The Map of Heaven: Excerpts

First, thanks so much to everyone who participated in this week’s facebook giveaway, which ran Tuesday morning until 5 p.m. yesterday.  And congratulations to our five facebook giveaway winners! Owie Mahaney, Judy Shulga, Duane Goudge, Shawn Kellner and Karen Hastings, an Advance Reader Copy of Eben’s second book, Map of Heaven, is on its way to each of you as soon as you . You’ll be able to read it long before the book is available in stores or online, October 7.

If you were not one of this week’s lucky winners and you just can’t wait until October 7, fear not–this post contains not one but two excerpts of never-before-seen Map of Heaven material.


First, read the introduction to Map of HeavenIt is is available in full on the publisher’s website.  In it, you can find out what Nikola Tesla, neurophsysiologist Sir John C. Eccles, and quantum physicist Max Planck have in common.

Second, listen to a audiobook exclusive: a 7+ minute long preview of the Map of Heaven audio book, read by Eben himself.  Listen below:

If you’re an audiobook fan (as I am), note that Map of Heaven will be available from all major retailers on CD and for download, including Amazon, Amazon UKBarnes & NobleAudible and iTunes, starting October 7. If you sign up for an trial (link here), you can preorder a copy of the MAP OF HEAVEN audio book to be delivered to your phone, computer, or other listening device on October 7–for free.  

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard it yet, check out  Seeking Heavena series of guided audio programs designed and narrated by Eben  and audio meditation specialist Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, or brush up on Eben’s story by hearing him tell it in his own voice on the audiobook Proof of Heaven.


The Map of Heaven: Sneak Preview

THE MAP OF HEAVEN, co-written with Ptolemy Tompkins, is due out in the US and Canada on October 7, 2014! It has also been contracted in other languages – see Foreign Language posting.

It includes some updates on Eben’s life and experience post-PROOF OF HEAVEN, as well as drawing on stories of other people who have gone through Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s) including Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s).  It also brings in some of the intensive research Eben has done over the last several years, not just into cutting-edge neuroscience and physics, but into the writings of great spiritual leaders and thinkers of the past.

Here’s a part of how Eben’s publisher, Simon & Schuster describes MAP OF HEAVEN:

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven teams up with the sages of times past, modern scientists, and with ordinary people who have had profound spiritual experiences to show the reality of heaven and our true identities as spiritual beings. […]

Part metaphysical detective story, part manual for living, The Map of Heaven explores humankind’s spiritual history and the birth of modern science in the seventeenth century, showing how we forgot, and are now at last remembering, who we really are and what our true destiny really is.

Pretty neat, huh?

Last, everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they’re still interesting to look at:

MAP OF HEAVEN North American Cover

MAP OF HEAVEN North American Cover


I love that deep sky blue.  Most international editions of PROOF OF HEAVEN retained the same themes, if not the same cover–our wall of editions has lots of blue butterflies.  It’s always fascinating to see what different countries prefer, and to guess why they choose what they do.  I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the non-US/Canadian cover art–and to posting it here!

What do you think of the cover? What do you expect or hope to find in the next book?

Robin Roberts: “The last truly great book I read” – NYT Book Review April 2014

I love reading the New York Times Sunday Book Review section. This week, it contained a nice surprise: a very kind mention of PROOF OF HEAVEN nestled in a great interview with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts.  Here’s the excerpt:

What was the last truly great book you read? 

The last truly great book I read was Dr. Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven.” His brain was attacked by an extremely rare illness. His recovery was a medical miracle and then some. Before he became ill, Dr. Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was one of many in the scientific community who did not believe in near-death experiences. While in a coma, Alexander contends, he left this world and encountered a spirit that guided him and not only saved his life but changed it forever.

Given Ms Roberts’ public battle with a rare illness of her own, her words are especially poignant.

If you’d like to read the rest,  the interview is available here.