There is an imminent unprecedented shift in the western scientific paradigm that, when fully incorporated, will lead to far more meaning and purpose in our world. We have much greater power over our lives than we have been led to believe and Living in a Mindful Universe spells out why and how.

Materialist science as a foundation for comprehending our reality is at a dead end. We are long overdue to rise above this facade, and this demands the robust incorporation of consciousness into our working model of the universe.

A convergence of understanding about our approach to science, our universe, and ourselves is the only way forward. For those with the most open minds, this is where science finds itself now, in the early 21st century, as it finally comes closer to some understanding of the depths of the mind-body debate. This fascinating investigation into the fundamental nature of reality is directly relevant to us all.

By cultivating an inner stillness deep enough to connect with our divine spiritual nature we can achieve greater influence on our health, gain enhanced insight and creativity and learn to influence the evolution of our unfolding reality, clearing a pathway towards harmony and peace in our lives and in the world-at-large.

Our modern world often puts science and spirituality at two ends of a spectrum. In this completely FREE 33-day course, using concepts directly from the book, Living in a Mindful Universe, we bring them together. Sign-up below to start your journey today.

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Living in a Mindful Universe by Dr. Eben Alexander

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A deep heartfelt and heart-full Thank you! to both of you, my words feel orphan to express the extent of my gratitude. As a doctor myself I have wrestled with the notion of a materialistic world back and forth a number of times in the course of my life, yet with the deep-down persistent conviction that there is more to our body, a conviction reinforced by a few personal experiences. Your course helped me live through a difficult period with the recent passing of my mother.

Pascale Willem

My soul thanks you. I am new to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. It is a pleasant surprise to have all the resources you shared so generously in one place.

Rosemary Graves

Thank you both for this amazing journey, which complements the book so well, and also the Sacred Acoustics recordings which are amazing. I look forward to my continued journey of awakening!

James Dalton

The initiative, Eben and Karen, to assemble each of the 33 days, for your spiritual and the curious audience is commendable, thank you very much. Feeding us credible information, delivered with a modern and first hand story, verifies that consciousness and science can coexist. It is a game changer!

Paul Dexter

Thank you Eben and Karen, with love and gratitude for your generous and open sharing. Participating in the course has experientially strengthened this arising expanded awareness AND shaken the mental/conceptual frame. The material shared each day caused a shaking in the surface understanding but, equally, sounded and resounded a resonant bell/chime deep within.

Susan Hills

I have eagerly awaited every day’s email throughout the 33 days and for once I was not disappointed by unrealized promises that so often accompany new book releases. Au contraire! Every day I marveled at the agreement of my soul’s experience with the concepts in your daily lesson. It all seems so new and fresh to me even though I’ve been “awakening” for most of my life. Coming from the two of you, these truths provide solid validation of my life journey to date, and give me more confidence in my own ability to connect with the Source of all truth. No longer do I need to lean on any spiritual “guru” to guide me. Something profound and wonderful is happening, and you two are clearly front and center in this amazing global awakening. I did indeed devour your book, by the way, and am even more convinced that you two are heralding a new understanding of reality that needs to be widely disseminated. Thank you both x infinity!

Keith Boyer

Thank you for these 33 days. I will miss your morning message, which has held an ongoing awareness of our presence here, the why and how of it in consciousness, front and center. It helps a lot. Your approach is so genuine, and giving. I will continue now learning more with the sound recordings. Again, my thanks.

Regina Clarke

I so appreciated the 33 days, looking forward to each meditation/topic as though unwrapping a wonderful gift…because, of course, I was! As others have mentioned, so much of what Eben and Karen presented served to validate my own, personal inklings and wonderings gleaned over a lifetime of spiritual seeking. It is not only a gleeful realization to KNOW, but it is also a relief. I am excited to see what else unfolds. Thank you, Eben and Karen. Happy journey to all.

Kathy DiCato

Thank you, Eben and Karen, for the 33 days journey. I have been so excited to receive your letter every day. Each message has improved my thinking and attitude vastly. I am looking forward to reading your book!


Sincerely grateful. Best emails I’ve ever opened and so nice to know we’re from all different parts of the world. The Mystery is fantabulous and these daily reminders have certainly affirmed the larger perspective that we need so much. Love from Aus.

Teresa Markham

I started this 33 day journey as a materialist. I have never been afraid to die but the thought of ceasing to exist after death has been a thorn in my side since I started to think that’s what happens. I mean what could possibly be more depressing than that. To ease my dread I used drugs. Many, many drugs.  I stopped using in 2011 but that dread I so diligently tried to quell remained. During this 33 day experience I began to feel hope. Thoughts came to me while in practice that are leading me to believe. I started a pro and con list of sorts. On one side are the things that make me doubt and on the other are things that lead me to believe. I was surprised to see it’s a very lopsided list. I’m seeing way more proof than doubt. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. Thank You so much once again Eben and Karen

Matthew William Kurshals III

This was such a comprehensible series and I really appreciated receiving it each day…. The end summary makes it so easy to access any lesson we wish to revisit. Thank you so much for everything you have done and also for inspiring me to continue and work on my awareness. Keep up the great work!


Thank you Eben and Karen for your generosity and kindness in sharing this programme. I’ve really enjoyed the journey and it has given me much to reflect upon. I feel inspired as a result. I have faith and hope that these messages are being heard around the world as the consciousness of humankind rises and will one day part of the mainstream. Looking forward to reading your book and maybe meeting you one day.

Ashley Wood

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The Authors

Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston, with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology. He is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven.

Karen Newell is a life-long seeker of esoteric wisdom and has amassed a wealth of firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. Cofounder of Sacred Acoustics, she teaches how to enter and engage with expanded awareness in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and enhance intuition.