Over the last two years, PROOF OF HEAVEN has been translated into 37 languages, from Afrikaans to Bulgarian to Chinese to Dutch.  Pretty incredible to think how many people all over the world–people brought up in different cultural and religious traditions, speaking different languages–picked up a copy of PROOF OF HEAVEN and found it resonated with them.

Connecting with people across the world has been a joy, one we hope continues with Eben’s second book.  Today we can announce the list of editions of THE MAP OF HEAVEN:

Country / Publisher [last updated 12/12]

Australia / Macmillan [10/7/14]
Brazil / Sextante
Czech Republic / Fortuna
Finland / WSOY
France / Tredaniel [update: will be published Jan ’15]
Germany / Ansata
Hungary / Agave
Italy / Mondadori

Japan/Hayakawa  (being translated as of 12/18/14)
Korea / Gimmyoung
Netherlands / Bruna
Norway / Cappelen Damm
Poland / Znak [on shelves now!]
Russia / Centrepolygraph
Slovakia / Fortuna
Spain / Planeta
Spanish language-US / Simon & Schuster [11/4/14]

Spanish language-Latin America [on shelves now!]
Sweden / Forum
UK / Piatkus [10/7/14]

What edition are you reading?

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  1. Richard Rosenberg
    Richard Rosenberg says:

    The Proof of Heaven has been translated in Romanian could you please also have the Map of Heaven translated in Romanian? Thank you. 🙏

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Thank you Dr Eben Alexander for you secon Book * The Map of Heaven * it gives me always Hope when i read it and listen to Music such as * Two steps from Heaven * together with it i can Visualize your experience of Heaven .
    Please write a third book a large one, this would be more then Awesome and i would have already a Title-Name for this Book * The Beings of heaven * where you could describe the Beings you saw and maybe could describe also some Beings not only Humanity ( Alien Conscious Beings ) that would be Awesome. Kepp it up and God bless you ! pray for you health.


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