Dr Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14, 1971

Dr Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14, 1971

Forty-five years ago today, Edgar Mitchell, one of the great explorers of our era, was piloting Antares, the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) for the Apollo 14 Mission, down to land in the hills of the Fra Mauro highlands on the Moon (February 5-6, 1971). His partner in the LEM was Alan Shepard, who, almost ten years earlier, had become the first American to visit outer space.

Today, this heroic explorer is venturing into an even more “undiscovered country,” as he has left the physical plane. Edgar Mitchell, who will go down in history as one of the truly great explorers of the ages, passed over on February 4, 2016. During the third successful moon landing mission, he had become the sixth man (of twelve total, to date) to walk on the moon.

I was fortunate to stay with Edgar during a trip to Florida July 10, 2012, as we connected our efforts to advance humankind (along with John Audette and Bob Staretz, both very crucial in this collaboration, and long-term friends of Ed’s) through the joining of Edgar’s Quantrek and Eternea (the brainchild of John Audette, which I also helped to found).

I enjoyed hearing about his childhood, growing up on a ranch in New Mexico next to one owned by Robert Goddard, the “father of American rocketry” (a fascinating synchronicity!), and how he, like me, had first soloed an aircraft at the young age of 14. To have such an extraordinary experience at that tender age of discovery weds one’s soul forever to the realms beyond earth.

Although I had followed his original journey in February 1971 as a teen-ager fascinated with space travel, hearing him tell of his grand epiphany, or savikalpa samadhi experience, an “ecstasy of unity,” while returning from his “sacred journey” to the moon, remains a true highlight of my life. Here is how I recall our conversation:

“I was basically unemployed,” he explained over breakfast in his home. “I had piloted Antares down to the Fra Mauro highlands, taken the longest walks ever taken on the moon, through those dusty lunar hills with Alan, then piloted the ascent module back up to rejoin Stu in Kitty Hawk. As we left lunar orbit to head home, my work was done. So I had three days to relax and enjoy the view.

“We were in barbecue mode, with the spacecraft rotating every couple of minutes to avoid any area overheating in the intense sunlight. I could see ten times as many stars as you can ever see from earth, so the view was spectacular. With the rotation, I would see the earth, moon, and sun pass by the window every few minutes. The immensity and serenity of the universe struck me in an entirely new way, out there suspended between the great blue jewel of earth and the dusky moon we were leaving behind. The setting was perfect – I suddenly sensed the profound consciousness of the universe – how it is completely interconnected and aware – an absolutely indescribable awareness. My life was changed forever.”

Thanks to his courage, vision, and keen intellect, the world was changed forever, too. His grand achievements as a scientist and moon-walking astronaut were only Phase 1 of his fascinating life journey. In many ways, it was the second phase of his remarkable life, in which he pursued with tireless enthusiasm a passionate interest in deepening our understanding of consciousness, the nature of reality, and of humanity’s place in it, that I believe history will truly revere.

In my opinion, his greatest quality was his love for others, and for all of humanity. His epiphany led him to courageously pursue the deep study of scientific aspects of consciousness, to found the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and to help lead humanity towards metanoia, a far grander awareness of our spiritual nature and of the unity of conscious awareness and the universe. His intuition that science and religion greatly strengthen each other, that their natural synthesis is an inevitable aspect of human history, is one that I share deeply.

He wrote several wonderful books about his trip to the moon and resultant life journey, which I have personally found to be most inspiring. In particular: The Way of the Explorer (1996) is a beautifully written saga of his life building up to and including the Apollo 14 mission, and of the powerful consequences of his epiphany, and Psychic Exploration (1974) is an extraordinary compilation in which Dr Mitchell assembled some of the best scientific minds on earth in addressing the deep mystery of consciousness.

Godspeed, Edgar Mitchell! The world is a far better place for your having lived in it. Prayers and blessings of gratitude for your courageous achievements in this lifetime, to help awaken humanity to the true spirit of our destiny.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to Karlyn, Elizabeth, Kim, Mary Beth, Paul, and the rest of his family.

