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Living in a Mindful Universe

Living in a Mindful Universe by Dr. Eben Alexander

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Congratulations on completing Your 33 Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness.

We hope you enjoyed your journey as much as we did putting it together. Most of all we have appreciated all the many comments left on each of the day’s sessions that many of you have shared. We now feel like we know you! It’s wonderful to connect with souls from around the world who are interested in furthering their connection through expanded awareness.

If these topics are of interest, please consider reading Living in a Mindful Universe (if you haven’t already), in which we go much deeper than the format of this course allowed.

For your convenience, we have compiled links to all the days’ sessions and practices below to make it convenient for you to revisit any content you wish. We welcome your continued comments and sharing of experiences for as long as you may desire. Or, start over at Day 1 and note how your perceptions and attitudes may have shifted since first starting out.

Our vision is to shift humanity’s consciousness into one that moves beyond the paradigm of scientific materialism pervading Western society, and acknowledges the vital importance of attention to our spiritual nature and our fundamental connection through the collective mind of consciousness underlying physical reality.

If you share in this vision and know other souls who might benefit from this journey of discovery, please share the sign up page with them and invite them to start their own journey into the heart of consciousness. You could even start a group and journey together. Rather than sharing the link to this page or any other specific pages, we trust you appreciate the value of receiving each message as it builds to the final conclusion. As more of us come to realize the greater nature of our souls, the closer we will come to realizing a true shift in consciousness for all of humanity.

Most importantly, whether you are new to all of this or have been at it for years, we encourage you to continue your spiritual journey of cultivating firsthand experience. There are countless ways to explore within consciousness and it can take some trial and error to discover the practices that work best for you. Never stop exploring!

Through this growing list of participants, we plan to keep you informed of  future activities, including a possible extension of the 33 Day Journey into further topics and experiential practices. Stay tuned!!

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