributed to my growth. Blessings to you for triggering my memory! Love Margaret.

  13. Rose Baltes
    Rose Baltes says:

    I have read your books Proof of Heaven and the map of Heaven. I also heard you speak about your experience at a college is Mason City Iowa. Thank you for sending me this information. I hope you will continue to send me any updates. Thank you so much.

  14. ILZE
    ILZE says:

    I have had communication from my mother from the other side which I believe goes beyond coincidence. And I was not asleep at the time. I work in the paranormal field and am very sensitive to vibes given out by people and I absorb it by osmosis, which helps to give people helpful information. I’m not a medium. My information from the ethers comes through palm-reading. I also do intercessory prayer. I have believed in reincarnation all my life.
    Your article here uses complex language and I would like it if you could present your ideas in plain English. Thank you.

    • Lyricom
      Lyricom says:

      I agree with you! Need layman language. I have studied quantum physics, NDEs, world religions, read his books, familiar with S’s Cat, famous physicists, etc. – but found this communication vague and impressive, a marketing tool to sell the book, rather than plain straight forward truths.

  15. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I needed this email today.! Thank you Eben and Karen. Thanks to your work (and other big brained people) I am becoming more and more convinced that there is an afterlife. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. Because of that first gulp I took of the natural sciences I spent my life believing that my existence was just a fluke of cosmic happenstance. That made me believe life is essentially pointless. Now at 46 years I am starting to see how incredibly short sighted my view was. I wasted my time believing I had better enjoy my consciousness while it lasts. Now I’m trying to see that it’s not too late for me to do something meaningful. I am on disability so maybe all I’m capable of is being a force of Love and Wisdom. But if what you guys are talking about is true then perhaps I can tap into the unlimited power of the universe and rise up to do something great. Thank you for helping me believe.

  16. Dorothea Bonneau
    Dorothea Bonneau says:

    My son, Gregory Fisk, Ph.D. was a geneticist. Following his death, he visited me in a vision and told me that he had discovered his energy signature for Earth. Two years later he came to me again. This time, I was given a visual…three large plexi-glass like frames connected like mirrors. Gregory said that he had discovered that the energy signature worked through bioplasmic regeneration. I am not a scientist. I have been puzzling over what Gregory’s message means and what I am supposed to do with the information for the past ten years. I am forwarding it to you since you have a scientific background. Best, Dorothea Bonneau

    • Sue Carman
      Sue Carman says:

      Hi Dorothea, Maybe Gregory meant his signature is in your cells/energy? (Being one).
      Reading the plexi glass like frames, reminded me of windows to other dimensional frequencies, transparent, bendable and reflective.
      Our physical conditioned Self/Brain separates that potential like we do when the physical body dies again separation is experienced???


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