Your Progress

As postulated in physics, pure information is at the core of all reality. Those scientists (i.e., John Archibald Wheeler, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, among others) also believe this pure information to have no “attitude” or “personality.” However, according to those who have been awash in it through all manner of spiritually transformative experiences, that informational substrate underlying our universe appears to be made of profound unconditional love and connection.

A natural result of feeling the infinite love of the universe is to recognize that conscious awareness is the very same force at the core of all existence. The binding force of love reported by the spiritual journeyers over millennia brings to mind the concept of “the ether.” Many would identify ether as the substance that acts as the binding force of our universe, making it very much identical to that infinite energy of love.

Some people seem to naturally radiate love. Think about the most generous, welcoming people in your life and you can probably call up an example. Loving oneself is a critical step to fully being able to love others, but it can be challenging to fully embrace this concept. It’s a universal wound that we feel inadequate or unworthy of truly being loved.

It is possible to cultivate a connection to that universal force of love. Since we are connected with all that is at a fundamental level, we all have the potential to serve as conduits of the healing power of love underlying the core of all existence. Knowing how our heart’s energy affects those around us, if each of us takes personal responsibility for managing our heart, imagine how the world might change.


In your daily practice, imagine something for which you are grateful, something that you love, and notice how that feels in your heart. That feeling that you have is being generated and felt from within. Realize what that means: You are the love. Rather than directing loving thoughts toward yourself, simply be the love that you are.

As you do this, radiate this loving energy out into the world and invite the love that exists in the world to enter you.