Your Progress

The life review ritual exists in order for us to feel the emotional impact of our behavior from another perspective, both good and bad.

Living in a Mindful Universe

The life review has been commonly encountered  in near-death experiences over the last few millennia (occurring in 30% – 60% of all NDEs), no matter what one’s prior faith and belief system. Shortly after departing the physical body, key moments in life are relived in what seems like real time. This can seem as if years have passed, even if just seconds or minutes have passed in earth time.

A fundamental lesson of the life review concerns our ability to become, in essence, those other souls impacted by our actions and thoughts and to experience the feelings, from their perspective, that our actions elicited in others. This process allows us to witness and assess the progress of our spiritual growth, ultimately across multiple lifetimes. It also reveals the false nature of our boundaries of self, and hints that we are all connected through the Collective Mind.

Judgment is not cast upon us from some other “higher” being—we judge ourselves from the more neutral and broader perspective of our own higher soul (often in the ambience of profound love), and we apparently do so more harshly than any third party might. Life reviews help us learn the lessons of life, providing balance and justice to our growth.

Life reviews can affect the decisions we make when planning future lifetimes, as we witness the progress of our growth and choose which lessons we may need to learn next.


During your daily practice, review events of the previous day or week and “relive” any moments you choose in order to more fully understand your role in unfolding events. Review in your mind and heart how others might have felt as a result of your actions and evaluate how you could change your behavior the next time you are in a similar situation.