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A-Ha! Holistic Healing Expo – Bradenton, Florida

February 16 @ 8:00 am - February 17 @ 5:00 pm

Join Eben Alexander,Karen Newell and many more for talks, workshops, booths and experientials at the A-Ha! Holistic Healing Expo on February 16 & 17, 2019

Hosted by The Spirit University, Sarasota, FL

Held at the Bradenton Convention Center, 1 Haben Blvd, Palmetto, FL

Expo is a transformational conference designed to address the whole person and key aspects of total wellness and energy healing.  It explores achieving good health and how to improve and care for your body, mind and spirit — the Whole You.

Both Days: General Admission $5.00, provides access to:

Doctors, nutritionists, energy experts other health practitioners will facilitate discussions and workshops on health, healing, detoxification, diet, weight loss, exercise, plant-based nutrition and complementary strategies for finding wellness and good health. Get your top health concerns addressed, and network and learn from leading holistic healing experts. Discover new aspects about your body, mind, and spirit connection, and their profound effect on thoughts and health. This is the most comprehensive and unique holistic health expo in Florida.


Sat, Feb 16, 1-3pm:  Lecture/Experiential Proof of Heaven: UNVEILING THE MYSTERY OF CONSCIOUSNESS

Additional ticket required, $39 – Registration open soon, or tickets available at the door.

Eben Alexander will explain some of the essential lessons he learned during and since his NDE, and explain the paramount importance of love in our spiritual health and healing. Karen Newell will share some of the advanced sound meditation tools developed by Sacred Acoustics that each of us can use to explore our own connection to inner knowing and the deeper realities of our existence.



Additional ticket required, $59;  Combo ticket, $79 for both Lecture and Workshop – Registration open soon, or tickets available at the door.

There is much more to our so-called reality than what we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Conventional science argues that we must perceive something with our senses in order for it to be real. Yet, profound experiences reported throughout the world teach us that the spiritual realm is right here and available to us and is a fundamental part of our collective truth that can no longer be simply dismissed. We live in a mindful universe, and we are each an intimate part of the whole.

Consciousness is primary to all of existence and fortunately, we can all access this fountain of information and gain firsthand knowledge of it by going within. Accessing this infinite awareness enables us to integrate the soul’s journey into our lives here on earth. Decisions, directions, choices and outcomes are transformed through this greater awareness. Through meditation, strengthened heart connections and soul perspective, we can learn to live beyond the illusion of the physical world and all its drama, knowing that the answers truly lie within us all.

In this workshop using advanced tools developed by Sacred Acoustics, you will participate in a group sound journey and heart activation to experience your own connection to inner knowing and the deeper realities of existence. Any true vision of health must include not only the physical, mental, and emotional realms, but, most importantly, the spiritual. Becoming aware of the reality of consciousness and the binding force of love will lead to unprecedented individual growth and understanding. As each of us discovers our soul’s true purpose, together we can shift the current predominant world paradigm into one that acknowledges the oneness and interconnectedness of all.


February 16 @ 8:00 am
February 17 @ 5:00 pm


Spirit University – Sarasota


Bradenton Convention Center
1 Haben Blvd
Palmetto, FL 34221
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