Your Progress

It is crucial not to adopt beliefs simply because others have stated them or you have read about them in a book, including everything presented throughout this 33-day journey and written about in Living in a Mindful Universe.

In our Western culture, we have been conditioned to “think” our way to answers. The pursuit of understanding through the linear rational and logical process so common in academics and in much of daily human reasoning is ingrained into our culture. But direct experience provides a more fundamental mode of knowing.

To develop an inner capacity of knowing, the most beneficial approach is to learn firsthand through cultivating and trusting in personal experience. We will each proceed on a slightly different path, following our unique motivations and goals.

Sometimes in a dream, meditation or other state of expanded awareness, visions or “knowings” seem to pop up spontaneously, with no triggering thought stream or apparent reason for their appearance. Huge volumes of knowing can be contained in a “thought ball.” Tremendous bundles of knowledge might seemingly arrive in an instant and may take time to completely unravel.

Such an experience cannot be taught with words. But as they occur, the feeling of knowing is unmistakable and will capture your entire being rather than a mere thought in the mind.


In your continuing daily practice of expanded awareness, stay alert for sudden sensations of knowing. Such feelings can be accompanied by shivers or goose bumps and an overall sense of well-being and certainty. Learn to distinguish a belief in your mind compared to a knowing in your entire being.