Your Progress

The answers truly do lie within us all, and learning to trust our intuition and exploring within consciousness are important facets of spiritual discovery. But achieving such abilities is never the final goal.

As we become more familiar and comfortable with aligning to our divine inner essence, our unique qualities begin to shine. We more easily access guidance and creative inspiration. We gain a deeper understanding of personal relationships and events taking place in our lives. Meaning and purpose flourish in such an awakened environment.

Developing this richer sense of our spiritual nature, focusing on our interconnections with others, and broadening our awareness of the wonder of our existence are all aspects of true health that we ignore at our peril.

Any true vision of health must include not only the physical, mental, and emotional aspects, but, most importantly, the spiritual. This principle applies to individual humans, as well as to families, soul groups, ethnic and national populations, humanity—to all of life on earth.

The traditional definition of healing is to hallow or to make holy, essentially to “make whole.” Full health of any system demands acknowledging the spiritual aspects of our existence and our empowered capacity as individuals to manage our health, the events in our lives and our collective unfolding reality.


In your daily practice, call forth your unique internal essence and make a request to align with more of who you truly are—the spiritual source of your being. Have the intention to radiate this energy out into the surrounding world.