Your Progress

Answering that ancient edict to “know thyself” thus becomes a far more ambitious and exciting journey as you come to realize that “thyself” includes the entire universe.

Living in a Mindful Universe

We all have the capacity to explore the vast well of consciousness that lies within and through the network of souls with whom we are in a hidden but eternal pattern of connection.

At the entrance to the Temple of the Oracle at Delphi in Greece are inscribed the words “know thyself.” This is the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, whether that be the life of an individual human being or of any larger assemblage of souls.

As humanity comes more fully to know the reality of the spiritual realm and our interconnections, we will come to appreciate that our existence has far more meaning and importance than we might have realized.

We are all part of a vast and creative consciousness, and the evolution of all of consciousness throughout the cosmos is comprised of the individual journeys of us all as we come to truly understand our roles in this co-creative endeavor.

The most important feature of this understanding is that you, dear soul, are crucial to this process. The universe is evolving in vast and fascinating ways, and you are not only part of it—you are it. Our mindful universe is self-aware, and learning, and evolving. Your coming to know this fully, and living and flowing with it, is the pathway toward perfect harmony with all that is.

Each of us is a potential change agent that can help bring our collective vision to fruition. It is up to us individually to accept the invitation to break out of the illusion of the physical world as all that exists and to acknowledge our spiritual nature, and how it resonates with the fundamental nature of the universe.


Reflect on your unique and special nature, different from everyone else’s on earth. As one facet of the diamond, contemplate on your connection to the whole and realize your role in evolving our collective consciousness to higher levels.