Your Progress

Many beliefs are so ingrained in our systems that we come to see them as truths rather than beliefs. These underlying assumptions affect the understanding of any experience, whether it be a scientific experiment or the memory of an event. We each have a completely unique blend of beliefs and attitudes that affect every aspect of life, including our physical health.

Our beliefs can sometimes limit our experience, and act as blinders or filters that prevent us from seeing alternate theories or possibilities for living and experiencing life. The leading edge of science now urges us to remove, suspend, or at least question the beliefs we may have been taught by well-meaning teachers, parents or others in years past.

It is incumbent on each of us to examine where our beliefs came from and how they affect us. Often, we are not aware of the underlying beliefs that might influence a given decision or situation, and many of them limit our ability to grow or succeed. Such limiting beliefs can become so ingrained that they often seem to be facts that cannot be altered. These are not always clearly apparent, but it is possible to uncover them. After careful evaluation, we may choose to change such limiting beliefs.

Through sincere soul-searching, we may be able to identify habitual ways of thinking. Again, by developing the ability to sense the neutral inner observer this useful part of us can consciously notice our thoughts and underlying motivations, so that we begin to recognize limiting beliefs. Then, from a non-threatening perspective, we can strive to change those that do not serve us well.


Write a list of your core beliefs, including the source that inspired that belief. Pay close attention to the language you regularly use from the perspective of your neutral observer. How do you approach or think about a project or new idea? How do you interact and converse with others. What reactions do you automatically have when you are confronted by a different idea or suggestion, and why? Become aware of limiting beliefs you wish to change.