Eben Alexander III, MD

Charlottesville, Virginia
February 5, 2016

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  1. pattie plauche
    pattie plauche says:

    You will be blessed by reading Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.
    I was led to them when in college. They have proved to be very healing and transforming. Her best known book is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She writes a lot about some of the things you have just mentioned.
    Pattie Plauche

  2. Bernadett
    Bernadett says:

    I just picked up an audio recording of Proof of Heaven at our local library and got goose bumps listening to the sky diving incident in the prolog..
    As a cradle catholic with 5 children, I have never doubted God and his part in my destiny, but am challenged by my 16-year-old daughter who is highly intelligent and professes to be an atheist to push beyond the mere belief into certainty.
    Thank you for your book and your recounting of Edgar Mitchell’s journey.

  3. Frans Bruynooghe
    Frans Bruynooghe says:

    the 29 of january my wife lost her oldest daughter, age 55, due to pancreas cancer.
    four years ago she lost her youngest daughter age 50 due to suicidal “vital depression”;
    Although she has always been confident in the divine providence, she is losing her faith. Bury two of your own kids is a terrible ordeal.
    So I bought her this book as it answers the question that haunts her: are my daughters happy?
    Thanks dr Alexander your “proof of heaven” is a real aid.

  4. Tom Mayer
    " >Tom Mayer says:

    Thank You Dr. Alexander for someone else that has encountered his or her epiphany of LOVE. I did not know this about the Apollo 14 lunar mission but it is happening all around us, people bring to us great joy and when we no longer can see them or talk to them we experience great sadness. My wish for all of mankind is understanding that GOD our creator will continue to let us have you and Edgar and so many more to help us as we journey to our REAL existence (HEAVEN) Tom

  5. Gabriele Krispin
    Gabriele Krispin says:

    Dear members of the family of Edgar Mitchell and of eternea,

    Deeply moved I read the notice of the pass-over of Edgar Mitchell and I send you all my sincere sympathies!

    The announcement of Eternea seemed to me like a greeting from the eternal realm: Last Sunday we visited my parents. I mentioned that I got a death notice of the passing-over on 4th February of the famous astronaut Edgar Mitchell. I didn´t realize the days before that the 4th February was the birthday of my deceased grandmother. My mother remembered me that it would have been her 107th birthday! She died 11 years ago in the high age of 96.

    When I was young und until my marriage in 1989 my family and my grandmother lived together in the house of our family. When we were children (my deceased brother +2013 in the age of 46 on stomach cancer, he left three little children)she had been a big support for my mother and she was the inital point of our family with her broad-minded and gracious nature. She accompanied me until my 40th year and my boys (now 18 and 23 years old) were able to meet their great-grandmother for a long while in their life. I was deeply moved when I realized the synchronicity and I kept it as a regard from heaven.

    So I am grateful that you send me the notice of Edgar Mitchell!

    Thank you very much indeed!

  6. david
    david says:

    Its so exciting to read this knowledge emerging on this spirituality starved Planet.
    Perhaps the golden age is really arising.Something I saw thirty years ago in a vision.

  7. Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones says:

    Thankyou Eben. It’s Sunday Feb 7th here not far from Byron/Mullum in far east Oz and the sad news of Edgar’s passing reached me a few hours before your email.

    I’ve passed it on to the Byron Shire Echo as I know many of those locals who met you at the Uplift Festival, and via your book and videos, will want to know.

    I was steered to Edgar’s Institute of Noetic Sciences in early 1993 when in New Hampshire, joined, and remain a member. For 22 years their flow of fascinating news of research and developments and the people involved (many of whom have become forerunners in the communication of deeper awareness, wider worldview and the frontiers of expanding connection with the Kosmos)has been such as to make my heart sing each time a communication came. He made my world so much richer a I for one will miss his earthly presence.

    Vale Edgar.
    Journey well with Love and its glorious Light enfolding you, and us all. May we live up to your example – an Explorer True.


  8. Aiwen
    Aiwen says:

    Eben, you always inspire me with your insights and words. Thank you for uplifting others with your story and also with your input on important topics such as this. You are one of my heroes for stepping up like this and for helping others connect to what is beyond.


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