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DAY 30 - GOD

The mathematical precision of our world and the fine-tuning of physical parameters involved in its structure serve as compelling evidence of a highly ordered consciousness underlying all of existence. This ordering intelligence, which many might refer to as a creative God, is the source of our conscious awareness as sentient beings.

As quantum physics reveals, there is no separation between this ultimate creative force and our awareness of existing in this universe. The observer, the self-awareness of the universe for itself, is us at the deepest level.

Feeling connected to a source greater than ourselves clearly brings great comfort. Our religious concepts of a loving, merciful, and compassionate force operating in the universe have originated from human encounters in the spiritual realm as reported by prophets and religious mystics for millennia. When forced to use language to describe such interactions, we typically position this great source as something “other” or separate from us, rather than integrally connected with and through us.

Many spiritually transformative experiences include reports of becoming God. Our Western culture stumbles a bit at the suggestion that we human beings can become one and identical with God. Such a disclosure can result in accusations of being an egomaniac or, worse yet, suffering from a messiah complex or mental illness. Yet the concrete reality of such true unity of our souls with source is the exact opposite of any such egotistical interpretation, and each of us can develop a relationship with God from within.

Spending time in the great outdoors can be a profound inspiration to feeling connected with this creative force. Whether at the ocean, in the mountains or at a local city park, nature provides a means for all of us to connect, not only with the beauty of our planet, but also with the vast energetic force behind it.


Spend time out in nature and marvel over its beauty. Imagine yourself merging with the sun, trees, mountains, water or wind. Feel the difference between these different living items and then feel yourself merging with all creation, with love, with God – a part of, not separate from. Revisit these feelings during your daily contemplative practice.