At the end of May 2014, Eben presented with Sacred Acoustics co-founder Karen Newell at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) conference in Phoenix. ACEP is an organization of psychologists and energy healers who provide care by integrating modern medicine with ancient wisdom about human bio-energetic systems such as meridians, chakras and biofields.


Just before the presentation, Dr. Michael Reddy introduced Eben.  Eben’s been introduced by some brilliant, accomplished people before, but never quite like this.  It’s highly original, clever, and catchy as all get out–in fact, I feel I must warn you before you click “play” that never again can you claim you’ve never seen a man with a doctorate from U of Chicago rhyme “If neurons came last and awareness was first / That meant my Newtonian bubble had burst” in an acoustic folk performance for psychotherapists.

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  1. tim
    tim says:

    I like it, good song.

    The chorus could be improved IMHO, how about this,

    Consciousness, consciousness, what’s going on
    I thought it was brain based, but now that’s all wrong
    Novella and Carroll, it’s high time you knew
    Your mind still exists when your brain turns to glue.

  2. Michael Reddy
    Michael Reddy says:

    It’s a joy to see this posted here. Thank you. 🙂 It was really an honor to compose these lyrics about Eben’s very important experience.

    As he pointed out to me afterwards, I did get one thing wrong in writing it. It was not a “virus” that shut his cortex down. So I’ve since changed the second line of the song to read “On account of E. coli my cortex shut down.”


    • Madelyn Freeman
      Madelyn Freeman says:

      What a truly sensible way to share this exploration. We can all think for ourself, now, and need not be driven by academic machines. Education is for learning, not for being told what you must think. Thank you so much for your good grace, your courage and dignity in so doing. Bravo ..


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