We are on a journey of experience, of the heart and soul, not accessible to the armchair philosopher through academic scholarship alone.

Living in a Mindful Universe

It is critical that we not be seduced by simplistic falsehoods about an assumed world, but strive to assess and deal with the world as it truly is. That’s not always easy, as myriad messages and opinions bombard our daily lives. As human beings seeking a deeper understanding of our existence, we can access inner wisdom that can help us sort the real from the illusion. Personal experience is key in helping us realize a more complete understanding.

It’s not necessary to wait for a spontaneous spiritual experience. It is possible to generate direct, firsthand personal experience by developing a regular practice of going within. We can create a rich, internal spiritual connection through prayer, meditation, mindfulness or contemplation.

If you are new to meditation or prayer, set aside a time each day throughout the next 33 days to sit quietly and observe your natural pattern of breathing. Many experts recommend 20 minutes twice day, but even 10 minutes each day is enough to start. If you already have a meditation routine, continue with that practice.

Pay attention to your experiences and don’t immediately dismiss them out of hand. Keep a journal and record your insights or thoughts while participating in various exercises over the next 33 days. Make note of any synchronicities, meaningful dreams or unexpected occurrences that you might experience.


Select a regular time each day to establish a routine of quiet contemplation for at least 10-20 minutes and during this time, with closed eyes, simply observe your natural pattern of breathing.