First, thanks so much to everyone who participated in this week’s facebook giveaway, which ran Tuesday morning until 5 p.m. yesterday.  And congratulations to our five facebook giveaway winners! Owie Mahaney, Judy Shulga, Duane Goudge, Shawn Kellner and Karen Hastings, an Advance Reader Copy of Eben’s second book, Map of Heaven, is on its way to each of you as soon as you . You’ll be able to read it long before the book is available in stores or online, October 7.

If you were not one of this week’s lucky winners and you just can’t wait until October 7, fear not–this post contains not one but two excerpts of never-before-seen Map of Heaven material.


First, read the introduction to Map of HeavenIt is is available in full on the publisher’s website.  In it, you can find out what Nikola Tesla, neurophsysiologist Sir John C. Eccles, and quantum physicist Max Planck have in common.

Second, listen to a audiobook exclusive: a 7+ minute long preview of the Map of Heaven audio book, read by Eben himself.  Listen below:

If you’re an audiobook fan (as I am), note that Map of Heaven will be available from all major retailers on CD and for download, including Amazon, Amazon UKBarnes & NobleAudible and iTunes, starting October 7. If you sign up for an trial (link here), you can preorder a copy of the MAP OF HEAVEN audio book to be delivered to your phone, computer, or other listening device on October 7–for free.  

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard it yet, check out  Seeking Heavena series of guided audio programs designed and narrated by Eben  and audio meditation specialist Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, or brush up on Eben’s story by hearing him tell it in his own voice on the audiobook Proof of Heaven.


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  1. Michael A Williams
    Michael A Williams says:

    Enjoyed the “Excerpt Extravaganza” and looking for a great read when “Map of Heaven” comes out. It’s just in time, as the reductionist/materialists are stepping up their game and attacking “consciousness beyond the brain,” “spirituality” and the “soul” more than ever in the last year or so.

    But, there’s good news also, as more scientists and philosophers are seeing the truth beyond materialism. Dr. George F. R. Ellis, noted physicist and cosmologist from South Africa stated in a recent interview: “The belief that all of reality can be fully comprehended in terms of physics and the equations of physics is a fantasy.”

    Good Cheer and Blessings!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Sounds interestting , can*t wait to read the Whole Book * The Map of Heaven * . I have recommended your book to some friends of mine * Proof of heaven * and they are fascinated about your experience . Thank you for sharing and i recoomd your experience to others . I have something for you that may be interesting how ( Atheist ) Scientists realy are closed minded and show their ignorance -> ( Transdimensional Technologys. Very Interesting to listen to – keep it up Dr Eben Alexander and God bless you ! .


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