Personal Tools

“It is all about consciousness—literally and truly, all of it.

By consciousness, I mean that self-awareness, that knowing in this moment that you exist, that you are a human being alive in the here and now—the observer part of awareness—the knower of knowledge.

That spark of awareness that experiences, and that remembers experience—that is consciousness.”

Living in a Mindful Universe

The only thing anyone of us truly knows to exist is the inside of our own consciousness and we all have the capacity to explore that vast well that lies within. Firsthand experiences are vital to our personal understanding. We can trust the experiences of others, or we can cultivate and learn to trust our own.

It is the awareness, or the observer, that is at the heart of the deep mystery of the mind-body discussion and confounding experiments in quantum physics. Through regular practice, strengthening our connection with our inner observer allows us to gain profound understanding and influence of our daily lives.

  • access personal guidance
  • tap into creative inspiration
  • improve focus
  • come to know one’s deepest inner self
  • realize your purpose and soul lessons
  • connect to unconditional love and oneness
  • communicate with departed loved ones

Discover your expansive nature by developing a routine of deep inner stillness and exploration. Get started now by registering for Your 33 Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness, a completely free online course that is a practical companion to Living in a Mindful Universe.

Research has demonstrated the various benefits of meditation, including relaxation, stress management and improved ability to concentrate. These benefits alone are enough reason to begin a meditation practice, but tending to our spiritual essence is key to fully realizing the more expanded nature of our existence.

When first starting out, it can be challenging to get past the constant mind chatter that typically accompanies us throughout the day.

Dr. Alexander’s personal routine includes the use of audio recordings produced by Sacred Acoustics to facilitate the process of achieving expanded states of awareness. These recordings include binaural beats and other sound effects that occupy the analytical part of the brain in order to free up conscious awareness to access realms beyond the physical.

Music, sound and vibration were a crucial element within Dr. Alexander’s journey as he traversed the different spiritual realms accompanied by sound. It is no surprise to him that sound can also help to access these same realms from our earthly existence, just as music has always been used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. From tribal drumming to Gregorian chants to Nada yoga, religious and meditative traditions have long used sound to induce trances or facilitate inner quiet.

Any practice of going within, such as prayer, mindfulness, contemplative moments in nature – all of these contribute to finding one’s deepest center. Such practices serve as a temporary reprieve from the thoughts and chatter of the linguistic brain. It helps to devise a way to enact powerful expressions of gratitude, and a trust in knowing that “all is well.”

“We are all part of a vast and creative consciousness, and the evolution of all of consciousness throughout the cosmos is nothing more than the individual journeys of sentient beings in coming to understand their own role in this co-creative endeavor.”

Living in a Mindful Universe

Each of us contributes to our collective unfolding reality, whether consciously aware of it, or not. It is incumbent on us to individually break out of the illusion of the physical world as all that exists and to develop a richer sense of our spiritual nature. We must find out for ourselves by intentionally “stepping outside” of mundane waking consciousness through various methods.

Consciousness is a continuum in which at every stage we have the opportunity for learning and growth. Many people, find such revelations through a near-death experience or other impromptu connection to the spiritual realm. But any of us can achieve the same goal by cultivating a connection to our own higher nature.

The mindful universe in which we live is self-aware, and learning, and evolving. Each of us is a potential change agent that helps to bring our collective vision to fruition. Coming to know this and to fully live it, is the pathway toward perfect harmony with all that is.