Your Progress

Emotions are what give us “skin in the game,” that apply value and meaning to the lessons we learn in living our human lives, whether of love or of loss.

Living in a Mindful Universe

Many in our western culture believe that expressing one’s feelings is not necessarily an admirable quality. We are taught to “stuff it,” and not to bother others with emotional reactions that arise during the challenges of life. Often born from good intentions, many share this quality of emotional restraint, but it doesn’t necessarily serve us well.

Our emotions are essential to reaching a deeper understanding of our inner spiritual nature, beyond the five physical senses. Every interaction in life is an opportunity to grow spiritually, and those that capture our attention often involve strong emotional reactions.

Attempting to change external circumstances to solve our problems can often be frustrating. It is useful to look inside yourself to discover the true source of emotional pain. Developing a deeper understanding of our inner spiritual nature helps to empower us from within.

In a universe that is alive and wise and compassionate, emotions can be viewed as messages from the soul that bring priceless information. By moving past being unconsciously controlled by fearful emotions to consciously choosing to act on loved-based emotions, you are able to change your life, your future, and your world.


Pay attention to what events trigger your emotions throughout the day. These are clues to issues that are better addressed from within yourself rather than blaming external circumstances for your emotional reactions.