William Henry, Karen Newell, Eben Alexander, Clare HenryTheurgy, or divine work, involves a more active participation than theology, the study of the divine. Theurgy refers to the divinity that is part of our very consciousness, and to our participation and identity with the Divine. In this spirit of participation in the divine work, Karen Newell (co-founder of Sacred Acoustics) and I thoroughly enjoyed bringing our sound-enhanced meditation workshop to the enlightening conference on Theurgy hosted by William and Clare Henry in Nashville, Tennessee, over the weekend of October 17-18, 2015.

Karen and I continue to marvel at the spiritual awareness of participants who are drawn to our workshops, and Nashville’s conference provided yet again the overwhelming evidence of that blessing.  Those attending hailed from as far away as Maui, Hawaii, and the group energy was extraordinary.

Our western culture stumbles a bit at the suggestion, through theurgy, that we human beings can actually become one and identical with God. Yet so much of the evolving work in the transcendental exploration of consciousness itself suggests that indeed our very consciousness is a direct link to the Divine…that we are all connected as One. We are One through acknowledging and exploring that very direct connection with the Divine, and we are One with the very Source of all creation and existence.

Like so many of our workshops that use Sacred Acoustics’ differential sound-enhanced meditations as a tool for transcending the veil and fostering our connection with that far grander consciousness, the Nashville conference offered opportunities for us to grow in our lifelong pursuit of a deeper understanding of truth. These group connections energize our efforts to develop increasingly dynamic differential sound journeys. And, they inspire us to create progressively empowering workshops for groups around the world.

We are very excited to bring such experiences to other venues. For a listing of upcoming events, please see our Events page.

We felt the first crisp nip of autumn while visiting in Nashville, then returned to the first hard frost in the beautiful fields and woods surrounding our home in Virginia’s lovely Blue Ridge Mountains. October has always been one of my favorite months, with its resplendent beauty of colorful and ever-changing foliage and the sheer excitement of seasonal change.

I wish to all of you a glorious autumn, blessed with the power of ongoing spiritual awakening.



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    Dr. Eben su experiencia toca profundamente nuestra alma y eleva nuestro nivel de conciencia. Gracias a Dios por este regalo a través suyo.


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