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Becoming more conscious of our unconscious decision-making process allows for greater awareness of how our unfolding reality comes into being.

Living in a Mindful Universe

Every choice we make has an underlying motivation, whether we consciously realize it or not. A responsible choice is one that takes into account the intention behind it. Everyone has the free will to choose with full accountability and move beyond the programs that run beneath our superficial level of awareness.

The choice to address limiting beliefs can be a useful key to making significant changes in life. Once identified, changing one’s underlying beliefs can be challenging, but well worth the effort it takes.

To assist in choosing beneficial changes in your beliefs, imagine how your life might be affected after adopting a new belief. Envision yourself moving through life with that fresh outlook and project how it might impact different situations.

It’s like trying on new shoes to see how they fit. You can walk around a bit first to see how they feel before making a firm commitment. Consciously decide if you wish to adopt a new belief and own your decision.

An example is a belief such as “I can’t meditate.” Such a statement might prevent you from being successful at meditation. Replacing this statement with “I am capable of meditating” is an excellent step towards changing such a limiting belief.


As you identify your personal limiting beliefs (see previous day’s exercise), decide if you wish to change any of them. Using your inner observer, pay attention to when such limiting statements arise in your thoughts or spoken words, then say to yourself the word “cancel” and replace the statement with one that is more supportive.