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Idealism is the notion that reality (our entire universe) is fundamentally a form of thought in which the human mind participates.

Living in a Mindful Universe

When addressing the mind-body discussion, it is useful to envision a linear spectrum with two opposite poles:

  • materialism (brain creates mind and all that exists is physical matter)
  • metaphysical idealism (mind creates brain, and all of the physical universe)

Between the two lie many optional explanations that invoke “dualism.” These theories accept some existence of mind that is not simply explained by the physical brain, allowing for brain and mind to coexist in some parallel fashion.

From the view of idealism, one assumes that consciousness exists primarily, which generates all that exists, including our brains and bodies. Many of the founding fathers of quantum physics (Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger among others) suggested consciousness to be fundamental — in essence, they were promoting a position of metaphysical idealism (as are we).

In metaphysical idealism, as also in quantum physics, the entire universe is deeply interconnected. Any separation of a part from the whole in our thinking leads to distortion and confusion. We originate from a larger consciousness made of all sentient consciousness throughout the universe but our individual awareness maintains a sensation of being separate.

This postulates a universe with wide-open possibilities for human potential, as we are all participants and co-creators in the grand evolution of consciousness itself.


Begin to realize that your mind has tremendous ability to influence unfolding reality. In your daily practice, generate a sensation of being unlimited in your potential. Truly believe you can accomplish absolutely anything to which you set your mind.