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In surrendering we are freeing ourselves and tapping into the tremendous power of love, with all its healing, comforting, and nurturing.

Living in a Mindful Universe

For many, the adage “Let go, and let God,” is a vital part of existence. This is a simple but powerful appeal to practice acceptance, to act with courage, and to have discernment between that over which we have power, and that over which we do not.

Twelve-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, rely on the principle of turning over one’s life to a higher power. There are no religious requirements regarding the identity of this higher power—the higher power could even be a lightbulb.

Surrendering does not mean relinquishing independence and identity, to be ruled over in some way. By going within to get in touch with that spiritual core, this “turning over” process is accomplished through invocation of our “higher soul,” as that higher power.

What is most important is not to feel responsible for overpowering and driving every event in one’s life, but to release it and trust that the higher power will play a role in overcoming ego for the higher benefit of our soul/being. We are not ultimately responsible for complying with every demand from our ego.

Practicing gratitude through prayer or meditation every day reinforces our connection to a higher power. Even when life brings challenges and we wrestle with finances, health, and family issues, it is vital to focus on doing everything we can to nurture our souls and trust in our connection with a higher life force.

We can find, through the associated spiritual growth, that we have tremendous ability to manage our lives. It starts with an understanding that our wisdom of discrimination and discernment originates from within.


In your daily practice, implement a one-word intention of “trust” or “allowing.” Imagine what it would feel like to know with complete certainty that all is well.