Revelations from NDEs


I just completed a five-session webinar through Evolver Learning Lab, co-presented with Karen Newell. The whole experience was very satisfying, and it was a wonderful opportunity to share the work we’ve been doing with a broader audience and to give participants a chance to experience for themselves how to access universal consciousness by going deep within.

The webinar opened with a session that shared the same title as the appendix in my second book, The Map of Heaven: “The Answers Lie Within Us All.” This introductory session hinted at the profound mystery of consciousness as it is just now being seriously explored by the scientific community, and previewed how differential-frequency sound recordings can be used to access answers to the deepest mysteries facing human understanding.

The second session dove deeply into “Love and Consciousness,” with detailed information on accessing the powerful electromagnetic field of the heart , followed by a third session in which we were joined by Dr. Larry Dossey, world-renowned thought leader and author of the world-changing book The One Mind, who discussed the evidence supporting the Oneness of all consciousness. He talked through some of the implications of the One Mind: what unified consciousness means to us individually and as members of an infinitely greater collective.

Having established some fundamental principles about consciousness and familiarized participants with the latest research and thought about the possibilities for understanding reality, we then shifted into more interactive material in sessions four and five. Starting with exercises to “Awaken the Observer Within,” we focused on the extreme mystery of awareness itself—and on how to separate the One Mind consciousness from the egoistic little voice in our heads. From that neutral state of pure consciousness, we intuitively understand that we are far more than the simple physical bodies living birth-to-death, and we can start to cultivate the sense that we are truly eternal spiritual beings interconnected with all other life throughout the universe and with the Divine Itself. Many of us have experienced this to some degree, but it takes practice and courage to allow that truth to fully suffuse our lives and guide our choices. The course’s grand finale concerned nothing less than free will itself—and challenged participants to take a place right at the center of the unprecedented awakening going on even now for all of humanity.

We were blessed with a thoroughly engaged audience who communicated frequently through the forum set up at and through the 30-minute Q&A segments at the end of each of the webinar’s sessions. If you couldn’t join us live for the course, you can still obtain all archived material at this link. Either way, I invite all who are interested to visit the forum and join the conversation.

Karen and I extend our boundless gratitude to Evolver Learning Lab, Dr. Larry Dossey, and the webinar’s wonderful participants. It is through the tireless energy and curiosity for truth in such seekers that this world is moving toward a far grander comprehension of reality – one that is absolutely crucial for our very survival.

A huge thank you from all of us – for all that you gave over the course of your webinar with Evolver Learning Lab.  It was truly an in depth experience – so much gratitude pouring in from our participants – and all the sessions were lively and rich, with much wisdom and experience shared. We thank you also for continuing the conversation with the attendees on your Sacred Acoustics forum, and for providing us all with the meditations and a wealth of literature to refer to.
– Henrietta Weekes, Evolver Learning Lab moderator

The material shared was tremendous, inspiring and powerfully uplifting. I am so grateful to all of you for this work. Thank you. I am so grateful for the information and knowledge I have received. I look forward to future opportunities to hear more about this amazing subject from Karen and Eben. They are so great together and they make everything very easy to understand. It has been a very powerful and beautiful experience for me. Looking fwd to next time:)
– Joan Hynes

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