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The ability that truly sets humans apart from animals is not something as profound as language, it’s simply that—we cook!

Living in a Mindful Universe

Animals offer reliable emotional support to humans, often assisting with conditions such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. But are animals conscious in the same way humans are? Some of us easily see the divinity in animals, but conventional science teaches that animals are merely instinctive creatures.

Many animal lovers believe they are able to communicate with their pets, even beyond simple training commands. Dogs, especially, are devoted to their caretakers in ways that are generally unmatched in human-to-human relationships. Bonds between animals and humans can be especially strong and profound, but is it possible to really know what animals think and feel?

Due to our linguistic abilities, many scientists assume that humans are superior to animals. Given the realization that our language capabilities and constant internal chatter seem to limit deeper understanding, perhaps animals have an edge on humans after all. They are possibly more in touch with that spiritual side, unencumbered by constant mind chatter.

The pure conceptual flow of information available in expanded states of consciousness reveals the limitations of verbal language. Perhaps there is something more profound going on and we truly are connected at a deeper level.

Stories abound that describe dogs who find their way home after being lost from thousands of miles away, cats who know when someone is dying, dolphins who rescue humans, dogs or whales. Such stories support the interconnections between species, and the notion that we can share more communication with our animals.


During your daily practice, begin to notice impressions or emotions that arise that are not describable using language. It is not always necessary to identify experiences with proper vocabulary and sentence structure. Try drawing your experiences in your journal.

If you have a pet, imagine yourself connecting to that pet with your heart rather than your mind and allow any impressions to arise. Realize you may receive images, symbols or feelings rather than words.

Try the Sacred Acoustics recording—this one has no words. Note any difference in your experience.


For best results, we recommend the use of headphones. DO NOT listen while driving.

Sacred Acoustics Om – nonverbal