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The beauty is the perfect oneness of it all—that these enormously separate perspectives are merely different facets of the same perfect diamond—the gem of our existence.

Living in a Mindful Universe

In quantum mechanics experiments, the measurement of an entangled object instantaneously influences the result obtained by a separate observation of its entangled partner, no matter how great the distance between them.

This suggests that the entangled particles are somehow acting as one particle that seems to be separated from itself in space. This is a most surprising finding, one that seems inexplicable given our everyday notions of space and time. Yet, it has been confirmed many times through experimentation. Such results seem to indicate that we are indeed connected on a fundamental level.

There is a wealth of extraordinary evidence that shows how we are all bound together as one Collective Mind through consciousness phenomena, such as coordinated movement patterns of flocks of birds and schools of fish, communication between humans and animals, group behavior, premonitions, remote viewing and twin studies.

Many who relate near-death experiences, and other types of spiritually transformative experiences, describe connecting with a field of pure oneness. In this state, it can feel like all knowledge about all things is readily available, yet it is nearly impossible to bring it all back to the here and now. Such reports typically include a disclaimer that our human language fails to adequately convey the full depth of that connection.


Practice the adage to always treat others as you would treat yourself, include this evaluation in your daily review. In your daily practice, listen to the provided Sacred Acoustics recording and recall the torus field of the heart – feel your connection to a distant person as though your heart energy touches theirs. Imagine what he or she might be doing or feeling and feel it as if you are also living it…because on some level you are! Visualize a connection with all that exists and expand beyond the here and now.

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For best results, we recommend the use of headphones. DO NOT listen while driving.

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