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To honor and cultivate the observer within while exercising its ability to be neutral allows one to assume a much broader perspective.

Living in a Mindful Universe

To feel and note thoughts and emotions that may occur, while maintaining the neutrality of the observer, is a fine balancing act that comes with regular practice.

By remaining open to all possibilities with no expectations or pre-judgment, we allow new insights and wisdom to emerge. This can be challenging at first, but with regular practice, it becomes a natural process. This can be a useful exercise while in a meditative state, as well as during quiet moments throughout the day.

Eventually, it is possible to move into a neutral state more easily, even during the height of an emotional situation. The goal is to shift one’s mind to that impartial observer in order to witness thoughts and emotions from a more detached perspective, providing a broader context.

This practice aids in gaining a fuller understanding by noting one’s thought process in the heat of the moment and realizing one’s reaction is often pointing to a larger issue, sometimes completely unrelated to the event at hand. Such a process can bring surprising revelations as to the source of our seeming difficulties.


Begin to consciously notice your thoughts and emotional responses from a different part of yourself. When thoughts arise, say to yourself “let – go” (or any other mantra of your choice).

Practice recognizing the neutral inner observer as the part of you that has no judgment and does not analyze—it simply observes.