Your Progress

Our collective existence here on earth can be thought of as time spent in “soul school”—and it seems we have more than one chance to get it right, as we return repeatedly through multiple lifetimes over vast cycles of time. This evolution is not chaotic and random, but reveals purpose and meaning to our existence. And, we are ushered by a force of infinite love that guides our pathway of learning and teaching.

The progressive growth of consciousness itself is ultimately the purpose of our existence, and each of us plays a crucial role in this process. Hypnosis is one technique that can serve to facilitate recollections of memories from past lifetimes or from the time between lifetimes spent on earth.

While some children (and adults) spontaneously recall past life memories, hypnotic regression allows people to attempt to recover memories of past lives. Such sessions are not typically scientifically verifiable; however, individuals sometimes experience remarkable healing of symptoms in their current life, that can be related to a release of emotional trauma from previous lifetimes.

During “life between lives” hypnosis sessions, people often report making specific plans for milestone events to occur throughout their life, including hardships such as disease or other challenges. Such events typically serve as catalysts for growth and learning. It is our chosen responses to such challenges that determine their ability to empower our growth.

Recognizing that the struggles and conflicts we face in life might serve a higher purpose of learning offers great insight in living our lives in the here and now. Some find it challenging to accept that we have intentionally planned less-than-ideal situations for ourselves. It seems when these plans are formed, we have full knowing that the situation will be temporary. Of course, when we are living them in the now, we tend to forget such underlying arrangements.