If you follow updates on my website or Facebook, you know that I continue to experiment with meditation and prayer as a way to connect with Divine Source.

Over the past couple of years, together with Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, I have co-designed a meditation workshop that uses sound to deepen and enhance these meditation sessions. Conferences and retreat centers from all over the world have invited us to offer these workshops in order to share our experience with other seekers who wish to access the unlimited wisdom within us all. Benefits include stress relief, improved health, enhanced intuition, creative inspiration and much more.

The truth is, science is catching up to a fact that philosophers posited centuries ago: The brain does not create consciousness. Consciousness is much too big and much too complex for that. The brain is, in fact, a reducing valve–a filter–that constricts primordial consciousness down to the limited trickle of our perceived reality through our physical brain and body.

Sound-enhanced meditation provides a powerful tool to help us to glimpse beyond that filter, and to access the guidance, wisdom and creativity that is part of the Infinite Mind at the core of all that is.

Whether you’ve never meditated before, have tried but given up, or do it every day, I challenge you to find more time in your day for meditation. Even if it’s for just a few minutes. Make the time to clear your mind, reach beyond the surface-level voice in your head and know that the observer of that voice is your fundamental consciousness. That is what we can nurture, over time, and ultimately follow past the filter.

Karen and I have been developing techniques to make attaining this connection easier and deeper. For those who would like to join us for a guided, sound-enhanced experiential workshop, information is on my Events page.

Even if you can’t join us, stop by my Facebook page or comment below to tell me (and each other) more about how you use meditation. It’s one topic I never get tired of learning about.


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  1. Ettore
    Ettore says:

    I uphold your exciting work. Have been meditating for several years and experimented also with Hemisync and similar techniques with the intent to achieve deeper states of consciousness but have had no results. The only positive experience in that direction has been doing the Gateway journey at the Monroe Institute.

  2. julia pressel
    julia pressel says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander,
    yesterday I have found and read “Proof from Heaven” and it has already changed something in my life expierience towards more trust. Thank you so mauch for sharing all this!
    I even like the example from the meditation music here om your site.
    There is an old book about inner transformation by Cyrill Scott (composer and pianist with interesting ideas about music and spirituality), I know it only in Swedish but it is about an initiate in the USA. Anyway, this initiate instructs his pupils to meditate many short times, as only about two minutes every time, and focusing on love-consciousness and blessedness. I find it very practicable to move my focus to Love and blessedness for a short time and several times a day. Just want to tell you to have a look at Cyrill Scotts literature.

    With best regards
    Julia, Sweden

  3. Brenda Georgiadis
    Brenda Georgiadis says:

    Check out Tom Kenyon.com’s music he intones and receives through channelling higher dimensional beings called Hathors. Dont’ let the source of this material get in your way of open minded investigation. He/they describes the music they give him is for the purpose of raising consciousness. I’ve been listening in mediation to this music for several months and have experienced the results you report.

    Glad you came and went along with the part you agreed to play, both of you!

    In Love and Light,

    Brenda Georgiadis
    West Linn, Oregon

  4. Richard Williams
    Richard Williams says:

    I have been studying “A Course in Miracles” for the last three years, and using it for daily meditations. I’m sure
    that you are probably aware of this book. Of course I have been very moved by your experiences and just realized that I could reach you on your website. I am grateful for all that you have shared with all of us. Richard

  5. Samantha Calvin
    Samantha Calvin says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander,

    I am reading your book “The Map of Heaven” and I read “Proof of Heaven”. They are fascinating books and I am so glad you wrote them. Spiritual understanding is evolving everywhere around us and this awakening is evident. Since the death of my father four years ago I have sought books and articles pertaining to the Afterlife.
    My background is in Christian Science and your book parallels so many things I have read in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. She gained all her inspiration from the Bible and wrote a spiritual interpretation. You should look her up, as she was ahead of her time by a long shot.
    I will continue to read and study and search the spiritual.

    Thank you for your writings. If you ever come to St. Louis, MO I would love to hear what you have to say.



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