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Explore the NDE through Science, Spirituality and Sound – 7 Week Online Course

August 17, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Explore the Near-Death Experience through Science, Spirituality & Sound: A Soul-Evolving Journey into the Binding Force of Love & Purposeful Living

Discover insights and practices, including powerful sound-healing journeys, to access the knowledge and transformations of the near-death experience — even if you haven’t had one yourself — so you can live a more love-filled, fearless, and purposeful life NOW.

Uncertainty is still swirling all around us. Many of us feel uneasy, isolated, or worried about what the future holds. And if you’re like a lot of us, you might be working through feeling a lack of fulfillment brought on by being confined for much of this year.

Now imagine how different life would be if you met these challenges — and every challenge — from a natural state of peace, comfort, and ease…a state that comes from knowing on a soul-deep level that all is well, that pure unity exists, that unconditional love serves as the binding force of the universe, and that you are truly never alone — even in death.

This is the life-changing perspective that those who’ve had a near-death experience (NDE) bring with them when they return. Near-death experiencers have gone through a profound process — they’ve revisited crucial events from their lives for review; they’ve been comforted by departed loved ones and other helping spirits. They no longer fear death because they know that when the time comes, they’ll be perfectly at home in the spiritual realm — and that everyone will be. They’ve already seen it for themselves. Their spiritually transformative experiences reveal to them the power of love to provide profound healing. Even if you’ve never had an NDE, you can learn so much from those who have — and apply these profound truths to your life now.

This love permeates the entire universe and connects all of consciousness, ultimately energizing its evolution. The presence of evil is simply an absence of light and love, not an opposing force.

Join Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell for this seven-week online course, to explore the full, fascinating story of his NDE, plus insights and practices to cultivate the heightened awareness, deep love, and absence of the fear of death that can result from an NDE.

In every session, you’ll take part in profound guided sound-healing journeys using the anxiety-reducing resonance of Sacred Acoustics’ binaural beats. Sacred Acoustics’ specialized brainwave entrainment audio recordings provide a profound sense of relaxation — to quiet your thinking/analytical mind, while you maintain a focused awareness. A peer-reviewed pilot study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in February 2020 revealed a 26% reduction in anxiety after just two weeks of listening.

If you’ve experienced an NDE, you can gain a scientific perspective that may further validate your own discoveries and answer lingering questions.

If you haven’t experienced an NDE, you’ll come away with an expanded and comforting view of death — and a richer awareness of how to live a fulfilling life of purpose here on Earth and beyond.

Explore how to successfully manage your thoughts, beliefs, and underlying motivations — and create a foundation to more consciously understand the outcomes in your life.

In this course, discover:

  • How NDEs, deathbed visions, shared death experiences, and spiritually transformative experiences all reveal that pure, unconditional love serves as the binding force of the universe
  • Evidence from many cases that we are not alone when we die
  • How near-death experiences bring about profound transformations — unmatched by any therapeutic techniques — including physical and mental healing, shifts in worldview, and an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose
  • How to measure mystical features of near-death experiences (and other spiritually transformative experiences) using the Greyson Scale
  • How successfully managing your thoughts, beliefs, and underlying motivations creates a foundation for consciously understanding the outcomes in your life
  • A more complete understanding of “where we go” when we hover between the worlds
  • How, in the process of studying the realms of consciousness, scientific study uncovered evidence of a common spiritual realm
  • How key experiences from childhood often set the stage for a unique reflection of separation from source — which is far more challenging to resolve due to the spiritual vacuum inherent in modern, secular culture
  • Conclusions from six decades of academic research that provide evidence of reincarnation, focused on 2,500+ cases of past-life memories in children
  • What you can learn from near-death experiencers’ life reviews — visions where they feel for themselves how others have been affected by their actions
  • The powerful evidence — regarding telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, and more — that supports the concept that we’re all connected through our collective consciousness, the One Mind
  • How an NDE opens us to the awareness that our consciousness creates our life — and that we have a critical role to play while we’re here

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Class Dates:  Aug 17, Aug 24, Aug 31, Sept 14, Sept 21, Sept 28 and Oct 5 (11am PT / 2pm ET)

Recordings of each class will be available if you cannot make the live session time.