Fox News Magazine’s Jaimie LaBella talked with Dr. Alexander before the holidays, and that article is out now.  You can read it online here.

Jaimie asked Dr. Alexander one question that he’s rarely asked about in interviews–the age-old Problem of Evil.

If you’ve read books on philosophy, especially religious philosophy–or even spent a lot of time thinking about those things–then the Problem of Evil is a concept that’s familiar to you 

It goes like this: If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good, why does evil exist in the world?

Different religions have taken different paths to answering this question. But any religion that posits an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent Deity has to grapple with it.

Some have put forth that evil is a result of human free will, and our imperfect understanding of Divine will.  Others suggest that evil–and even intense human suffering–are necessary for spiritual development, and that our souls would experience a kind of stagnation or atrophy without it. Still others say that evil is simply the absence of good, and exists where God has chosen to withdraw, or even that evil is an alternative power, weaker than God but still a continually challenging, balancing force.

That last scenario doesn’t fit in with what Dr. Alexander saw during his experience.  So when Jaimie LaBella asked Dr. Alexander to weigh in on what he thought about a battle between good and evil, here’s what he said:

“I rather see it that the power of that unconditional love, of the light and love of the creator, is an infinite force that can expel the darkness of evil; both in material realm and spiritual realm,” he says.

“It was clear to me the infinite love of that creator, that I encountered in the spiritual world, had infinite power to heal. [And] to defeat that ‘evil’ in the world, we can all serve with the power of love, compassion and forgiveness. We need to wake up and take greater responsibility for this world. I believe this is all a part of a grander plan.”

The article is worth reading in full.  In the meantime, here’s hoping that in this new year, 2015, we all find ways to contribute light to the darkness, and serve with the power of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

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  1. Bozenna Lloyd
    Bozenna Lloyd says:

    I would like to share what was shown to me when I asked the question “Where is God?”

    This was shown to me in the first half of 2012. One evening as I was trying to fall asleep (my eyes closed)
    I saw two man (beings in their very early 30s) standing in front of each other.

    The one on the right looked sad, hurting.The one on the left poised ready to attack. He was holding a sharp object in his right hand.

    He attacked unprovoked using the object. The man being
    attacked did not try to defend himself, cover his face, or his head.
    Although, I did not see wounds or
    blood I physically felt his pain, his suffering.

    The more submissive he acted kneeling in front of the attacker, the more aggressive and hatefull the
    attacker became.

    I was very disturbed, upset so I screamed (not outloud) “He is going to kill him!”, “Where is God?”, “How can He allow this?”

    I didn’t sleep well that night or the next night. I was physically and emotionally drained, I couldn’t stop
    thinking about the vision, God, about my own rather difficult life, myself – I was angry, angry with God!!

    The answer came A few days later.

    I was sunbathing and swinging in a hammock (a beautiful, sunny day) not sleeping but with my eyes closed.

    Suddenly a beautiful ( I’ve never seen such a beautiful face) appeared. A feminine but androgynus face in
    her very early 30s with perfectly proportional blue eyes, eyebrows, and nose. The face had brown hair and a very pale complexion. The face was surrounded by a white light. I’ve never seen such a rich, beautiful blue, brown and such a white color.

    She was looking straight at me, into my eyes (as if my eyes were open). Her facial expression was serious,

    I wasn’t scared, I was curious. The longer I looked at her the more stern she became. She wanted to scare me and she did scare me. She did indeed! Then she disappeared.

    I was motionless, too shocked to even open my eyes. Then the other face appeared.

    Jesus!! I know this face so well, from the Catholic Church paintings and frescoes. It is the face where
    Jesus is on the cross with his head hanging to the right side.

    He was smiling at me but I was still too shocked to feel anything. I was just staring at him, then it occurred to me that his head was not hanging, his neck was tall and straight.

    The moment I finished that thought, what happened next was not a thought, his head merged into my face and I felt his neck merging into my neck.

    That was too much, I opened my eyes and left the hammock. I could not talk about this for quit some
    time, I needed time to process this.


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