Eben Alexander has been a guest on many programs. In addition to those featured below, a full list of media interviews is available under the “media” page.

Heaven on Earth Summit


Diario de Pernambuco in Brazil, article posted to Curiosmente by Paolo Trigueiro for our Portuguese readers (translate it on Google):


Canada’s Réconciliation with Pierre Baribeau


The Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio with host Ryan McCormick



S17-TV: Proceedings from the 2nd International Conference on Near Death Experiences (Marseilles, France) featuring Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Raymond Moody and, plus the film “Untimely Departure”  https://en.s17.tv/


Earlier this week (Jan 2015), Dr. Alexander was invited to weigh in on a groundbreaking new study that shows coma patients actually heal faster and more completely when they hear their loved ones voices telling them loving things. The sample size was small, but it’s extremely promising, and the results were strongly in favor of introducing a new protocol for coma patients.

Dr. Alexander himself may have benefited from his family doing this during his illness.  Of course, his family hadn’t read any studies saying they should talk to him and pray for him–they just did it.  As it turns out, that was probably the smartest thing they could have done.

He was unconscious, of course, so he couldn’t hear his family speaking to him during the coma, but as he describes in the interview, he remembers his sisters fighting to bring back his memory when he awoke, dazed and amnesiac.

“My sisters’ role in my healing came after I initially awoke from coma, when my brain was still extremely compromised and I was in and out of awareness of my surroundings in the ICU,” he told me. “I believe that those stories played a major role in my rapid recovery of brain functions.”

You can watch that interview about the new coma study here.  


Ever since I started sharing my story, and especially since the release of my book, Proof of Heaven, people have pulled me aside after meetings and presentations to tell me about their own experiences. It often starts the same way: I’ve never told anyone this before, but…

The opportunity to hear those stories and share in the spiritual learning process of others is the greatest gift Proof of Heaven brought me. It has helped me to understand more about my own experience, and to see how different aspects of truth are revealed to each of us, like facets of a gem. It also revealed how difficult it is for most people to talk about spiritually transformative experiences, and how few opportunities modern life affords us to openly discuss questions that truly matter — the ones about life and death, and about who we are and what we’re meant to become.

That’s part of why I’m so excited for the launch of my new website at www.ebenalexander.com. It’s a way for folks to reach me, but it’s also designed as a safe space for those curious about spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s), near-death experiences (NDE’s), and phenomena related to non-local consciousness to learn with and from each other. This website is not a one-way street; it is the beginning of a networked community of researchers and open-minded thinkers who will together expand the boundaries of knowledge beyond what mainstream materialist science has yet dreamed possible. Whether by reading, signing up for the newsletter, or — most importantly — submitting your own story, you are most welcome to join us as we take the first step.