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Sounds produced by tuning forks, gongs, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, and Tibetan brass bowls all had a particular drone quality that would help to calm the incessant chatter.

Living in a Mindful Universe

In our busy culture, it can be challenging to settle a racing mind, often discouraging a regular practice of going within. Listening to binaural beats embedded within music or sound during meditation seems to reduce distracting thoughts by neutralizing the information processing activity of the analytical part of the brain. This allows the listener to more quickly reach deeper states of awareness.

Brainwave entrainment audio recordings that contain binaural beats and other sound effects, can greatly assist in achieving a profound state of relaxation, lessening of distracting thoughts and reaching altered states of consciousness. Such recordings assist in allowing us to expand beyond our physical reality. Beginners and advanced meditators alike can enhance their experience using these sounds.

The hypnagogic state is that sweet spot, in which our awareness hovers between awake and asleep, that many have utilized as a source of creativity and insight. We are all in this state at least twice a day when we first awaken in the morning and as we fall asleep at night. Binaural beats can provide support for reaching a hypnagogic state more easily.

Sacred Acoustics provides brainwave entrainment audio tools designed to liberate consciousness, presumably by modulating a crucial circuit in the lower brainstem that evolved during the evolution of vertebrates over 300 million years ago.

For your regular practice, try listening to the Sacred Acoustics recording below.


Listen to the Sacred Acoustics recording as part of your daily practice of sitting quietly. Continue to observe your breath. Notice any differences from your previous routine and record in your journal.


For best results, we recommend the use of headphones. DO NOT listen while driving.

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