Your Progress

Many people have shared stories of how the greatest gift they received from their loved one is some indication at the time of death, or thereafter, that their mutual soul connection outlived the death of the body.

Living in a Mindful Universe

After-death communications (ADCs) cannot be willed into existence, but becoming more receptive to inner promptings can help. Along with its many other benefits, your regular practice of going within will create a peaceful stillness within. This state of being allows for connection to the spiritual realm and is an ideal space from which to invite an encounter with a departed loved one.

The first step to manifesting an ADC is to be open to its possibility. Often, all it takes is to mentally ask to be shown a sign that a loved one is still present.

It’s important to stay patient and alert to anything significant that might appear in your path, especially if it comes in repetitious or unexpected fashion. While some such signs are obvious and profound, many are more subtle and require us to pay extra attention. When they come in continuous patterns, the connection can seem especially powerful.

A sign may come in the form of a butterfly, a coin, a favorite song, or other type of imagery, but whatever it is, it will be something obviously related to the deceased person and typically related in a personal way.

It is possible to establish “links” with a loved one who is dying and to consciously create a shared-death experience. Such transformative gifts include: pre-death dreams or visions, shared out-of-body events, encountering heavenly realms, witnessing beings of light, and more.

Dying is a natural aspect of the cycle of life. Telling a dying person that it is okay, that you are also “at one” with it, offers powerful healing for all parties. Interpret what you witness with your heart, not your head. Feel what is going on and stay alert throughout the dying process for any indications that your loved one has encountered the spiritual realm. It helps to remain open to the grand possibilities.


During your daily practice, or while falling asleep at night to influence a dream, imagine yourself as an eternal spiritual being with lasting bonds to all your loved ones. Realize you are always connected to them through your more expanded self.

To connect with a departed loved one, conjure up the feeling of what it was like to be with that person and imagine you are with them again. Contact may not happen right away and may occur outside of a dream or meditation, but keep trying, as it can take weeks or even months to develop sufficient sensitivity. Note any perceived connections in your journal.