THE MAP OF HEAVEN was released on Tuesday (Oct 7), and since then Eben has spoken to folks in New York, Boston, and Western MA. And with the release of this book, I’ve been fielding interview requests from everyone from Dr. Oz to the BBC to foreign-language press.  TGIF, and a long weekend to boot.

It would be an understatement to say that THE MAP OF HEAVEN has been generating a lot of discussion since hitting shelves earlier this week.  And unless you were listening to Kilmeade and Friends, reading The Daily Beast, watching Fox & Friends, and listening to late-night radio Coast to Coast AM, you probably missed some of it.  (If you did see/read/hear all of those interviews live, bravo! Now go use the long weekend to catch up on sleep.)

Here is a roundup of the articles and interviews about Eben this week (Oct 2014). Click each photo to read, watch or listen.

1. Eben was on Fox & Friends

fox & friends


2. Eben spoke to Kilmeade & Friends radio. 

kilmeade & friends capture


3.  The Daily Beast reviewed The Map of Heaven.  Click the image below to read the article

daily beast clip


4. Eben spoke with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM radio. 



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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    If i would have a Choice to choose which Doctor should take care of me , i would choose Dr Eben Alexander or Dr Steven greer because they know the Truth and they are open to Spiritual techings and healings as well . Before i started to read your second Book * The Map of Heaven * i also wondering if not Alchemy is the Secret to Immortality ? . Something together with Alechamy and Consciousess .

    Robert Lanza with his Theory of Biocentrism says Afterlife is Real and Consciosness lives on and can be explained by a Theory which he describes as * Biocentrism * ->


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