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Dr Alexander and Karen Newell of Sacred Acoustics spent the last week visiting Chuck Blitz in Wailea on the magical Hawaiian island of Maui. A highlight of their visit included spending time with Ram Dass, also known as Dr. Richard Alpert, renowned for his pioneering work with Timothy Leary in exploring extraordinary states of consciousness through the use of psychedelic drugs in the 1950s and 1960s at Harvard University. 

Ram Dass and Dr Eben Alexander

Ram Dass and Dr Eben Alexander

Dr Alexander had this to say about their time together:

 I especially appreciated Ram Dass’s deep insights into the profound revelations of altered states of consciousness, such as those he pursued not only through the use of psychedelic drugs, but also through a long practice of yoga and meditation steeped in the rich eastern tradition of Maharaji and his time spent in India. His experiences concerning the nature of time and space were revolutionary. We discussed how viewing the hierarchy of realms of consciousness from higher levels enables our ability to come to a more fundamental knowing of the nature of all existence. His life path is very consistent with the crucial role of Love at the fundament of all. His vision and sharing was an extraordinary gift to mankind, which I believe modern science, philosophy and theology are just beginning to glimpse. It was truly an honor and a privilege to spend this time with him.

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  1. Dr. E. Stone
    Dr. E. Stone says:

    Hearing Dr. Eben Alexander speak about his NDE, I am familiar with all aspects of what he is describing, as I have been shown them through 40 years of work with the psilocybin mushrooms. Sacred plants, approached with respect and sincerity, will open up every aspect of what Dr. Alexander describes in his account of his NDE. It is time we restore these wonderful tools to the people as another very effective method of opening up consciousness. There is truly nothing to fear.


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