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Intention is creating an imagined state of being for something you wish to achieve as if you had already attained it—truly feeling as if you have already gained what you desired.

Living in a Mindful Universe

Adding conscious intention to your practice often yields significant results. Intention is a tool of your inner observer’s focused attention that can be employed to achieve your chosen objectives. Where we place our attention is fundamentally the linkage between consciousness and any aspect of the world around us.

Resonance, or “like attracts like,” explains how patterns of any type can reinforce similar patterns, just as wave patterns demonstrate constructive and destructive interference. Resonance can greatly amplify the power of the information that overlaps between such interacting forces.

If you wish to receive an answer to a question, imagine how you would feel when the question is answered—clarity. If you’re seeking a solution to a problem, imagine what it would feel like when the solution is found—success. If you don’t have a particular goal, simply open yourself to all possibilities—trust.

Associate your particular issue in your mind with a chosen word and in your daily practice, focus on just that one word. It is critical to integrate your feeling state and not just think about the literal definition of the word. Combining the emotion of a word (and what it represents) with the thought of a word (its literal definition) creates a powerful force.

You can experiment by using a combination of up to three words. Feel the differences between various combinations of words.

Please note: Holding an expectation of exactly how the outcome of your intention will be accomplished is detrimental to success. Resolution to issues often arrives in completely unexpected ways. It is vital to maintain an open state of mind and to be receptive to any path that might present itself.  We don’t always know beforehand what might be the best solution to an issue. Crucial to the process is to let go of any attachment to results and outcome.


Add intention to your daily practice by setting an intention using just one word. Select a word that represents the state of being you would like to have once your objective is achieved. From your heart space, generate what you would feel like in that state; really feel it, as if it has already happened. Then let go of any expectation on how that intention might be fulfilled and trust that it will be delivered.

Try this with and without the supplied audio recordings from previous days.