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Imagine all of the individual heart fields interacting with all the other heart fields in the room: Together, we form a resonant harmonic convergence toward a mutual objective.

Living in a Mindful Universe

Research reveals that our hearts interconnect and exchange information with others. In studies, subjects are trained to enact specific techniques such as focusing awareness in the area surrounding the heart and generating a feeling of appreciation. Successfully achieving this state, known as coherence, reflects a balance of the body’s cognitive, emotional and physiological processes.

Positive emotions bring on a greater level of coherence. Generating appreciation in the heart alone can beneficially affect a person’s physiological functions, including the autonomic (sympathetic and parasympathetic) nervous system.

Subjects who performed such techniques were able to effect a measurable influence on a person sitting across from them, who was not practicing any technique. A related result was found between two people who were holding hands. Couples sleeping together have shown remarkable coherence between their two hearts throughout the night.

When someone is in a coherent state, he or she is more receptive to information generated by other nearby heart fields. This receptivity can manifest as intuitive sensations. Maintaining awareness of one’s heart and a state of appreciation while listening to another person often results in improved clarity and intuitive connections.  It seems we communicate beyond language through the energy of our hearts.


Listen to the Heart Center recording and follow the verbal guidance. Practice this breathing exercise outside your meditative practice when you are out in the world (such as while commuting or in a meeting) and note if/how it affects those around you.

If you prefer, follow the guidance without the sound: Heart Center script


For best results, we recommend the use of headphones. DO NOT listen while driving.

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